The Top 5 Wool Coats for Men

The Top 5 Wool Coats for Men

During the winter period wearing a warm coat is an essential. Wool is the perfect material for keeping you warm whilst looking stylish. Whether you need some formal outerwear for work or prefer a more casual coat, there is something for everyone. 

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Wool Coats for Men

Men's Wool Trench Coat

Out of all the winter coats that exist, a trench coat is most definitely up there with the best of them. Originally designed for soldiers to wear in the trenches during WWI (hence the name), these are extremely versatile and sturdy good coats.

Traditionally, trench coats are made from waterproof materials such as cotton gabardine drill or poplin. However, as fashion progressed and trench coats became a piece of stylish clothing, as opposed to a solely utilitarian one, the introduction of materials such as wool became inevitable.

david beckham overcoat mens style
David Beckham wearing an overcoat


However, because of this you now have a much wider choice of trench coats to wear. Additionally, it also means that you can buy and wear different trench coats for different situations. For instance, whereas traditional trench coats are great for keeping the rain away, they often come in quite thin or light material. This can mean that they aren't always the warmest of winter coats. Instead, wearing a wool trench coat can be the perfect solution to this problem.

An oversized overcoat


Men's Pea Coat

We are now going from one classic winter coat to another. Much like the trench coat, the wool pea coat is one of the most classically stylish pieces of men's outerwear. Similar to the trench coat, the pea coat also has its roots in the military.

Pea coats originated as early as the 1700s and were originally for sailors to keep warm in the harsh cold conditions of the ocean. However, whereas trench coats traditionally didn't come in a wool material, pea coats did. The pea coat is arguably a more classic woollen coat. So, if it's a classic and traditional style that you're after with a woolen coat, then a pea coat is and excellent choice.

Pea coats are generally rather short in length, reaching just below your waist, and feature broad lapels and a double breasted button torso section. This makes it a perfect coat for staying warm as well as fashionable this winter season.

An peacoat is a Autumn essential


Boiled Wool Coat

Boiled wool is possibly the most unique and uncommon coat material that is included in this list. However, this doesn't mean that it's any less stylish - although it's a style that is slightly trickier to pull off than other winter coats. Therefore, if you're looking for an everyday coat that you can wear with all your winter outfits, then boiled wool might not be the best option for you.

street style mens overcoat
A man wearing an overcoat during London Fashion Week Men's


Boiled wool is a woollen fabric that is generally thicker and more rigid than traditional wool. The process of creating boiled wool involves taking normal woven wool fabric, then 'boiling' and agitating it in hot water and with chemicals.

The process shrinks the wool fibres, compressing and interlocking the wool into a tighter and more durable material. Boiled wool is typically stronger, warmer and more windproof than normal woollen products. Other than coats, boiled wool is popularly found in items such as berets, scarfs and vests.

Best Overcoats

Black Wool Coat

Although a long black wool coat isn't necessarily a style, it is important to discuss the best colours of winter woolen coats that are around. Out of all the black winter coats, a black woollen overcoat is definitely one of the most stylish coats that you can find.

Overcoats are typically the outer piece of clothing a man wears. They are the longest of the coats within this list and reach below the knee of your leg. The length of an overcoat is perfect if you're attempting to wear an outfit that makes you appear tall or slimmer. This makes them an ideal choice for men that have a more short or stocky build. However, they still look excellent on men of all shapes and sizes.

Other than this, a grey wool coat or camel wool coat are alternatives that go with any monochrome colour scheme such as black or navy blue. Out of all the woollen coats, this is easily the most formal.

Men's Fashion Winter Coats
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Hooded Wool Coat

Wool Duffle Coat

Like many winter coats, the duffle coat was originally used in the military. Sailors would wear it as protection from the harsh weather conditions. The best duffle coats will be made from a thick wool and have wooden toggles down the front.

Once again, military forces were wearing this men's wool jacket long before it became a fashion piece. Seeing a bit of a pattern here? Much like the trench and pea coat, duffel coats are typically very warm and durable against harsh weather conditions. It's therefore not hard to see why the military felt the need to use these coats in the past.

Typically, duffel coats are a mid-lengthen coat that sits about mid-way down your thigh. They are most recognisable due to their iconic hood and tassel fastenings on the front. Although the duffel coat has not been completely in style for the last few seasons, it is a classic item that never really goes out of fashion. It is, therefore, great for wearing with smart casual looks.

Wool camel coat


Top 5 Wool Coats for Men

  • A woollen trench is one of the best winter coats for men. It's a great choice if you're looking for a more formal outfit.
  • If you want something a bit different then get your hands on a boiled wool coat.
  • Although duffle coats are less common, they're still some of the best coats for men.
  • Wool coats are perfect for the winter weather as they lock in heat and keep out the cold.

mens street style coat
A man wearing an overcoat

On That Note

Wool coats are some of the oldest and most classic pieces of men's outerwear fashion. The insulating and versatile nature of wool is what makes it a perfect fabric for winter coats. As well as being extremely practical, woollen coats are also some of the most stylish around.


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