Summer Wedding Guide

Summer Wedding Guide

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Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be tricky but don't fear as we have pulled together a few looks that'll have you looking sharp.

Everyone is trying to make their wedding different, unique and never been done before, making it harder and harder to decide what to wear so you can look good but also fit the scene. There are so many options out there to wear to a summer wedding from traditional suits to shorts for those tieing the knot on a white sandy beach. Whatever you decide to wear you just have to make sure you're looking smart and photo-ready.

The Classic -

If you're attending a traditional wedding then you can stick to the basics to make the whole look easy, then if you want to mix things up with colours or texture you can do it safely. A plain white shirt always gives off a fresh and clean look and is a great way to begin layering with a suit of your choice. For this look, we have chosen to go for classic grey made from 100% cotton to make sure you're comfortable for the whole day and night. To accessorise the suit add a tie or bow tie depending on your personal preference and finish with a pair of slick black polished shoes.

The Casual Classic -

If the wedding is formal and the special couple are more relaxed with the dress code then you can follow the same structure as the classic attire however, you can mix it up with colours and fabrics to show your own personal twist and style. We have decided to create this look using our very own grey checked trousers which can be paired with either a matching checked jacket or a plain light grey cotton jacket. Finish with a pair of black or brown leather shoes, again mixing with the pattern you can personalise the outfit to your taste.


 The Beach Wedding -

Sandy beaches and blue sea offer a beautiful scene to get married and have pictures taken, however, they are highly irritating as a guest when you turn up and get sand in every nook and cranny of your outfit. So to relieve you from some of the pain you can make your outfit more comfortable and relaxed. For this look we have gone for something lighter and easier to wear in the heat, i.e chinos. You can make chinos smart by dressing them up with a white shirt and accessories. If the wedding is more liberal in its dress code then you can even wear a pair of smart shorts in beige to go with a white shirt too. 


Farah - Chinos

G.H Bass & Co - Loafers

 The Dressy Casual -

 This look is purposely casual but shows you've still made a conscious effort to look good. You can be more relaxed and comfortable in this especially if you're not directly involved in the wedding (i.e a direct family member). We have chosen our newly released suit from our SS19 collection, made with neppy detail and designed with a slight taper you can dress this to transform into a wedding suit which you can wear again and again for other occasions. 



The Casual Evening - 

 This is generally restricted to those who have been invited to attend the wedding reception in the evening and can afford to be more relaxed if the invite states it'll be more relaxed. For this outfit inspiration, we have decided to go with our short-sleeved salmon pink shirt paired with a pair of slim black chinos. This pairing will look summery with a pop of colour but smart enough for the evening's celebrations. 

The Idle Man - Shirt

The Idle Man - Trousers

The Idle Man - Shoes

Accessories & Ticks -

 Dressing up your wedding attire can be done in a variety of ways. If the wedding is a black-tie event then, of course, you're going to want to find a slick tie or bow tie, but you can also match your tie with a pocket square for added detail. 

A quick tip for wearing your suit well is to have your jacket buttons fastened and when you sit down at your table you can unbutton the top button or if needed both buttons. Never sit there with both still fastened as you'll end up looking like you're sat in a bucket with your jacket sticking out in front of you.

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