How to Wear a Roll Neck Jumper

How to Wear a Roll Neck Jumper

Roll neck jumpers are the best when it comes to comfort and design in winter. Worn casually or formally, there's no way they won't work this season. This style guide will show you how to wear your roll neck jumper in no time.

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Men's Knitwear

Before we have a look at our recommended styling combinations and how to wear jumpers, it's worth looking at the best colours which are available. After all, it's always good to dress seasonally and that involves a broad colour palette of autumnal hues. Take a look at our favourite roll neck jumpers this season.

Burgundy Jumper

To be in sync with the autumnal landscape, there's nothing better than a burgundy or red polo neck jumper. If you don't already have this colour in your wardrobe just yet, we suggest you integrate it as soon as humanly possible.

Burgundy is easy to style and investing in this type of men's knitwear will definitely pay off. It'll look great underneath an overcoat and it can be easily dressed down with a pair of jeans and boots. In case you need a more formal outfit, swap the jeans for a pair of tailored trousers and the boots for some polished formal shoes. You'll be good to go in no time.


Burgundy Roll Neck Jumper




Black Roll Neck Jumper

This colour and style can be easily described as the autumn/winter counterpart to the basic and classic black T-shirt for spring summer. More often than not, describing something as basic isn't necessarily a compliment. However, in this case, it's the synonym of essential. Imagine you wake up late in the morning and you're crazily running around the house looking for something to wear. The last thing you need is to waste more time in front of your wardrobe. Well, with a black roll neck jumper to rely on, you won't have to worry about trying hard to put together a decent outfit.

The versatility of black paired with this practical and timeless design will allow you to wear basically anything with it. An all-black look works in every scenario and by completing the look with black jeans or trousers and a pair of boots, you'll be ready for the office and a drink after work with zero effort. In case you don't want to look like you're going to a funeral, add a touch of colour with a camel overcoat.






Navy Polo Neck Jumper

The same rules apply here as for the black turtleneck jumper. Navy blue jumpers are always a spot-on choice if you're looking for an alternative to black. A navy blue roll neck jumper will look particularly good with a pair of grey trousers or jeans. For an additional textural element, you can top everything off with a pair of sand suede desert boots. Experiment your look further by making the most of your outerwear. For that extra layer of warmth, pair your roll neck with a denim jacket and a peacoat. To avoid looking head to toe in blue, always prompt for a slim-fit black jean.






Chunky Roll Neck Jumper

For ultimate comfort and warmth, there's nothing better than being hugged by the softness of a chunky roll neck jumper to step up your knitwear game. In case the feeling of wool over your bare skin is something you can't stand, you can always wear a long sleeve T-shirt underneath. This way you won't have to worry about scratching your arms and chest all day.

It's actually pretty hard to hit the right level of chunky. If your jumper is too thick you'll inevitably feel constricted and that warm hug will soon turn into a painful chokehold. Therefore, make sure that you'll have enough freedom of movement.





How to Wear a Roll Neck Jumper

It's finally time to have a proper look at how to wear this great piece of men's knitwear. Don't worry, we have polished outfits lined up for casual and formal occasions alike.

Smart-Casual Attire

The best thing about a roll neck jumper is that you can wear it on its own for a simple look, and then you can throw on a smart jacket or trousers and you suddenly have an outfit that’s formal and comfortable. For a cool men's look, perfect for dates or evenings in the bar, wear a black polo neck with some smart black jeans or cropped trousers and pair these with a leather jacket.





Wrap up Warm

For an everyday look, you want something that’s not so chunky that it looks like your gran knitted it for you. However, it can't be too thin making it look like cycle wear. A slim fit jumper will be great for layering so that you can dress depending on the weather.

Pair it up with a denim jacket, such as one from Levi's. Add a pair of chinos for something that looks good but not as though it took hours to put together - an effortless look. If it gets even colder, just throw a loose fitting coat over the top of your jacket. Don’t worry about it looking too bulky – the roll neck acts like a fake scarf and gives the illusion that you’re wearing two layers rather than three.

Dress-Down Friday

Dress down Friday at work? No problem. If you are dreading the morning rush (or last minute) opting for a roll neck can create the perfect casual yet defined look when worn correctly. It's easy to put together with either a pair of jeans or a pair of tailored trousers.






How to Wear Roll Neck Jumpers

  • Men's roll neck jumpers are a great piece of men's knitwear to begin the mid-season with. You can easily dress them up or down.
  • Make sure you incorporate all the main autumnal colours such as burgundy and camel as well as the key essentials like black, grey and navy.
  • Opting for thick men's turtleneck jumpers? Make sure that you have just the right amount of thickness so that you can actually move and so that you can layer on top of the jumper.
  • A turtleneck jumper is simply perfect for autumn/winter layering. From heavy overcoats to leather jackets, you can style the roll neck for a multitude of looks.
  • Quick tip: For a more formal autumnal outfit, grab your best black polo neck jumper and add a streamlined blazer to the mix.



On That Note

Knowing how to wear these jumpers is a basic and essential skill to have in your styling repertoire. Thanks to this guide, you'll be able to comfortably put together any outfits featuring this classic design. After all, there's nothing better than a soft polo neck jumper to keep you warm this autumn/winter. They can easily be integrated into your already existing wardrobe making them easy pieces to own. Don't forget to swing by our shop to have a look at all the latest arrivals for this season, you'll surely find the perfect companions to your favourite jumper.


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