The Return Of The Wallabee

The Return Of The Wallabee

The iconic Wallabee shoe has come along way since its origins of Clarks in 1967. The game changing shoe was an instant hit. Fast forward to 2018 and the Wallabee is back with a vengeance in a new wave of colours, soles, and weavers. The Wallabee has now rightfully so integrated itself as a staple in the wardrobe of contemporary and workwear orientated menswear.

Classic from day one, the Wallabee is making its return. From day-to-day wear to formal attire the wallabee is an easy to wear shoe, which can work with so many looks and styles.

Since its launch it has been incorporated in many revolutionary fashion phases, starting with its origins in Jamaican Reggae style, mastered by the mods in the 1960's and reinvented by The Who with the release of Quadrophenia.

Making a name for itself once again, it's bringing its diverse history back with it, making it a staple item to every mans wardrobe.

Old School Advert for the original Clarks Wallabee shoe.

So, if you're thinking you need a pair of wallabees then here's a guide on how to style these modern cool shoes.

Comfy and casual is what most of us want for an everyday shoe. Something to slip on to nip out in and meet up for a coffee with your mates in. The wallabee can be a perfect casual choice when you pair them with jeans and a casual shirt or t-shirt. Stuck for inspiration? The wallabee can be seen fixed on the forefront of The Verve's best-selling release Urban Hymns. Or can even be spotted being worn by Breaking Bad's very own Walter White, who almost exclusively wears them throughout the series.

Wallabees worn front and centre in The Verve's album cover

The Moccasin inspired shoe can also be upgraded from casual to smart-casual.  If you're not feeling a bold look all the time with the new wave of pastel Wallabee's, try something a little less daring. Mix a tan top, darker trousers with some light wallabees, it will feel effortless but look like you're ready to go.

You're mistaken if you think the wallabee only appears in the daytime, you can still look fresh in a pair of wallabees in the evening. Like other trends, the wallabee has evolved and be found in a boot style, similar to its cousin the desert boot. Ideal for an evening fling, the stylish boots with dark jeans, similar dark shirt and a jacket can be a simple look for heading out at night.

If you hadn't already guessed, the wallabee can be worn for any occasion, for any style. Finally, the most comfortable shoe can give an edge to a formal look and it's a simple statement piece to what can be usually a boring look.

We've put together some inspiring images below of how to pull off the Wallabee, and when you're ready, head over to Clarks section on The Idle Man to grab your own here.

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