The Come Back Of Wide Leg Jeans

The Come Back Of Wide Leg Jeans

 Worn back in the 1920s, then again in the '70s, the wide-leg trouser trend is making a come back once again. 

 First worn back in the '20s by students as a dapper look for university, the wide leg trouser has come a long way. Originally known as 'Oxford bags', the extremely wide-legged trouser was known for, well that! The wider the leg, the more stylish they were, in fact, those university students would be found in trouser legs with up to 40 inches in circumference. 

 After the '20s the wide-leg trend stepped out of the limelight and into the shadows, until its revival in the '70s with the introduction of Northern Soul. The rebellious all-night club nights were known for the flying excess material spinning around, from the ladies dresses to the gentleman's flares spinning around the dance floor. The bigger the dance floor the bigger the clothes, was how it was seen back then and it kept the oxford-trouser alive. 

Today, the trend has changed again. Now it's as much as about structure as well as style - the more structure in the trouser leg the more stylish the look will be. Some of the most staple brands in men's fashion have introduced their versions of the wide-legged trouser in their attempt to once again revive the style. From dancing the night away, these trousers have taken a more laid back style nowadays, giving you a more casual day time look. However, you can still dress them up for a night out to the pub or even take them back to the dance floor. 

Stan Ray

The Texas fashion brand known for its focus of practical fashion has just dropped it's brand new AW19 collection which features the signature tapered leg which narrows down to a 15 1/2" opening. 

The Idle Man

 We understand that you want to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, so we've put our own twist of the trend. In our AW19 collection, we've created the wide-leg jean with a regular waist fit and a wide fitting straight leg. The light blue washed denim creates an ideal casual look, simply pair them with a t-shirt and a pair of trainers.


Dickie's aesthetic is still very much centred around its blue-collared foundations. Having developed as a company with roots deep in workwear, they maintain this loyalty to the customers that made the brand who they are today. The utilitarian design of its trousers makes them easy to wear as you can dress them in a variety of ways. 


Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP's carpenter trousers are another example of the blue-collar trend mixing with the wide-leg style. Carhartt brought out its carpenter style trousers this spring and they have been a popular hit. The loose-fitting leg means they are breathable and the neutral tone of these can still allow contour when they are paired with a slim-fitting whilst shirt for after-work events or evenings at the pub. 

Lois Jeans

Offering the most formal look is from Lois Jeans with its corduroy take on the wide-legged trouser. They have designed them in a few different colours but if you're looking for something that'll work for formal events, then these black trousers would be the best choice out of all of these.

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