5 of The Hottest Huf Items Of 2017

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Bringing street style to the masses, HUF conveys a lifestyle of skating and living everyday to the full. HUF's presence over the years has strengthened and 2017 is no different, here are the hottest HUF items of 2017.

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With trippy colours, unconventional patterns and premium materials HUF has been pushing boundaries to create the best collections yet. The counter-culture brand offer an array of t-shirts, jackets, hats and of course the popular HUF socks. If skate inspired streetstyle is your go to look or you're wanting to add a pop of colour and bold print to your outfit, HUF have the best pieces to do the very thing.

HUF Jackets

If you're after a staple piece for the season, HUF jackets are a must have. Show everyone how to put together that street style look with a bomber or anorak paired with straight cut jeans and some fresh trainers. The Kingston Bomber Jacket is an essential piece for your HUF wardrobe, the oversized, embroidered jacket has the ideal mix of street and skater vibes. As well as HUF having a large selection of jackets, their hoodie's are also popular. Available in a selection of colours, the oversized HUF hoodies are a core fashion piece that can be thrown on for instant style appeal.

HUF mens Kingston jacket in camo street style
Kingston Bomber Jacket in Camo


Top HUF Shoes

HUF's display of trainers are the classic pieces that every street style look needs.  The Dylan slip on and Hupper 2 are our top picks that offer you the skateboarding culture and lifestyle that comes with the HUF brand. HUF shoes have the most neutral of colour palettes within the brand but that doesn't make them boring, the design of the trainers make the whites, blacks and browns fit perfectly with the entire collection, finishing off your look. Trainers add a casual feel to any outfit however if you're feeling more summery, of on holiday or just generally want to get your feet out, hopefully just for the beach and not the office, HUF slides add comfort and ease.

Huf trainers streetstyle white
HUF Hupper 2 White trainers


HUF T-Shirts

Forget about that boring tee, with patterns, colours and materials that are super hot right now, HUF t-shirts and their creative and innovative designs are hitting the streets hard. The iconic logo is recognisable anywhere making this another staple piece for your HUF wardrobe. The offering of shirts have bold and daring prints and images that will make you centre of attention.

Pair the HUF tops with straight cut jeans or trousers to get that street style vibe while also hitting the top trends of 2017. For a casual look add a HUF cap and make sure you can see those socks rich with pattern and colour between your trousers and trainers.


The hottest HUF accessories

As well as clothing, HUF offer a wide variety of cool and unique accessories that complete the look that Keith Hufnagel, HUF's founder, so creatively begun. With the core belief behind the brand in mind, caps, socks and skateboards that the brand offer help to emphasise that skating lifestyle. HUF socks are bright, fun and consist of unconventional images that you wouldn't usually expect to be printed on a pair of socks, however, these iconic socks enable you to pull of the edgy, hipster slash skater look that every HUF customer desires.

Huf socks and shoes 2017 trend
HUF Summer 2017 socks updating any outfit


HUF Skater Style

Achieving the skater look is easier than it seems when HUF is your go to brand. This casual, effortless looking trend has HUF written all over it, it can be as simple as a pair of worker trousers, printed tee and an essential HUF cap to finish off the look. Whether this style comes naturally to you or you are a budding skater style beginner, HUF's 2017 clothing will be your best friend.

HUF black sweatshirt and skateboard
HUF Skater style

Hottest HUF Items of 2017

  • HUF jackets are a show stopping piece that full the entire outfit together
  • HUF Socks, of course, add a bold and vibrant feel to your look
  • Printed and logo'd tees are essential and one of HUF's staple pieces
  • Accessories complete the skater look including caps, socks and real life skateboards

Huf summer 2017 yellow t-shirt with logo back
HUF's Summer 2017 Collection

On That Note

Our hottest HUF picks are all bold, fun and play around with bizarre patterns and colour combinations catching the attention of any skate enthusiast. These vibrant, unconventional patterns and prints are what differentiates the brand from the rest. Nailing the skateboard streetstyle trend has never been easier with the help of one of our favourite brands.

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