Your Guide to the Top Sunglasses Under £100

Your Guide to the Top Sunglasses Under £100

Whether you're jetting off to the other side of the world this summer or spending a week down by the coast, you will need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and complete your look.

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Here at The Idle Man, we've picked out a selection of the best cheap sunglasses for men, ranging from classic wayfarers to super stylish aviators. We want you to get the best sunglasses for your money. With prices starting from as low as £12.00 and ending at just under £100, these sunglasses are perfect for any guy on a tight budget. We have also included some outfits for you, just in case you weren't sure what to pair your new shades with. Read on to discover your new summer sunglasses.

Best Sunglasses Under £50

So let's start off with the cheapest options. No one wants to spend half their rent on a pair of sunglasses that they might end up leaving on the bus. Cheap and cheerful is always an option, especially if you're dealing with new and unique trends. Grabbing an odd pair of sunglasses for £300 before realising they're already out of fashion, or they just don't suit you, is something we obviously want to avoid. Do you wonder where to look for the best affordable sunglasses? The best inexpensive sunglasses are out there waiting for you, so read on and give a few of these good cheap sunglasses a try.

The Idle Man Round Lens Sunglasses

These round frames are a one-of-a-kind pair of sunnies. Both are suitable for casual and formal events. The great thing about these sunglasses is that they can suit any face type. We love the soft nose padding feature; perfect for avoiding those awkward red nose prints. This style has been around for years, popularised by John Lennon and remaining on the fashion scene since.

Due to the popularity of these frames, they are often sold for high prices, or mass produced and sold for cheap prices, compromising quality. We have bought you pairs which give you the best of both.


These retro style sunglasses can match a smart and classic outfit. Try wearing them with a tailored blazer and trouser combo. Add a nice man bag and sleek white trainers to finish your look. You could also try wearing these sunglasses to a pool party for a more casual look. Match them with a patterned shirt and some chino shorts to get those chilled vibes.



The Idle Man Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses are a classic and timeless design. In our opinion, everyone should own a pair, if not a couple of pairs, as a go-to choice for the summer. Here, at The Idle Man, we have a large range of Wayfarer shades for you to pick from, including 4 of our own. If you like to keep things minimal, the Classic Black Wayfarer's are for you.

If you like something a bit wilder, take a look at our Tortoise Shell Wayfarers. Our Mirrored Lens Wayfarers have a yellow/orange lens, and the frames come in black and white. It's safe to say we have a pair to suit all, and for £12 each you definitely have space fo all 4 in your wardrobe.


The Wayfarers are sure to match anything in your wardrobe, especially the Classic Black pair. Team your sunnies with a short sleeve top and a pair of skinny jeans or denim shorts for a casual look. Throw on a leather jacket if you're going out in the evening and it gets a bit chilly. This is the kind of attire you could wear to the local pub on a lad's night out. The Mirrored Lens Wayfarers are dripping with summer vibes, so switch them for your Classic pair to add a little fun to your look.


The Idle Man Aviator Sunglasses

These aviators from The Idle Man are ideal if you're on a student budget. They take on the classic aviator shapes whilst add unique twists to the designs. The Silver Mirrored Lens Aviators are the perfect classic pair, but why not opt for our grey or brown tortoiseshell pair instead? Wear the Mirrored Lens Aviators if you're going on a first date, as they're bound to impress (and no one will know that you bought them on the cheap!)

So it's date night, and we obviously want you to look the part. So, what do you wear? You probably won't want to look like you're trying too hard, so dress smart casual. We love a bit of double denim, although we recommend going with contrasting tones. Why not match your black jeans with a white denim jacket, layered over a minimal t-shirt? Match the look with a pair of Aviators for the ultimate cool.


Best Men's Sunglasses Under £100

If you're the type of person who believes in the phrase 'buy cheap, buy twice' then the above sunglasses are the ones for you. However, there is no reason to either buy cheap OR splash out on a ridiculously expensive pair of sunglasses this summer. You can easily buy a quality high-end pair of shades for an affordable price.

RAY-BAN Justin Sunglasses Large Tortoiseshell 

Here, at Idle HQ, we're a big fan of Ray Ban. They offer a range of sunglasses to suit everyone and every style. We love these Justin Sunglasses in tortoiseshell for their classic shape and timeless frame. We believe everyone should have at least one pair of tortoiseshell framed glasses in their life, so why not invest in a decent pair? These Ray Bans are not by any means cheap, but they also won't totally break your bank. These would be a stable pair for life (unless you lose them- don't do that).

As these sunglasses are so timeless, we have chosen to pair them with a timeless outfit, too. A strong white shirt will never go out of style, and you won't have to worry about clashing any patterns with the tortoiseshell frames. Wear this look with a pair of loafers and a blazer to rock the smart look, or lose the blazer for a more casual style.


Taking Care of Your Glasses

So, now that we have exhausted every possible avenue of outfits to go with your glasses, please make sure you look after them! Cleaning your glasses properly is important, not just for your vision, but to avoid scratching the lenses. Invest in a glasses case if yours didn't come with one, and make sure to store them properly when you aren't using them.

On another note, be wary of wearing your sunglasses on your head. We know, we know, it does look cool, however, it also stretches the frame which may lead to them losing their shape and being too big.

Best Sunglasses Under £100

  • Make sure you shop around on the market! There are so many sunglasses out there.
  • Try and buy two pairs. One you can take to festivals (and you don't mind getting grubby) and one pair to take care of.
  • Keep your sunglasses clean, scruff marks and hand prints are not chic and they will ruin your shades.
  • Remember your glasses aren't just an accessory. They can make or break an outfit so style them accordingly.

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On That Note

With the number of sunglasses on offer, you should be able to find a pair that suits you. When choosing sunglasses, remember to invest in a pair that fit your face. Try different styles, colours and brands before settling on a final pair. Bear in mind that some sunglasses may not suit your complexion or hair colour.

One of the best things about sunglasses is that they're not just for summer. Even in the height of winter, sunglasses can be worn when the sun makes a rare appearance. Eyes are highly sensitive and need protection from the slightest bit of sunlight.


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