How to Wear a Navy Blazer

How to Wear a Navy Blazer

As the weather heats up, a navy blazer will become an essentially versatile item in your wardrobe. But how to style it? Read our complete guide on what to wear with a navy blazer, where it came from and most importantly, how to make it work for you.

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Navy Blazer

A navy blue blazer is an extremely easy and versatile piece to wear, especially when it comes to men's casual blazers, but only if you know how to choose, and style, the right one for you. It's part of the list of wardrobe essentials that also tends to include a crisp Oxford shirt, a leather jacket and of course a box fresh white pair of trainers.

However ,with the rise of streetwear men's blazers been somewhat forgotten and possibly assigned to the depths of your wardrobe where your deepest darkest fashion faux pas hang out. You can wear a navy blazer and jeans, you can wear one with a suit and you can even, if you get the right cut, wear a blazer with a pair of shorts. The possibilities are endless.

A navy blazer for men is that item in your wardrobe that you've probably had for a few years now. It hangs there, willing you to take it out every time you get dressed, and yet somehow you just never choose it. Let's take a look at some men's navy blue blazer styling tips and tricks.

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How to Wear a Blazer

So now you know that you can wear your blazer much more than you thought, what do you wear it with? Don't worry, you don't need to rush out and buy a whole load of matching ensembles. Navy blue can be worn with black, white, bright green and even orange if you really wanted to. The choice is yours.

But if you're stuck in a bit of a style rut and this mercurial weather is making your sartorial choices next to impossible, then we might just have the looks you need.

What to Wear With a Blazer

Work Suit

Sometimes wearing a suit every day can get a little bit tedious, feeling often like a school uniform and taking you back to the days where everyone had to look the same. If you want to stand out from the crowd at work but still stay within the guidelines, choose a navy blazer to wear with your suit. Experiment with different materials as well, like with a navy wool blazer. Add a jazzy tie and maybe a brightly coloured pair of socks and you'll be ready for your day, with a little added spring in your step.

Office Drinks

Whether you spend your working life in a suit or in jeans and a t-shirt, your blazer is that versatile piece of outerwear that works for both office environments and will also see you through to your after work drinks. If you fancy something a little bit daring, wear your navy blue blazer with khaki pants and watch as the compliments flood in.

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Sunny Day in The Park

So the sun has finally decided to show it's face and you have a glorious afternoon planned in the park. You don't want to look scruffy, however, so have opted for your new navy blazer to keep your look fresh and interesting. Wear with a tailored pair of shorts and old boat shoes to stop you from looking overdressed. When the sun goes down, throw your blazer around the shoulders of your girlfriend/boyfriend/mum to show just how chivalrous you truly are... then attempt to hide your goosebumps.


If you're noticed the current trend of wearing sportswear outside the gym, then you've probably been looking and liking. Easy to style, easy to wear, your outfit will call for a slouchier shaped blazer in a more casual fabric. Pair with a slim-fitting hoodie underneath, a printed cap to keep the look daytime luxe and an obligatory (and probably empty) sports bag and leave people wondering about how you manage to look so fresh, as you've so obviously just walked out of the gym.

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The functionality of a blazer knows no bounds. Wear slim fitted as an added layer for those days when you're just not sure what the weather or temperature will be. When the skies just all white and the sun is attempting to shine through, throw a mac over your blazer-clad shoulders and, of course, remember to pack your sunglasses. You want to be ready for every eventuality. Choose a navy tweed to add a different texture to the look. Contrasting buttons will add a subtle detail.


For those days when you just need something simple yet effective to wear, a casual navy blazer paired with your favourite jeans will become your go-to. Keep it classic with a white button-down Oxford shirt if you want the look to be on the smarter side (you could even go double denim) or throw on a vintage t-shirt to give your blazer that added bit of attitude.

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On Holiday

Yes you can take your navy blazer on holiday with you, of course you can. Wear it on the plane to avoid creases and/or spillages from your wash-bag (in which something will undoubtably split halfway through the flight). Wear in the evenings over a Breton T-shirt and a tailored pair of chinos. Bonus points: navy is great for showing off a tan and suits every hair colour/skin tone. Just remember your suncream, a sunburnt face is one thing that a navy blazer can't help.

Men's Blazer Outfits

What Colour Trousers to Wear With a Blue Blazer

Although it's a classic wardrobe staple for many men it can be tricky to pick out colours that go with navy blue, especially when it comes to knowing what colour trousers to wear with a navy blazer. Here we narrow down a few key looks you can easily try out when you're wearing a navy blazer for men.

Navy blazer and white pants is definitely a more spring/summery look, teaming a navy blazer and white trousers will make a classic combination. Grey is also a great colour the goes with navy blue and, like most men, I'm sure you have a pair of grey trousers dotted around somewhere in your wardrobe arsenal. A navy blazer with grey trousers teamed with a pair of loafers or white trainers is a great look this season.

Many people wouldn't dream of pairing navy and black together, but I'm here to tell you that a navy blazer with black trousers can be teamed together to create a stylish look this season. The trick it to invest in a blazer that's a lot darker, almost black, as to not completely throw the look off. Paired with a simple white shirt and a formal shoe for a classic look this season.

Mixing formal and casual pieces together is a massive trend at the moment, so why not try teaming your navy blazer for men with a pair of jeans. The colour of jean is up to you, but I'd suggest going for a classic blue pair to keep relatively in the same colour palette.



What to Wear with A Navy Blazer

  • Whether your style is muted monochrome or proud peacock, a navy blazer will compliment (almost) your entire wardrobe.
  • Wear underneath a light coat on a rainy day and also with tailored shorts on those (rare) summer days.
  • Don't be afraid to mix up the fabric choice, depending on your needs.
  • If you're wearing it smart, choose a more fitted style to keep your silhouette streamlined. Wear with smart brogues or box fresh white trainers.
  • If you're wearing it casual, either stick with the slim fit look or choose a more slouchy, sporty feel: either will look the part.


On That Note

In short, if it's not already in your wardrobe, get a navy blazer quick. It's versatility will never cease to amaze you. Dust it off, replace any missing buttons, check for any old smells and then hang it at the front of your wardrobe. That way it'll be the first thing you see when you're getting dressed. You could even hang it on the outside so you can gaze at it as your fall into bed at night. It's up to you how you choose to show your affection.


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