The Best White T-Shirts

The Best White T-Shirts

The white T-shirt is the ultimate style piece; when worn correctly a plain tee can evoke a cool and minimalist look. When looking for inspiration, many look to the likes of fashion icons Steve McQueen and James Dean. Read on for our style guide on the best white T-shirts around.

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Although this is the basic essential, we understand it's crucial to get it right from the first purchase. Always remember, buying a white T-shirt can be the opportunity to make the most of your best assets. However, there is always a T-shirt fit which we will come across, catching us off guard and leaving us completely confused with what to go for.

We are here to help. It's no doubt you will now search for a white T-shirt on any retail site and get showered with countless options. Here at The Idle Man, we understand that this can be a bit of a headache, especially for such a simple item such as a white T-shirt. So to save you the hassle (and the overwhelming amount of search results) we have nailed down the top seven best T-shirts for men you need to own. From the white T-shirt for layering to the white T-shirt for lounging, we've got you covered on the best plain T-shirts.

The Best Men's Classic White T-Shirt

This is the ultimate essential of all essentials and the one which accompanies all shapes. The day-to-day white T-shirt is the go-to item to own in your wardrobe. If you have ever overslept before work and need to throw on a pair of jeans, the standard plain white tee is one of the best men's T-shirts.

For quality and comfort, your daily white tee needs to be versatile and easy to throw on with pretty much any pair of jeans or chinos as well as being easy to layer with a jacket. It's also great for those unexpected heat waves. Convenience is key - so finding a diverse fit that suits all is important.

Suited body type: Any - classic and regular fit suits all.

How to Wear Classic White T-Shirts

We've hand-picked the best T-shirt which achieves all of the things on your list. Convenience, versatile fit and comfort. Easy to throw on with any pair of jeans, the classic white T-shirt is the perfect item to start any day without stress.

For a comfortable work look which can suit any body type, we recommend partnering your white tee with a pair of black jeans and trainers and finishing with a relaxed jacket such as a bomber or denim jacket.


Best Men's T-shirts




What to Wear with a Blazer

Best White Fitted T-Shirts

Last minute meal plans? Or maybe a mixed dress code which has completely caught you off guard? A plain white T-shirt with a jersey blazer is the go-to outfit for refined edge and comfort. However, depending on the fit, this can be tricky. You want to keep the fit consistent, without creasing under the blazer. The easiest way to achieve this effortless yet sleek look is by styling the fitted white T-shirt.

Suited Body Type: Best for broad shoulders and larger upper arms.

How to Wear Fitted White T-Shirts

To achieve a smart-casual look with a blazer, go for a pair of smart trousers finished with a pair of black or tan smart shoes. If you want to go that extra mile and a little more dapper, pair the T-shirt with a full tailored suit, the alternative to a plain buttoned shirt.

What to Wear Under Your Shirt

Best V-Neck T-Shirts

Wanting to pair your blazer with a white buttoned shirt? Why not swap the shirt for a white T-shirt? The V-neck is the perfect neckline to disguise the layers. It's a T-shirt you probably won't be wearing on its own, so a price which doesn't break your bank account is always helpful.

Suited Body Type: Fits all types.

What to Wear for the Temperature Drop

Best Thick White T-Shirt

For when the seasons get a bit cooler, a thick white T-shirt is a necessary wardrobe addition. With the advantage of being layered or worn alone under a jacket, a quality T-shirt has endless ways in which it can be worn. From classic to slim fit, the thickness can fall on the quality of construction and fabric. The Idle Man is one of the best white T-shirt brands, so take a look to see if the thick T-shirt is for you.

Suited Body Type: Fits all types.

Occupying the most popular fits, we have nailed down the best of the best thick white T-shirts on the market. With the fabric quality, you know this can keep you that little bit warmer when the colder months set in. The classic fit can also be worn with any type of jeans, chino or joggers and is diverse between day and night looks.

How to Wear Thick White T-Shirts

For those gloomy mornings, a thick classic T-shirt is ideal to lightly wrap up with, especially if it's a little too warm for wearing a sweatshirt with a jacket. Perfect for transitional dressing, the thick white T-shirt can be paired with a lightweight Harrington or bomber jacket and jeans.





What to Wear in The Summer

Best Slim Fit White T-Shirts

British summer is always unpredictable. One day you could be layering up, and the next you find yourself caught in a heatwave mid-afternoon. Battling the weather can be a hassle, but finding the outfit to keep cool and warm shouldn't be. When paired with slim shorts or a slim jean, the fitted T-shirt is fundamental. Ideal to layer with a leather jacket or a bomber, slim T-shirts have multiple uses and are an item you should hopefully be building a collection of in your set of draws.

Suited Body Type: If you are wanting to exaggerate your torso shape or have broader shoulders, the slim fit is ideal.

How to Wear Slim Fitted White T-Shirts

Easy to pair with slim and skinny jeans, slim fitted white T-shirts can look too top-heavy, whereas the slim fit is convenient to wear with thicker jackets or a long sleeve shirt. This is a classic look, which is seasonless. Need something to wear for a gig or even for a night out? This ensemble has got you covered.

What to Wear for Lounging

Best Basic T-Shirts

It's a Sunday and all you want to do is jump into your comfortable trackies, T-shirt and hoodie. For convenience and lounging comfort the basic T-shirt is ideal. You don't want something which is the price of premium, but you want quality white T-shirts that will last. As you're probably wanting to purchase more than one of these, we've hand-picked the most bank account friendly basic T-shirt, which will last you throughout those washes.

Suited Body Type: Fits all types.

How to Wear Basic White T-Shirts

The basic white T-shirt doesn't need to follow a code on how to wear it. Classic or regular fit, the basic T-shirt will be your essential when you throw on a pair of joggers. Whether it's layered with a sweatshirt or a hoodie, the basic T-shirt has multiple wears.

What to Wear for Athleisure

Best Long-Lined White T-shirts

Lastly, if you're wanting to achieve an on-trend look with the convenience of a white T-shirt, then go for a long-lined fit. The avant-garde design has been widely popular these past two years and is at the frontline of dressing in athleisure. Big names such as Kanye West and A$AP Rocky are seen wearing this fit pretty much all the time. Easy to layer with either a hoodie or a sweatshirt, or for comfort with a pair of drop-crotch trousers, the long-lined T-shirt is here to stay.

Suited Body Type: Tall torso/height and slim.

If you're wanting to achieve a comfortable, contemporary look then the long-lined tee needs to be your next purchase. You want quality not just in fabric and the way it falls, but also in construction. This is an effortless way to achieving the sports-lux look or just going for day-to-day comfort.

How to Wear Long-Lined White T-Shirts

Athleisure is a trend which is making its way back, season after season. Elevate the heavy length of the longlined T-shirt with a pair of slim jeans. To then finish the look go for a high-top trainer and a bomber - creating a full sports-lux look.





The Best White T-Shirts for Men

  • Want to define your torso? Go for T-shirts with a tapered cut, achieving less of a draped fit around the waist.
  • Your classic fit T-shirt sits on the top half of your hips.
  • Make sure your sleeves don't cover half of your upper arm - unless you are wanting to achieve an oversized, boxed shape.
  • Once you have found your perfect fit, take advantage of multi-packs and stock up.




On That Note

The white T-shirt is completely timeless. It has travelled through decades and has evolved into an item every modern man should own. It's become the item you can dress up or down, offering the advantage of playing around with prints, layering and textures. Apart from the hassle of finding the perfect fit, there's plenty of choice at almost any men's retailer. Whether you have two or ten in your wardrobe, they are the quick fix you can always rely on.


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