The Rise Of ‘The Shipster’

The Rise Of ‘The Shipster’

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As the last decade rolled over, it took with it the death of the hipster (phew). So we reached peak-hipster but what of the 'shipster'? Coined as 2020's update on the hipster, we take a look at what denotes the rising trend.

Quietly developing over the past two years, the 'shipster' trend combines elements of a classic fisherman's attire with contemporary menswear styling. ‘Shipster’ style notes include; tightly rolled beanies placed on top of your head about an inch above your ears, workwear jackets, and knitwear in varying forms, though more notably turtle-necks and roll necks. The trend has evolved from practical clothing worn by fishermen, adapted by urbanites to become city-dweller appropriate. 

This post-hipster uniform comes as no surprise, as functionality in fashion is increasingly embraced amidst an ever-evolving workwear movement which favours practicality and longevity alongside fashion. Brands like Universal Works, Folk, YMC and Albam are pioneers in the trend, designing individual pieces that work together create a 'seasonless' wardrobe. This sense of longevity combined with practicality is, perhaps, what has fuelled the rise in the trend as consumers shift towards a conscious approach to dressing – opting to buy less frequently.

Variations in bold colours and experimentation in fabrics allow you to create an individualistic look. Chunky knits and wool turtle necks paired with corduroy textures and colourful beanies keep it interesting –  Think Bill Murray in "The Life Aquatic".

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Kestin Hare Dunvegan USMC Over-shirt Jacket Khaki | Dickies, 874 Original Work Pant, Black


The Idle Man Chore Jacket French Navy | Stan Ray 1100 OG Loose fatigue pant


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