How to Wear and Tie a Scarf

How to Wear and Tie a Scarf

If you’re already planning to update your autumn/winter essentials or just want to ditch that jacket on a chilly evening, why not go for something different and grab a scarf to keep you warm and stylish? 

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A man scarf is the most practical item if you want warmth and style to go hand in hand. It protects your neck and keeps away the cold from getting into your collar. Despite its practicality, mens scarves have always been a timeless piece of fashion, providing you with that extra hint of variety to go with your outfit.

How to Wear a Scarf

There are plenty of options on how to wrap a scarf around your neck or you can simply take some inspiration from captain Jack Sparrow himself, the master of scarf tying - Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp knows a good scarf. PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest

Depp’s casual combination of a kaffiyeh inspired scarf and a simple black tee, goes well with the boho style hat and the long hair. While Johnny’s collection of scarves may seem eccentric at first, he chooses to play around with different shades of the same colour palette, making it a harmonic combo. He usually likes to throw in some chains and a pair of cool shades to create that rock n roll vibe.

How to Tie a Men's Scarf

These tying techniques on how to wrap a scarf, may seem tricky at first but with a little guidance and some practice you get there in no time.

Tying a Scarf

Patterns and styles aside, the essential idea is to tie your scarf the right way and still make it look you had it done in no time. The main rule is to keep it simple and only use knots you are comfortable wearing with. Here are some tips, tricks and techniques on how to tie a scarf.

Men's Scarf Tying Techniques

Introducing a list of the most popular and handy techniques when it comes to tying your scarf the right way. Just follow this guide and you will be the master of all knots come this Autumn/Winter.

The Correct Way to Tie a Scarf

Scarf Length

The correct way of tying a scarf, is not only based on the technique but on the scarf’s length itself. While long scarves can be worn multiple times around the neck and therefore provide more options, the shorter version needs different knotting/tying styles.

How to Tie a Long Scarf

The Neck Tie

Light till mid heavy and especially longer scarves are ideal to use for a neck tie. This can be done by using the same technique as you would use for your everyday tie, including these simple steps:

  1. Lay the scarf around your neck, making sure one end is double the length as the other one
  2. Take the longer end and tie it around the shorter one
  3. Now pull from the bottom to the top facing your chin
  4. Now take the longer end to tighten up the knot

Bear in mind, that this is not an ideal look for thicker scarves, as this can easily look a bit messy. Therefore go for a thinner version, which looks great with some business essentials like a suit or a 3/4 length coat. As this is not replacing your actual tie, remember to keep it loose.

The Neck Tie

The Classic Drape

Even though the classic drape is mostly for the eye rather than for actual warmth, it is the simplest form to wear a scarf. Pop up the collar of your jacket and place your scarf underneath. A simple checked scarf in a contrast colour always works well with a sporty jacket, a suit or a longer coat.

Draped scarf look men
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest | Men Style 1

How to Wear a Long Scarf

If you're in a rush, just pull the classic drape but tuck your scarf inside your jacket for some extra warmth. Pair it with the iconic Dr Martens boot, throw on some cool shades and you're good to go!

how to wear a scarf outfit grid
PHOTO CREDIT: Lord Ashbury | SHOP: Sunglasses | Boots

How to Tie a Short Scarf

When going for a short scarf, why not try the western style option also known as the square dance technique? It may be a bit eccentric but dressed down with a white shirt there’s nothing to worry about.

This easy technique is done by simply laying the scarf around your neck and then tying a knot in front and another knot right next to it. This forms a loop or sort of bow tie even.

The Western Style Knot

How to Wear a Short Scarf

Again, keep it simple! Especially if you're going for a short silk version, try to stay true in style and keep it elegant.

Short scarf outfit grid
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest | SHOP: Trousers | Loafers

How to Knot a Scarf

The Fake Knot

There are plenty of ways to knot a scarf, one of the most classic and common techniques is the "fake knot“. Again, try to go for lighter materials as they are easier to knot and don't look as puffed up as knotting a thick winter scarf. Follow this step be step instruction by checking out this video below!

The Ascot Knot

The ascot knot, better known as the loose tie, goes well with a casual turtle neck or when wearing your jacket open.

In order to get the perfect ascot knot, follow these five steps:

  1. Swing the scarf around your neck while making sure both ends are equally long
  2. Take the left end (from your perspective) and bring it towards the right end
  3. Let the left end pass from under the right end
  4. Take the left end upwards and tie it to make a knot
  5. Adjust both ends until they are equally long and facing downwards

The Ascot Knot
The Ascot Knot | PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest

How to Tie a Soccer Scarf

No game without supporting your favourite team and throwing your football scarf above your head, when they score a goal! If you prefer to rather wear it around your neck every once in a while, there are several ways to tie a football scarf. Let’s start with the easiest and most popular one, the quick to act or accessible way.

The Quick to Act Way

This one makes sure you are ready for celebration if your team scores that final goal. It is done in three easy steps:

1. Start off by placing the scarf around your neck

2. Make sure your scarf hangs evenly on both sides and the team logo can be seen

3. Finish by taking the edges and lift them over your head while pulling taut, again making sure the team’s name can be seen

football scarf trend

The Traditional Way

As most matches are held outside or in an open stadium, it can get pretty cold during the winter months. As a die hard fan your football scarf cannot only act as a supportive fan item, it provides you with that extra needed layer to keep you warm. It can also be a protection tool, in case you get overly excited and spill some beer (no judging, we’ve all been there).

To tie your scarf the traditional way, just throw it around your neck, again making sure both edges hang evenly on each side, while showing off the team logo/name for the people around you.

How to Wear a Soccer Scarf

As most soccer scarves are quite colourful, try and go for a rather casual look. Skinny fit jeans or chinos, your favourite pair of sneakers, simple tee and a hoodie paired with your scarf do the trick. Nothing beats looking sharp while cheering on your favourite team and some potential pints afterwards (if they win of course).

How to Fold a Scarf

To keep your scarf collection in good shape, make sure you treat them accordingly in terms of folding, especially with expensive materials such as silk and cashmere.

Also some materials easily get a static boost, which can quickly cause a bad hair day. In order to avoid this, simply put your scarf into the freezer overnight and the static union is gone the next morning.


Scarf Outfits

A scarf can be the centre piece of your outfit or just adds a light tone. Either way, there are plenty of options with this allrounder, doesn't matter what time of the year.

There really is no set way or hard rule…it's all about showing your own personal style.

- Aaron Tucker, Wardrobe Stylist

How to Wear a Scarf with a Peacoat

As the peacoat can be found nearly in every man’s closet, no wonder it goes so well with a scarf, skinny jeans and a pair of leather boots. Just like Johnny Depp, keep in mind to pair it with colours that fit your coat, for a light contrast, especially if your coat has a different pattern. Make sure it also goes together with the colour of your shoes or simply throw in some accessories like black shades.

mens peacoat and scarf look

All Business

Actor Ryan Phillippe knows how to wear his scarf while looking all business, in this all light grey suit ensemble. While this version of a short men’s scarf doesn't particularly keep your warm, replacing the classic tie with a rather thin scarf, can be the centre piece adding that artistic vibe to your look.

Tying it around your neck several times with even ends, does look like you put some thought into your outfit but hey you certainly know your way around good accessories and you're not afraid to show it. This look works well for a casual business meeting, an art gallery opening, or if you're Mr. Phillippe, definitely front row material.

grey suit and scarf grid
Actor Ryan Phillippe at New York Fashion Week | PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest | SHOP: Suits | Loafers

Best Scarves for Men

Where to start really? This accessory can be worn all year long, available in different lengths, patterns and materials. If you're looking for some new knotting or tying material to wander into your closet, check out these different scarf materials waiting to be wrapped around your neck.

Cashmere Scarves

One of the many cool mens scarves around is the cashmere scarf. Doesn't matter if it’s the essential black or camel version, it’s the luxury must-have during holiday season, making sure to keep you warm and stylish.

Oversized Scarves

Not only does this add an extra layer to make you feel even more warm and comfortable, you also get some extra volume. Don't go to overboard with this look, yes I’m looking at you Lenny Kravitz.

mens scarf streetstyle

Silk Scarves

Just like the cashmere scarf, silk is a timeless material, it fits every occasion and instantly adds a hint of elegance to your look.

Muffler Scarves

Another classic piece! Perfect for every knotting or tying technique, it is available in different lengths and materials. You can hardly go wrong with this one.

Winter scarves

It can get pretty cold on London’s streets during winter time, so why not try a thicker version of the classic wool scarf? Adding a scarf automatically expands your winter wardrobe and makes sure you can adapt to the ever changing weather. Due to the thicker yarns, winter scarves are not as practical in terms of style and require  more simple knots.

Your Quick Guide on How to Wear a Scarf:

  • Keep in mind a scarf brings in more attention through its volume than a tie
  • For a more elegant and neat look go for scarves made out of cashmere, merino wool or silk
  • Make sure your scarf and coat go together in terms of style and colour
  • Pair sporty jackets with thinner scarves, while leaving luxurious scarves to be paired with suits or fancy jackets
  • When heading out to a restaurant or a big meeting with your boss, leave your scarf at the door together with your coat, you don't want to create the illusion you are about to leave soon
  • Elegant or thin scarves made out of silk or other luxurious materials on the other hand can be worn anytime, doesn't matter if it's your favourite beach bar or in a club

On That Note…

Time to expand your scarf collection and try out different tying and knotting techniques. A scarf can easily become a strong element of style, adding some flair to your outfit. Don't be afraid to try something new and go for one of the many styles above.


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