The Only Trousers You Need This Summer

The Only Trousers You Need This Summer

During the long working days of summer, a poor choice of trouser can make for a very hot, sticky and uncomfortable day. While looking smart and remaining a comfortable temperature can be a little tricky, with the right knowledge it can become that little bit more manageable. Check out our complete guide on some of the best trousers for men this summer.

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Best Men's Pants for Summer

There are plenty of trousers out there that are perfect for summer. Sometimes it can be hard to gauge what trousers are appropriate for which occasion, especially when it's warm outside, which is why we have broken it down to make it easier for you. Whether you’re chilling in a park, strolling around town or stuck it the office peering out the window, you’re going to need some cool summer pants that are well suited for the occasion.

Best Men's Trousers for Summer: Daytime Casual

Whether you’re walking around the town or relaxing in a park, when the heat strikes, you’re going to need trousers that can breathe. Chinos, khaki or jersey trousers will give you that breathability your legs are going to require. Typically speaking, the wider fit of the three styles paired with their breathable nature should make for a cool, summer-ready trouser choice.

Best Men's Trousers for Summer: The Office

Despite the fact that we'd all love to take three months off for a jet setting global exploration, the likelihood is you’re going to have to work this summer (the woes of adulthood). A trusty pair of chinos is a no-brainer, but have you thought about wool dress pants? Coming in a variety of colours, tones and patterns, wool is both breathable and stylish, making it a great choice for finding the best pants for summer.

One good wool trouser to invest in for the summer months is some men's cropped trousers. The word 'cropped' may be a scary thought, but this doesn't mean having trousers up by your knees - just above the ankle is high enough. A pair of grey cropped trousers are very suitable for work attire as it keeps the outfit smart but comfortable. So, if you're thinking about buying some men's cropped pants this summer, keep them simple and wear them with either smart trainers or loafers if you're feeling a bit smarter.

Best Men's Trousers for Summer: Night Out

If your day spent in the sun has now turned into a night out on the town, you'll need to be able to change into some appropriate trousers to suit all of your smart but cool needs. The summer evenings are usually bright and warm with a nice breeze in the air. However, as that breeze turns to chill, jeans, chinos and dress trousers will keep your temperature at a desirable level.

The best summer trainers


Styles of Trousers for the Summer

If you’re stuck in an office with strict rules on attire, you don’t want to stroll in with skinny fit joggers or drop crotched chinos. While these are both extremely comfortable, there is a way to get comfort without minor disciplinary action. With this in mind, check out our list of summer suited trousers below and where they'll fit best.

Cargo / Khakis

The khaki/cargo trouser is great for those days when pockets are essential. Originally designed as a military trouser (with practical space to carry things in mind) cargos’ come with at least six pockets, minimum. This makes the cargo trouser brilliant for the summer. Nobody wants to be lugging around a satchel or backpack, under the blazing heat of the summer sun, so if you know you'll need to carry things on you, this is a great option to consider.

The khaki trousers and chinos are cousins, with the most distinctive difference being the colour. Khaki trousers come a variety of natural colours. The khaki trouser is more casual than the chino, but a little smarter than cargo trousers.


Now, joggers are definitely not appropriate for office attire, however, neither are they reserved for sportswear and loungewear alone. The greatest thing about joggers is their comfort. Joggers are, without a doubt, the most comfortable trousers on the list.

Recently, designers and musicians have popularised the structured fit jogger, which leave the groin and thighs space to breathe while becoming more fitted at the lower leg. Nothing will beat the comfort of joggers on those days laid-back days because, with skinny fit joggers, you can have comfort without feeling to slouchy.


What is the difference between chinos and khakis? Very little to be frank. Many a man's staple, chinos are acceptable for work and will offer the comfort expected from cotton-based trousers (nothing beats a fabric that breathes).

The chino is possibly one of the best summer pants for men; it's so versatile and there is such a wide colour range available. The great thing about chinos is that you can dress them up or down with ease - they go with sneakers, shoes, sweats, knits and T-shirts etc.

With chinos being one of the most diverse and versatile pairs of trousers you could own, they're great for summer as you can throw them on for every occasion. Their lighter colour and breathable materials will keep you cool and stylish during the summer, making them fuss-free. Wear your chinos for work teamed with a crisp white button-down shirt and a pair of smart shoes or casual with a T-shirt and a pair of trainers.

Wool vs cotton dress pants


Dress Trousers

The dress trouser, like jeans, is another men's wardrobe essential. This is the trouser option for all formal occasions. Designed in a similar fashion to suit trousers, dress trousers give a smart and sophisticated look, without you having to wear a full-blown suit.

For the purpose of comfort during those long summer days stuck in the office, you'd preferably want a cotton-linen blend or wool dress trouser (avoid polyester and polyester blended fabrics). Most dress trousers are a mixture of wool and cotton blended with polyester, making the fabric less breathable and that bit too hot in the summer.


Whether jeans are really suited to summer is quite difficult to decide, but we love them regardless. No matter what time of the year it is, there are always going to be that pair of jeans that we want to wear out and about. The variations of colour and the varying fits of jeans make them amazing all year around. There are, however, a few drawbacks to wearing jeans in the summer. Denim jeans are tough and durable which is great, but it does mean that you'll get quite hot and sweaty if you wear them in the sun for too long.

Fabrics for Summer Trousers

When deciding on the best pair of cool pants for summer, focus on the material. For example, polyester combined materials are less breathable. Polyester is a synthetic material that keeps any heat in which isn’t ideal for the summer. When shopping for summer trousers, the fabric should be as close to 100% natural as possible with the options below being among the best.

Wool vs Cotton Pants

When looking for the best wool vs cotton dress pants there are a few materials and styles you should follow. Recently, cotton trousers made with above 80% cotton have become easier to find which is great for the summer. Alongside the material's breathability, cotton is also incredibly gentle on the skin, adding further to its comfort. The only downside? Washing your cotton trousers too often and spending excessive time in the sun will speed up the fading - a dye pack will fix this in no time, though.

Wool is a fantastic fabric. Great for both winter and summer, it's the fabric suited to every season. Many people will think of wearing wool pants in summer as a big no-no. In actual fact, wool is incredibly breathable, insulating and natural a heat regulator which is great for both winter and summer.

Both cotton and wool trousers in summer are great - nature has designed both to be breathable and comfortable. The cotton trouser is best during those long summer days and, after a quick scene change, wool dress trousers are fantastic for those cool summer evenings.

Cool pants for summer


Denim and Dungaree

Dungaree is cotton-based fabric, originally manufactured to be a substitute for denim. Neither denim nor dungaree is advisable on a hot summers day. However, the adaptable nature of jeans makes them an amazing base on an overcast day or during the summer nights. If not you’re spending the day soaking up the rays, then some denim overalls can look really stylish in a laid-back and casual outfit.


Linen and cotton-linen blend fabrics are great for the summer, however, the old man stigma attached linen clothes make it a no-go zone for many. Similar to other natural materials, linen is breathable and gentle on the skin, so you shouldn't rule it out just yet.

Linen trousers are typically loose fitting, flaring at the thighs leaving plenty of space for your legs to air. Although linen-cotton blend clothes are more structured with a tapered slim fit, linen-cotton dress trousers are the alternative to polyester blended fabrics, providing all the comfort and breathability of natural materials.


Jersey is the fabric of sweatshirts, T-shirts and lightweight jackets. Originally a fabric made from wool, nowadays jersey is a mixture of wool, cotton and other fibres which is then used to make lightweight trousers and joggers. Jersey is possibly one of the most comfortable fabrics out there. Promoted from the ranks of sportswear to smart casual, jersey brings comfort and smooth textures to styling.

The Best Trousers for Summer

  • The key when looking for summer suited trousers is all in the fit and fabric.
  • When looking at the fit, obviously something with a little bit of space for air is going to work in your favour.
  • Likewise, with fabric - going for a natural blend that's breathable allowing air to the body such as wool, cotton or linen.
  • There are so many pairs of trousers out there, from linen trousers to denim trousers to chinos.
  • Trainers are the best summer footwear to be worn with trousers in the heat. They are incredibly comfortable and stylish.

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Wool pants in the summer

On That Note

Summer is meant to be the season of joy; the sun is out and ice cream vans are numerous. Yet, the wrong trousers can have us feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. If you can take away one piece of advice from this piece, it's to remember that cotton and wool are generally your best bet - they are both breathable and a little ventilation can make all the difference.


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