11 Essential Style Rules for the Shorter Man

11 Essential Style Rules for the Shorter Man

If you love to jump on the latest trends but shopping for your height is an utter chore. Don't worry as The Idle Man team have worked together to bring you the style guide that will raise your spirits.

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When it comes to choosing your own style, we all turn hopelessly to our idols for inspiration. Except what if your style icon is a long-legged superhero? And in reality, you don't fancy wearing tights (I don't blame you) and you're very far from hitting the 6ft mark. Looking like your ultimate superhero might seem like a stretch but I'm here to rescue you with the know-how of dressing for your height.

Rule One: Find out your real height

We all assume that our height falls into one of two categories - 'Tall' or 'Short'. But did you know that we have 'Average' too? Your height (that annoying little number) is only a guideline; as it doesn't take into account of your body type, family history or lifestyle. Begin by finding out about your real height and focus on dressing for that. You never know, you might be much taller than you think!

Rule Two: Accept your height

Before you start researching into the possibility of 'leg extensions', I want to start by telling you there's nothing wrong with being a shorter guy. There are many successful men out there who are considered to be 'short'. Many of which you'd have never even guessed - Bruno Mars (5'5"), Lil Wayne (5'6") and Tom Cruise (5'7"). Being short is clearly nothing to be sniffed at, so be proud of who you are.

Rule Three: Choose the right fit

Forget about trying to be tall as 'Bruce Wayne' or 'Clark Kent' because this will never work for you. Instead, you want to focus on your own frame. Choose pieces that are 'slim-fit' as this style will help your frame to stay balanced. You want to keep far away from styles that are 'skinny' as they're actually different and won't give you the same effect. Plus, we'll secretly know if you do!

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Rule Four: Choose smaller proportions

Everyone thinks that 'bigger the better' is always the right move but when you're shorter, this isn't always the case. You want to stick to styles and accessories that have small-sized features. Choose shirts with down-faced collars and slim ties. You want to completely avoid anything that will make you look chunky, like huge pockets and buttons.

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Rule Five: Pick the right colours for you

You want to give the illusion that your body is taller than what it actually is. Sticking with dark colours (black, navy, grey) or following the rules of 'Tonal Dressing' can be a great idea. You want to stay away from bright colours and trends as this will show off everything you're trying to hide.

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Rule Six: Patterns are your friend

Adding a pattern to your style can help to elongate your frame and make your outfit really pop! You want to choose patterns with vertical stripes or shapes and always keep them on the small-scale. Much like bright colours, large patterns won't help you either as they'll consume your body. So, no more floral or Hawaiian shirts for you!

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Rule Seven: Watch your waistline

It's always a good idea to keep an eye on your waistline and not only for health reasons. Make sure your waistline is free of any chunky accessories and stay clear of any material which will hang around that area. This will only cut off your frame and show your real height. I like to choose blazers as they always go past the waist and can look great on every occasion!

Rule Eight: Don't overload on accessories

We all love a good belt, watch, tie, hat and even a man-bag to mix it all in. However, you want to avoid wearing them all at once as it will clutter your entire body. Style your accessories around your chosen pieces and watch out for the positioning of them too. Always remember, it's good to space out your accessories and pick about 2-3 pieces max!

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Rule Nine: Keep your enemies close but your tailor closer

Relax. I'm here to tell you that tailors are good people and they're not as terrifying as they may appear. Get to know your local tailor or ask your best mate for their recommendation as you'll be seeing this stylish guy often. Well... you should be anyway! You want your pieces to look good and there's nothing wrong with getting them fixed to the right length. You'll thank me afterwards!

Rule Ten: Add height to yourself... literally!

Want to be physically taller? Well... all you need is your footwear. Picking shoes that have a higher wedge or platform will give you the lift that you're after. This will make you look a couple of inches taller without looking too obvious. Footwear appears to be adopting this little trick, so you can follow this tip using your favourite shoe and during any kind of event! Just don't go overboard on the height - we don't want repeats of the Spice Girls look!

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Rule 11: You CAN wear suits!

Trust me, this is no myth. You can wear suits and if you play it right, you'll find one that suits you. All you have to remember is to stay away from double-breasted pockets; pin-stripes are the way to go and keep everything on the small-scale. It's that simple!

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