Best Wallets For Men Under £50

Best Wallets For Men Under £50

Have you been struggling to find a nice wallet for a reasonable price? We’ve got you covered! Read on for all you need to know about best wallets for men under £50.

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Men don’t usually see the value in investing in fashion accessories that aren’t used regularly, for instance, an umbrella. However, chances are that you have to use your wallet on a near daily basis. If you’ve had the same wallet since middle school, this is definitely the time to get yourself something more mature and appropriate. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a little fortune to buy a presentable wallet. Check out our list of best men's wallets under £50.

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The Best Wallets For Men

How do you spot the best men's wallet in 2017? It’s simple, the best men's wallet needs to be both functional and practical. If you’re the type of guy who tends to stuff his wallet to the brim with receipts, notes, business cards and loyalty cards, don’t wait for your wallet to explode and strip it down to its bare essentials. You probably don’t need most of this ”important stuff” anyway. Imagine your date’s face if she saw you pulling out your overstuffed wallet to pay for the dinner.

An overstuffed wallet doesn’t look nice and it can also create marks on your clothing. You probably don’t realise it, but carrying an overstuffed wallet in your jacket’s pocket weights you down on one side and this can make the jacket’s shoulders look lopsided. Carrying a big wallet in the back pocket of your jeans can’t be comfortable either.

The Best Wallets For Under £50

best mens wallet leather
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Men's Wallet Styles

mens wallet casual style back pocket


Men's Wallet Styles

Your day-to-day slim wallet isn’t the best option for travelling when you need to keep more documents in it just like your favourite superhero themed velcro wallet isn’t probably the best way to impress your business partners at lunch. You may want to get at least two wallets to suit your needs.

Slim Wallets

Slim wallets usually have very simple designs. If you’re unable to keep your classic bifold slim because you have the tendency to store too many receipts in it, slim wallets may be a great option for you. The main goal is to make the wallet slim so that you have to carry fewer items in it by necessity.

Check out the simplistic yet effective men's wallet under £50 designed by Hershel below!


Minimalist Wallets for Men

It seems like wallet designs are becoming slimmer every season. The minimalist wallet storage capacity can be of up to six cards along with an elastic band that holds any additional cash or cards. To create a minimalist wallet, its classic leather construction has to be slimmed-down further and stripped of all unnecessary features. These wallets are so small and lightweight you can easily forget you put yours in your pocket! Minimalist wallets look really cool and you may even receive a few compliments, however, this type of wallet isn’t the best option for you holiday.

minimalist wallet for men

Credit Card Wallet For Men

Credit card holders are small wallets that will only carry your necessities. These wallets are designed to give you easy access to all your cards – not just the ones in the front. Credit cards wallets should be durable and water resistant for obvious reasons. Some of the credit card holders also carry RFID protection to keep your banking and ID information safe at all times.

Cool Men's Wallets

Best Money Clip Wallets

Money clips are usually underrated. These wallets, however, are slimmer than classic bifolds and they’ll definitely fit better in your jacket pocket. Thanks to modern take on money clips, you can now choose from many stylish yet fully-functional minimalist wallets. Money clips are crafted from metal and they usually feature an elastic strap that allows it to expand according to the size of your carry. This type of wallet will likely last you a lifetime.

money clip best mens wallet stylish

Designer Wallets For Men

Even designer wallets can be purchased under £50. Tommy Hilfiger designed many bifold wallets and credit card holders for men and many of them cost around £40. Ted Baker, Diesel as well as Polo Ralph Lauren have many good quality wallets which cost under £50 in their offerings.

ted baker mens wallet

Leather Wallets For Men

Nothing compares to the smell, look and the feel of leather. If you want to purchase a leather wallet, we recommend avoiding wallets that are made from top grain leather as these have imperfections that have only been sanded down and then covered in resin to create a smooth surface. Top grain leather feels more like plastic than leather as we know it. Full grain leather ages naturally because it hasn’t been altered to look smooth.

Men's Leather Bifold Wallets

Bifold wallets are one of the most professional-looking wallets for a modern gentleman. Bifold wallets are good for everyday use because they have enough space for all your important documents. They usually consist of eight card slots, a window for your identification card, two bill compartments and a coin pocket.

Quality is important in every part of the design process. We’ve listed a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your new leather bifold wallet. Check out the following section to find out what makes a good leather wallet.

mi pac best mens bifold leather wallet
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What Makes A Good Leather Wallet?

There are a few things to remember when searching for the best leather wallet.

  • Leather

As we’ve already mentioned, top grain leather was corrected to hide imperfections in order to look smooth, however, it doesn’t feel smooth at all. On the other hand, full grain leather hasn’t been corrected and chances are your wallet will look even better after a year of daily use.

  • Pleated Corners

Don’t forget to have a good look on the corners as these are a good indicator of well crafted wallets. There shouldn’t be any cuts made to the leather as that would weaken the wallet. The corners should be thinned down before being pleated in to a rounded corner and then stitched in place. Right-angled corners are a sign of poor craftsmanship.

  • Creasing

The best men's wallets should have creases made by a hot iron alongside the turned edge stitching and on the card slots. This is about clean lines of the wallet and it’s purely aesthetic. However, you can easily spot badly crafted guy wallets by checking whether the manufacturers paid attention to detail.

creasing leather wallet mens

  • Construction

Turned edge wallet is what you’re looking for. There are two main ways wallets can be made: cut edge and turned edge. Cut edge, the first type of construction, is when the leather is cut and stitched together leaving the edge visible. The edge is then coated in resin, however, it will eventually deteriorate.  Turned edge is where before being stitched, the leather is thinned and then turned.

  • The Turnover

You should be looking for a narrow turnover with centrally positioned stitching. A poorly crafted wallet has a wide turnover. Try running your thumb across the turned edge to determine the quality of your wallet. The leather from which well crafted wallets are made should have been thinned before being turned, therefore, there shouldn’t be a lip.

Your Quick Guide To The Best Wallets Under £50

  • Keep a form of identification, credit card, cash and business cards in your wallet.
  • Leave discount, library and loyalty cards at home as they clutter up your wallet and will force it to lose it's original shape.
  • Overstuff your wallet? Get yourself a minimalist one!
  • Money clips are functional, crafted from metal and will likely last a lifetime.
  • Full grain leather and a narrow turnover with centrally positioned stitching indicate a good quality leather wallet.

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On That Note

There’s much more to choosing the right wallet than it seems! Equipped with our tips and suggestions, you should now be ready to buy yourself a good quality wallet for less than £50. 


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