Top 5 Best Dark Blue Jeans

Top 5 Best Dark Blue Jeans

Dark blue jeans are an essential for every guy. They can be worn with most of your clothes, so they're definitely worth investing in. This guide will show you how to wear these classic styles of trousers.

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Dark Blue Selvedge Denim Jeans

Selvedge denim is one of the best technological advancements to be made to denim. Through a unique weaving technique, the jeans are joined in a way that resists fraying and curling.

Projectile looms created larger amounts of fabric faster which was cheaper, but it meant the edges weren't finished. For selvedge, you're looking for a thin band on the inner seam, instead of the zig zag stitch that you're used to.




What Are Dark Blue Raw Jeans

I don't think ODB was singing about jeans when he said, baby, I like it raw. But we agree when it comes to denim. Raw denim, also known as dry denim, hasn't gone through the usual pre-wash process. It can take a few weeks wear to break in a pair properly, just be careful of the dye rubbing off initially.

How to Choose Dark Denim Jeans for Your Body Shape

It seems obvious, but too many guys shrug off the importance of a good fit. Knowing your body shape and wearing appropriate clothes for it is extremely important. Here are some of the best jeans for men of different shapes and sizes.

If you're middle of the road in terms of body shape, take the time to try on a few different cuts. Give yourself a couple of options by picking a slimmer and a looser pair. Slim jeans are a great in-between cut as they won't drown you or cling too much. A straight or tapered jean would be best for stockier guys.


How to Style Dark Wash Jeans

As you know here at The Idle Man we're all about helping you out in the style stakes. That includes giving you a head start on the next season's denim. Men's denim is more than a hard wearing fabric to get you through the colder months.

Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

The slim line design on skinny jeans is great for any look. Although they're not as popular as they were a few years ago, they remain some of the most stylish jeans around. By combining a classic dark blue shade with a more contemporary fit you can achieve a unique look.

Add a loose fitting shirt with some Chelsea boots for a great seasonal outfit. The lighter tones make this perfect for a spring or summer look, whilst the boots stop it from becoming too casual.




Dark Blue Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans are perhaps the most versatile fit around. The perfect balance between skinny and straight, they will go with lots of different outfits and can look good on a range of body shapes. Check out brands like Nudie and The Idle Man for a great selection of men's slim fit jeans.

Wear some dark blue slim jeans with a black T-shirt and a pair of black shoes. This simple style is a great everyday style and can be layered with a lot of different items. If it's cold then try wearing a thicker coat, whereas if it's warmer, a lightweight jacket may be better.



Dark Blue Straight Jeans

Straight cut jeans are becoming increasingly popular. As the skinnier style begins to leave us, it has been replaced by a focus on baggy and silhouetted styles. Looser jeans also fit in perfectly with the ever-growing demand for streetwear products.

Combine some dark blue jeans with a rustic knitwear jumper and an Oxford shirt for a heritage look. Add a pair of heavy duty brown boots and a Barbour jacket and you'll be ready for any country walk. On the other hand, for a more urban aesthetic, wear them with a loose sweatshirt and some trainers.



How to Roll or Cuff Your Jeans

Rolling your jeans is a great way to add some extra detail to your style, and looks great when you're wearing selvedge denim. Check out the video below for the best way to cuff or pin roll your jeans.

How to Wear The Best Denim Jeans

  • Make sure your measurements are up to date. Wearing the right jeans for your body is extremely important.
  • Pick a cut that you're gonna be comfortable and confident in.
  • Try out the double denim in store with some similar shades so you know they'll work.
  • Invest in some Selvedge so you can be sure it's top notch.
  • Pay attention to the weight. The heavier denim the darker and harder it is to break in but it'll be a long-term love.


On That Note

There you have it, dark blue denim has more than enough to offer a first-time buyer. It's gonna go with loads of your clothes, slim a thicker thigh and can be smartened up with a good jacket. Kill two birds with one stone and invest in a pair of dark blue selvedge jeans or raw dark wash jeans and you're onto a winner.


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