Clarks 7th Generation Shoemakers Vivobarefoot's New Handcut Collection

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Stop the press, your shoes are damaging your feet! But don’t worry, we have found the brand that will fix that for you. Introducing Vivobarefoot.

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Meticulously designed in London but crafted in Porto lies the story behind the brand that breaks all western - footwear - norms. We at The Idle Man travelled to Porto to visit the 7-generation Clarks affiliates to see how they are developing shoes that are both comfier and healthier for you foot than typical conventional designs.

What is Vivobarefoot?

For an ethical brand that uses the finest Italian fabrics, Vivo is the perfect marriage between style and care. The idea behind the collection is to allow your shoes to follow you foot's natural movement, you know let your feet do the talking kinda thing.

Most shoes we know of will have an unnatural arch, narrow toe, and hard heel - just look at your foot - does it resemble this? The answer is no. We look at the full Handcut range in all it’s glory and give you the lowdown on the new collection.

vivobarefoot in the factory
PHOTO CREDIT: Vivobarefoot

The Heel Rocker

This is because, with every step we take, our foot passes through three position phases, known as “rockers”. These three phases are: the Heel Rocker - when the heel contacts the ground to begin the step - the Ankle Rocker - when the foot rolls from the heel to the ball of the foot - and the forefoot and the Big Toe - when the ball and big toe push off of the ground, giving the step momentum.

- Galahad Clark, Vivobarefoot Founder

This is all science-y, but basically, it's easy to understand. Walk around without any shoes on and see how your feet move. Then stick on your everyday shoe and do the same. I guarantee you will feel a massive difference, the issue is its one that we have been conditioned to not question. I wore my Heelrockers for a whole day, and not only did I feel so light and airy in my steps, my usually puffy ankles and soreness was completely obsolete.

the heel rocker vivobarefoot
PHOTO CREDIT: Vivobarefoot

The Brand

The Vivo team are a family. Although the brand has only been about since 2004 (when Galahad and Asher Clark founded it) the history behind the brands journey to create better footwear dates back to the 1920’s.

The Clark family are responsible for some of the most iconic shoes we know of like, the Desert boot and Wallabee - and Galahad (who is probably one of the most interesting characters I have ever had the pleasure to meet) was responsible for creating the Wu Shoe, in association with the OG rap group the Wu-Tang Clan.

the vivobarefoot factory
PHOTO CREDIT: Vivobarefoot

This step in the direction to creating better footwear is what every brand should be doing. You need to ask yourself, why do my shoes damage my feet? Because it’s really simple, they shouldn’t. We tap Vivo as being a brand to watch because they are part of a movement that is stylish but also it is simply logical. If you’re still not convinced then just remember Wu-Tang Clan co-signed, that's enough for me.


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