The Relationship Between Fashion and Music

The Relationship Between Fashion and Music

Fashion and music have been intertwined for decades, even some musicians have been dresses for tours an awards by the best designers in the industry.

Trends have come and gone leaving behind a historical remembrance of the fashion its time, from Mods and Rockers to Retro-Futurism, music has embraced trends and pushed societies expectation along the way. Bands like Duran Duran or Manic Street Preachers have shown that there is no limit on what you can wear and David Bowie emphasised how fashion is supposed to change with the times to represent humanities milestones like the moon landing (Ziggy Stardust, the '70s) or the new era of technology and medicine with his experimental phase in the '90s.

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Music is like a promotional form for fashion, brands and trends are advertised by celebrities wearing their designs. In the past, this labelled a few musicians who unlike Bowie never really differed from their go-to look, for instance, Kurt Cobian, lead singer of the biggest grunge band to date, Nirvana. Cobain's style stuck to the expectations of the grunge style, similar to other artists such as Madonna, one of the biggest pop stars always remained in her flash and chic '80s lane. 

Today we don't really see a celebrity in a specific style, it's more that the designers tailor-make their clothing to suit the purpose of the event/tour or we just see a certain piece of clothing that becomes the individual's staple wear, so much so that when you think of Liam Gallagher, you immediately think of a parka. Designers are often thinking of the celebrity before they even have an idea, discussing the in's and out's of a performance to create pieces that look good on stage.

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Another factor that comes into music's influence on fashion is down to the genre, with pop music being one of the biggest influencers. With big names out there dressing in a certain style or brand, people start to follow and recreate the looks themselves. The only downfall is that with everyone trying to create the same look, leaves little originality and everyone ends up looking the same. Whilst menswear is more diverse than ever, there are a few trends related to musicians which seem to have clung onto groups of people. For example, after the launch of his Yeezy fashion brand in 2015, Kanye West has been seen in little else other than his athleisure wear. The style kicked off a huge resurge in athleisure with retro (depending on your generation) sports brands releasing new and very popular styles. FILA, Champion and Kappa were suddenly thrown back in the high street stores. 

With every genre comes it's own style, it's what makes fashion and music so interlinked. The only other factor which shines any other perspective or influence on fashion is subcultures. When sub-cultures take on their own fashion influenced by the music they listen to it creates an even bigger impact, as mentioned earlier about Mods and Rockers. Throughout the last century, there have been so many examples of when subcultures have dominated fashion and have since left an imprint on the era, one of the most rebellious in personality by considered one of the most stylish was the Teddy Boys. Knocking around town Teddy Boys rattled a few cages with their notorious attitudes by their looks definitely caught the eyes of the ladies. Their style was heavily influenced by rock and roll with icons such as Elvis Presley and The Quarrymen who were later known as The Beatles. 

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With music, fashion and society always changing there will never be one trend forever, styles will continue to evolve and some will even repeat themselves. So, for now, you can look at your favourite artist and want to dress like them, but in a few years time when you look at pictures of yourself, you'll wonder 'what was I thinking?'. Just look at the forbidden socks and sandals trend, that really took an unexpected turn this year.

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