How to Perfectly Match Your Watch to Your Outfit

How to Perfectly Match Your Watch to Your Outfit

A good watch can be the perfect final touch to a good outfit. However wearing and matching your watch correctly is a skill that must be perfected. We've rounded up our favourite watches for men available to purchase from our online store.

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Keeping It Casual

A good watch is a great addition to any daily casual outfit. However it's essential to match your watch well with the outfit you're wearing. Wearing a big, flash watch has the potential to look very out of place with a tracksuit, for example. If you're looking for an affordable, classic watch whilst still keeping it casual, Casio would be an obvious choice. More popular than ever in recent years, you can find a wide variety of different models/styles of Casio watches and other casual watches for men on our online store.


Larsson & Jennings Watches

If you're going for the more formal look, Larsson & Jennings is a great addition to any suave outfit. The Swiss made watches are of the finest quality, and feature stunning Scandinavian artistry. They retain a classic style but put their own contemporary twist on each design. The watches seen below would be perfectly suited to a business style environment, showing a touch of class.


Lugano 40mm Matte Black/Matte Leather

Shown here in a smart casual, modern outfit is the Larsson & Jennings Lugano 40mm Matte Black/Black Leather watch. It compliments the otherwise all grey outfit extremely well, making it a statement and contrasting piece. Featuring branding on the clasp, quartz movement and an Italian calf leather strap this really is a high-end watch that would make an impressive addition to anyone's collection of accessories.

PHOTO CREDIT: Larsson & Jennings


Business Watches

A more affordable and more low-key option that the aforementioned styles, The Classic Grey and Brown, by London label Unknown is also a hot contender for the best watches out there this summer. Keeping it very understated and simple, this is a clean-cut classic that will last a lifetime, and for what it lacks in features, it definitely makes up for in design.

Also worth noting, is the Nixon Quartz Sentry Watch. Nixon is well known for their minimalistic approach, and have produced many classic designs in their own right over the years. The Quartz Sentry is definitely a more affordable option too, if you are shopping on a budget.

Last but by no means least, comes the 0206DW Sheffield Watch, in black, by Daniel Wellington. A true staple suitable for every occasion.


Best Cheap Men's Watches

Watch shopping on a budget can be a daunting task, with a lot of products on the market being premium quality, and along with that carrying a hefty price tag. By the same token, nobody wants to be paying for a product that isn't going to last. On our site there's a great selection of watches for those shopping on a budget, you can pick up a staple everyday watch for under £20.


The Best Outfits to Wear with a Watch

  • Casual: keep it simple, don't go over the top with excessive features.
  • Formal: gold and silver are best, make your watch a stand out piece.
  • Sportswear: don't go for anything too flash, durability over aesthetics.

Larsson and Jennings Watch Grey Shirt Street Style
PHOTO CREDIT: Larsson & Jennings

On That Note

If you're purchasing a watch it can be a challenging prospect with so many different types and styles out there. Really, you just need to cater for your needs. Work out how you want to wear the watch, whether it be formal or casual, and work out what your needs are. If you don't need a watch packed to the brim full of features then go for something simple and classic. You don't have to spend hundreds of pounds for a good watch that will last a lifetime and serve you well. Also, consider your needs, if you're going to be wearing the watch for hard-bearing activities or sports, you might want to buy something with extra durability - an expensive gold watch may not be the best idea - there are plenty of sports watches for men available on our store.


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