The Idle Man Autumn Lookbook 2017

The Idle Man Autumn Lookbook 2017

Our Autumn/Winter 2017 lookbook has finally arrived. With the cooler weather just around the corner, it’s time to have a look at our latest collection. 

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As the move into autumn is well underway and we prepare ourselves for the cooler months ahead, the latest The Idle Man lookbook takes a look at how you should be dressing. Taking advantage of the way in which the rigidity of fashion is diminishing, our latest lookbook emphasises the breakdown between smart and casual. Expect more contemporary looks consisting of loafers with joggers and overcoats with cross-body bags, as well as those classic looks you'd expect to find at this time of year.

As the weather takes a turn, autumn is all about layering. Here we focused upon how layering can bring another dimension to your outfit, as well as keep you sufficiently warm during the cooler months. Layering has become a major trend on the catwalk and this has seeped down into everyday wear, which is easily achievable. A denim jacket, when combined with a lightweight shirt and T-shirt, will be light enough to achieve the look without getting too stuffy, as seen below.

The Idle Man lookbook mens


For a while chinos were frowned upon, earning the reputation that suggested only people who attended Henley Regatta would wear them. Now, however, thanks to the popularity of skate wear brands such as Dickies and Carhartt, chinos have made a turn around and are no longer just seen as a counterpart to a blazer. They have instead become a casual necessity for any wardrobe and can be toned down, or dressed up according to whatever your occassion is.

The Idle Man autumn winter 2017 lookbook mens


Our Autumn/Winter 2017 lookbook displays how you no longer have to choose between either smart or casual. Menswear has evolved dramatically in the past few years and its barriers have been completely broken down. Here we reflect upon this and show you that a pair of cuffed joggers you may have once upon a time thought only to be acceptable in the gym or at home, can now be paired with a pair of formal shoes or an overcoat more likely expected to be worn over a suit. This blend of smart and casual is something that has been seen across the board at some of the major catwalk shows, with the likes of Burberry getting in on the action, and we doubt it is going anywhere anytime soon.

The Idle Man autumn winter 2017 lookbook

A hoodie has become a staple for when the weather takes a turn for the cooler, and nothing is more on trend than one that is heavy on texture. A borg hoodie will fly past your normal go-to and take your look to another level, adding an extra dimension. Fleece has made a comeback in recent years and is no longer just something your dad would wear to stand at the side of the pitch on a Sunday morning. Instead, thanks to brands like Supreme and Palace, fleece has been elevated as a streetwear favourite. Again, nail the smart-casual look by juxtaposing borg with a structured overcoat.

The Idle Man Autumn winter 2017 lookbook

Here we show you how to really break down the rigid and outdated attitude towards smart and casual dressing. Pinstripe trousers, where once were a thing adopted by bankers, are now worn among the masses. When worn with a borg hoodie, your look goes from Wall Street to streetwear with ease, but still has that classic element in the mix.

the idle man autumn winter lookbook mens

Over the past year the cross-body bag has made a miraculous return. While at one time its reputation somewhat dwindled, with it being related to gangs and street crime, the bag is now a menswear staple. For Autumn/Winter 2017 it became one of the major trending accessories from Paris to Milan, with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Prada making them essential items to any wardrobe. Here we show you how to wear one over the coming months, again pronouncing the connotations of old as dumfounded. Team a cross body bag with quite literally any item to give it that streetwear touch and easily dress down formal classics like pinstripe trousers.

the idle man lookbook autumn winter 2017 mens

Our Autumn/Winter 2017 lookbook is all about breaking down those rules that you may have thought still existed. Here we show you the best way to give your look a street touch, while still exuding that concept of the classic gentleman. A cross body bag worn over a check over coat, which is a massive trend for the next few months in itself, is the perfect way to achieve this. Pair with some dad jeans to add extra shape to your silhouette to achieve a look that has already been big on the catwalks.

the idle man autumn winter lookbook mens

Suede, because of its higher price-point, has often been seen as a more elevated and luxurious fabric, but we think that it can be easily worn as an everyday piece. Switch out your usual smart V-neck jumper for a borg sweatshirt to take your look down a notch and give it a more relaxed substance, while still keeping that classic touch with the suede.

the idle man lookbook autumn winter 2017 mens

On That Note

For Autumn/Winter 2017, menswear has gone further than it ever has before. Those rigid boundaries that have defined how a man should dress, most particularly with regards to formal and informal dressing, have been completely dismissed. Now men can combine elements of the two with ease, and our lookbook reflects this. Whether you wear an overcoat and joggers, or a cross body bag with an Oxford shirt, we're sure this is how you'll want to be dressing this season.


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