The Rebirth of the Chore Jacket

The Rebirth of the Chore Jacket

The utility trend continues with the rise of the chore jacket. Originating from France, the chore jacket has a history that spans across centuries, so why is it now coming back into the fashion scene with a vengeance? Loved for its large pockets and relaxed fit, here's all you need to know about the rebirth of the chore jacket.

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What is a Chore Coat?

Let's start with the basics: What is a chore jacket? Well, originating in the late 1800s, the chore jacket used to be a French worker jacket. Worn as a workman jacket as the French labourer attire, this workwear canvas jacket usually came in blue and symbolised everyone, which has carried on to be the icon of the French workforce today. Recognised for its relaxed fit and overly large pockets, the French work jacket is, once again, making its way into fashion runway shows such as Vetements, noted for being a good looking jacket. As a knock-on effect, more and more stores are stocking up on their own renditions of this cotton work jacket for people to incorporate into their everyday street style. We think the chore jacket is one of the best jacket styles for men (that would even give GQ jackets a run for their money), so read on to see how to make the most out of yours.

How to Wear a Chore Jacket

Back in the day, the French chore jacket was a work uniform that was recognised all over - they were the best work coats, after all. Worn with matching trousers, this blue, durable piece of clothing was practical and functional, and nowadays, it's one of the most stylish jackets for men. Say goodbye to the GQ parka and welcome in this new piece for everyday wear. So, how do you wear the utility worker jacket as part of your streetwear today? Cool utility brands such as Carhartt and Dickies have made respective versions, coming in different colours but still featuring it in the blue from the heritage of this so-called 'peasant clothing'. They are typically made of a heavy cotton drill or moleskin for extra protection, making them the ideal jacket to invest in during that awkward transitional weather phase.

If you're sticking with the traditional blue chore drill jacket, we recommend wearing it with a pair of beige chinos. This will allow the jacket to be the standout piece of the outfit. You can layer anything underneath the jacket, from a T-shirt to an Oxford shirt, depending on the occasion you're going to. Just bear in mind that the chore jacket isn't that suitable for full-on smart attire.


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Put away your denim jacket from GQ and look to the chore jacket for your casual attire instead. Not all chore jackets come in the traditional blue. Brands like Dickies and Carhartt have made these jackets in colourways including beige and khaki. These styles may not be an exact replica of the vintage chore jacket, but they make up for it in their own way. These colourways of the chore jacket are a lot easier to style with a casual outfit. You also have a bit more leeway with the other clothes you can style it with, as sometimes a bright blue jacket can be a little restricting. 

The best way to style a chore jacket in a casual outfit is to stick to pairing it with some chinos. The cotton/twill from the chinos will match the fabrication of the jacket, allowing the look to be tied together well. You could wear a T-shirt underneath your chore jacket with a shirt layered over the T-shirt. As chore jackets are made of cotton, they are still a jacket but they don't have the same warming properties as something padded out. Layering a shirt on top of a T-shirt will give you that little bit of added warmth when you're out and about as well as acting as a stylish men's jacket. We guess it's a bit like a 'coat shirt'. Roll the chinos up a bit and wear some hi-top or low-top vans to finish the look. Like the  Eddie Bauer kettle mountain jacket, the chore jacket will be the next big trend item that you need in on.


Names as one of the best GQ spring jackets, you can trust them and us that this is something you need for all occasions. You can certainly style up a chore jacket, however, you have to be careful how you wear and it where you wear it, too. The chore jacket is a jacket, but it's foremost a casual working jacket, and utility pieces are a lot harder to pass off as smart. The relaxed fit and large pockets are a standout feature of the jacket, so if you're going to a really formal occasion, perhaps you should stick to a classic blazer instead.

Nonetheless, a smart/smart-casual outfit can be achieved with a chore jacket. To do this, you could wear the traditional blue jacket or go for a beige one. Khaki is a bit too casual here. A slim fit pair of beige or stone chinos is the safest and easiest matches with a blue chore jacket. Paired with a white shirt and a pair of loafers, this look can completely switch up the chore jacket game.

If the beige jacket is more your style, then reverse the colours and wear some blue slim fit chinos instead. You could also wear a lighter shade of beige such as a stone pair of chinos for this look, but just make sure you are able to keep them both clean. Because the jacket is oversized, you'll want to make sure the trousers remain slim fit to balance the outfit and proportions out.


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The Rebirth of the Chore Jacket

  • The chore jacket was a staple workwear piece originating from the late 1800s. Workers wore it for protection and utility purposes. It's now one of the most popular men's jackets around.
  • Men's overcoat fashion is becoming more on trend than ever. It's all about layering with this piece.
  • Nowadays, people are wearing these men's trendy jackets which are adored for its relaxed fit and the striking oversized pockets.
  • Made of a cotton/drill material, this is the ideal jacket to wear during those awkward transitional weather periods. Layer up underneath when it's a little chilly out.
  • Traditionally made in a bold blue colour, the chore jacket has now been altered and modernised in beige, khaki and black colourways.


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On That Note

The chore jacket deserves a place in everyone's wardrobe - we recognise chore coats as the new fashionable jackets for men. With a whole load of history behind it, there are a number of ways you can style this piece for a whole load of occasions. Whether you're dressing casual, smart casual or attempting to go smart, you can wear this chore jacket with shirts, T-shirts, jeans, chinos, trainers or even loafers - it's up to you. Worn in the warmer weather as your go-to men's spring dress jacket, this chore coat can transform your outfit. Make sure you stock up on this hot men's jacket and top trend jackets this season and take a look at our best chore coats on our store.


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