Top 4 Suits For Men

Top 4 Suits For Men

Finding the best suits can be a difficult task, especially when you're on a budget and have no idea what you want. To help you with your investment here is a list of the best suits around. 

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matt bomer navy suit white shirt


Best Suit Brands


Founded in 2010, Vito has quickly become one of the best suiting companies around. They have made a name for themselves by creating a unique range of subtle and stylish suits for men. Rooted in the minimalist influences of Scandinavia, Vito is excellent at producing formal wear that looks clean, well tailored and on trend. However, by adding an individual flare to their pieces they manage to create a personality that tells a story.  smart look that can be worn for anything from work to a fancy party.

Get your hands on a Vito suit and you'll be ready for any work event or party. Try combining it with a clean white dress shirt and some black leather shoes to finish off the outfit. Accessorise with a tie and a watch to add some further details.

VITO Cayle Hop Blazer Black street style



Despite the fact that Farah was founded in 1910, it wasn't until the British youth culture of the 80s adopted it that we began to truly understand its potential in suiting fashion. As one of the top suit brands, Farah has evolved over time to adapt to a British and American market. Drawing on elements from punk and mod culture, they manage to create a range of formal wear that is modern with a heritage aesthetic.

Try wearing Farah if you're looking for one of the classiest suits around that still keeps an element of individuality. Mix things up by teaming it with a roll neck jumper or an Oxford shirt.

FARAH Lake Hopsack Blazer Navy streetstyle



Similar to Vito, Selected has its roots in Scandinavia. By maintaining a conservative minimalist aesthetic they manage to create some of the best looking suits on the market today.

This classic suit will look great for any occasion, especially if you're seeking a more conservative style. However, if you do want to vamp it up by making it more casual, that's totally acceptable. This slim cut will add that little bit of extra style that you're after.

SELECTED Mylo Logan Blazer New Blue full body mens


Best Affordable Suits

The men's suit market is easily one of the most competitive and luxurious areas of fashion around. If you're lucky enough to have enough money then you can get yourself a handmade tailored suit for thousands of pounds. However, fortunately enough you can still find a great selection of suits for a much more affordable price.

The Idle Man

Here at The Idle Man, we are dedicated to providing an extensive selection of men's formal clothing that is classically stylish whilst still at an affordable price. Whether you need a dinner jacket for a black tie event or a standard navy suit for work, we've got something for everyone.

Grey suits are an excellent way to bring a light and summery vibe to your formal outfit. This monochrome colour is perfect for creating a formal style that is just as versatile as an all black suit, but without being as intense. Combine it with some brown shoes for a more detailed look or with black shoes for a classic formal outfit.

THE IDLE MAN Suit Jacket in Skinny Fit-Grey lifestyle


If you're looking for something a bit more traditional then we also offer a great range of classic all black suits and tuxedos. Perfect for any formal event, try combining a black blazer with a crisp white shirt and some leather shoes. Mix it up with a different coloured shirt if you want to add some extra detail.

THE IDLE MAN Suit Jacket in Skinny Fit Black lifestyle


The Best Suits for Men

  • Vito: Easily some of the best men's suits, Vito provide classic fits with a unique twist.
  • Farah: This classic brand are known for making some of the best blazers for men.
  • Selected: Selected are the epitome of the minimal scandi look. Wear one for a summer party.
  • The Idle Man: Here at The Idle Man we offer a great selection of affordable and well made suits.

On That Note

The suit is a man's best friend as it'll always be there for you. It works for every occasion and can make you look instantly amazing. Of course, the suit can be very expensive, but it'll always be worth it once you've taken the plunge.

No matter what height or build you are, there will always be something for you. The key is to observe your sense of style, your budget, and consider the type of event you're attending.


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