What to Wear in a Hot Country

What to Wear in a Hot Country

It can be a nightmare - getting caught out in the heat in the wrong clothes isn't very comfortable but it's so easily avoided. If you're heading away to a hot country, this is our guide to staying cool in the right clothes.

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We've all at some point felt unprepared for the heat before going away on holiday but there should be no excuse when it comes to what to pack if you know exactly what you will and will not need to take with you. We've put together a guide for some of the hottest travel destinations on Earth including, Dubai, Marrakech, Morocco, Las Vegas and India. As many of these destinations have some specific rules regarding whether knees, shoulders and other body parts that can be shown, your standard shorts and vest attire may not be completely appropriate. In this case, if you're taking a trip to one of these hot holiday countries then you're going to want to check out our guide.

What to Wear in Dubai

The average daytime summer temperature in Dubai is 40°C - just take a moment to think about how incredibly hot that is. You can't just head out to Dubai without preparing your clothes first. It goes without saying you're going to want linen or linen/cotton blend clothes to wear and avoid anything that's too tight fitting. Everywhere you go there'll be air conditioning but certain restrictions mean you can't always wear what you want due to Dubai's dress code.

Unlike other parts of the UAE, you're not massively limited to wearing certain clothes in Dubai, and as long as you're not too outrageous you won't have any issue wearing shorts and a T-shirt around the city. The only time issues arise depends on what sort of activity you're taking part in. If you're visiting a mosque you'll need to be wearing long trousers, but at the beach, normal beachwear is totally acceptable.

If you're heading to a shopping centre or restaurant you might not be able to wear shorts, and although there will be signs notifying you of the dress code, you can always check ahead if you're not sure. It's a good idea to steer clear of any clothes with offensive language or images on them.

What to Wear in Morocco

If you're travelling to parts of Morocco less familiar with tourists you'll want to be a bit more careful not to make the mistake of dressing immodestly. Morocco as a whole is a Muslim country, so you want to avoid wearing anything that reveals your shoulders or thighs. There may not be consequences to ignoring this advice but you might cause offence of feel uncomfortable if you don't.

mens white shirt trousers white trainers sunglasses street style


Some recommend wearing a shirt, and if you do decide to, you'll want a cotton or linen shirt with a collar to avoid heating up. Maybe look for something a size larger than you're used to so you're not as hot. A benefit of a shirt in the heat is you can protect your skin from the sun, but it can get too hot, so you can make the decision when you're there.

What to Wear in Marrakech

Marrakech has been a top destination for tourists for decades and the stunning surroundings show you why. If you're taking a trip to the Moroccan city you need to be aware that it's a devoutly Muslim country, so you shouldn't wear vests. Instead, opt for T-shirts with shorts which will be fine. If you're worried you can always avoid shorter shorts and go for something that falls beneath the knee.

In Marrakech the summer temperatures average at about 29°C and 13°C in the winter. If you're heading out there in the summer you're going to want to be wearing light colours and fabrics that aren't too heavy. The winter will be cold enough that you'll want to bring jumpers and jackets as it will most likely rain.

What to Wear in Las Vegas

Las Vegas doesn't have the religious restrictions of the UAE or Morocco so you can be as liberal as you like with your clothes. The main issue comes if you're planning on heading to one of the clubs in the city. Shorts or T-Shirts will see you most likely turned down at the door, so you'll want to be looking smart with trousers or jeans and shoes rather than trainers.

Despite it being in the middle of the desert, everywhere you go that's inside will be air conditioned. If you can handle the heat between bars or casinos you should feel free to wear whatever you want.

What to Wear in India

Big Indian cities will be used to seeing Western tourists wearing a whole load of different outfits, so there's no need to feel like you're restricted on what you can wear. In India, it all depends on where you are and most importantly the season.

Some parts of Northern India will get particularly cold in the winter so you'll want comfortable chinos if you plan a lot of walking. Don't forget that if you're planning on visiting religious buildings you're going to need your shoulders and knees covered.

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Best Men's Underwear for Hot Weather

If you're fed up of the hot weather leaving your boxers soaked, the easiest way to avoid this is going commando, but that's not for everyone! Boxers that work best in the heat, are breathable and don't retain too much water. An issue with 100% cotton boxers is they don't dry very well when left to their own devices. Look for boxers that are recommended for sport as they'll be designed to absorb the sweat.

What to Wear to the Beach for Men

It might seem simple, but you need to prepare for heading to the beach this summer. Don't get too bogged down in what to wear - keep it light and don't worry too much about getting everything dirty, you're on a beach, so who cares?


Shorts are an essential piece of beachwear. If you're heading to the seaside you're going to want a pair of swim shorts to make the most of the hot weather. Long board shorts might seem like a good idea but avoid them, as there's nothing worse than having to walk around with a soaking wet massive pair of swim shorts on. If speedos are your thing you can always don a pair. As we mentioned earlier, you might want to consider the country you're in first, as some more conservative countries might frown upon it.

T-Shirts & Vests

If you're going for a T-Shirt, you'll want something that's light coloured and loose fitted. Heading in and out of the sea you don't want to be too fussy about it getting dirty so don't take your favourite tee down to the beach. Vests are ideal for the beach and mean you're covered up enough to head into a restaurant at lunch.

Flip Flops

How can you go to the beach without a pair of flip flops or sandals? A tip if it's particularly hot and you've got a pair of black flip flops - do not leave them out in the sun. You'll end up not being able to put them on until they've cooled down.

Warm Weather Hats

You need something that's going to stop you from getting too hot but also allows your head to stay cool. Wide brimmed hats are a great choice but it's often hard to find something that looks good. A snapback or a bucket hat are ideal in the sun, as you can look good and keep the sun out of your eyes.


How can we talk about beachwear without mentioning sunglasses. When at the beach it's a good idea to look for a wider lens as you'll most likely be encountering the sun at different points in the sky throughout the day, so you need all round protection. Check out our guide on which sunglasses suit your face to get a better idea of what you should be looking for.

Men's Summer Outfits

We thought it would be helpful to take a look at some outfits that would work in the sun anywhere. Always think about finding light colours so you're not attracting the heat and of course, accessorise with a pair of sunglasses. If you're looking for some shorts and you're travelling then they need to be practical, which is also why trainers are a great shout. When you're exploring a city you've never been to you want a pair of kicks that look good and won't leave you desperate for a seat after a couple of hours.

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A man wearing shorts and a polo shirt


It might be tempting to re-wear clothes in the summer, but always make sure your clothes are clean. As you sweat, your leave skin particles in your clothes which build up and make your clothes less breathable. Make sure all your summer gear is clean and you won't be needlessly hot.

What to Wear in a Hot Country

  • The best fabrics for men's vacation wear are cotton or a cotton/ linen blend.
  • Sunglasses are essential, so take a couple of pairs with you in case of any accidents.
  • Beachwear doesn't have to be difficult, throw on a T-shirt with some swim shorts and you're good to go.
  • Check to make sure your outfit won't cause any offence, especially if you're in a conservative country. You'll most likely need your shoulders and knees covered.
  • Avoid any tight fitting clothes, think loose fitted to avoid any unnecessary sweating, and keep your clothes clean to stop sweat building up and reducing their breathability.

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Shorts are a holiday essential

On That Note

Hot countries needn't be a worry, you can see how simple it is to put together an outfit for the hot weather. It just takes a little bit of planning and checking ahead to the country you're visiting for you to dress for the weather. It's also good to have an idea beforehand of the kind of places you're going to be visiting. If you're going to be trekking around cultural monuments all day and grabbing a quick bite to eat at night then you're not going to need anything too smart. Prepare and you'll have no problem finding what to wear in a hot country.


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