4 Easy Ways to Wear Polka Dots for Men

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Flash backs of dodgy 80's power suits and your badly dressed uncle who's had a little too much to drink at the family gathering spring to mind when you think of polka dots. However, over the past few seasons we're seeing this eye-catching print crop up from a series of brands. So, if you've ever wondered how to pull off this bold print then I'd listen up. 

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Polka dots are a tricky print to pull off. They bring memories from bad 80's fashion and they haven't really shaken off that image in some time, they are however, having a revival. Saint Laurent popularised the bold print a few years ago when Hedi Slimane turned the brand on its head and championed the rocker look that everyone is still obsessed with.

Polka dot fashion can be a little tricky to pull off, especially when you're not used to wearing such a bold print. But, with a few tips and tricks you'll be rocking to polka dot in no time at all, and who knows, a polka dot suit may be on the cards in the near distant future.

Mens Polka Dot Shirt

Probably the first step into embracing polka dots, the polka dot shirt for men, or men's spotted shirt is the perfect statement shirt to wear all year round. Popularised when the world saw Harry Styles wearing a Burberry version a few years ago, the polka dot shirt was thrusted into the mainstream.

The great thing about polka dots is that you can really vary up what colour you want to go for. Blue polka dots or black polka dot mens shirt with white dots is normally the classic, but you could also go for a blue polka dot shirt and a white polka dot shirt to add a little substance to your wardrobe.

Because your shirt is doing most of the talking, you don't want to overpower the rest of your look with more pattern and colour. If you've opted for black, then keep the rest of your look fairly neutral with a simple pair of trousers and shoes.

polka dot shirt for men how to wear polka dots
Polka dot shirt for men with grey jaeans and black desert boots


Polka Dot Trousers for Men

Another bold statement, polka dot trousers are for those who are feeling extremely adventurous with what they're wearing. Again, because your trousers are doing most of the talking, you don't want to take your outfit to the next level by adding more colour and too much pattern.

If, however, you're into taking it to the next level then you can always make a stark contrast with your top and add a Breton stripe. Not for everyone, I know, but adding this contrast can pull the look together quite harmoniously. Worn with a pair of boots and an unstructured blazer, you can create a great autumn/winter look than wouldn't be shunned on a casual day out.

polka dot trousers for men how to wear polka dot trousers mens street style
Polka dot trousers for men


Mens Polka Dot Scarf

You like polka dots, but you're not ready to tackle a polka dot shirt or polka dot trousers, so what do you do? Well, I'd suggest investing into a polka dot scarf. The perfect winter accessory, it allows you to incorporate the trend without going too overboard.

If you're opting with a polka dot scarf, then you can really vary up the colour, don't just stick with the bog standard black and white polka dot, go for a more in-your-face colour. Red and green with white polka dots is a extremely stylish colour to go for in a polka dot scarf as they surprisingly go with a multitude of colours and styles.

polka dot scarf mens street style
Polka dot scarf with a suit mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: The Trashness Blog

How to Wear Polka Dots for Men

  • A bold print, polka dots require a combination of neutral looks combined with pattern.
  • Vary up the size and colour of your polka dot as this adds texture and versatility.
  • If you're not confident enough to wear a polka dot shirt or trousers then opt for a polka dot scarf instead.

oliver cheshire leather biker jacket polka dot shirt black jeans mens street style
Oliver Cheshire wearing a black leather biker jacket with a polka dot shirt and black jeans men's street style

On That Note

Don't be afraid to sport a polka dot, or as some people know them as polka spots, number this season. If you're brave enough, go for a polka dot shirt or, if you're even braver, then polka dot trousers. Because they're quite powerful in terms of look, you'll want to pair quite toned down pieces with them. For instance, if you're wearing a pair of polka dot trousers, team the with a plain T-shirt to counteract the bold print.


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