SS17 Key Trend: Muted Colours

SS17 Key Trend: Muted Colours

From whites to creams and pinks to blues, this summer a muted colour palette is a must have trend. If you're wondering how to style it we have the key things you need to know.

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As summer approaches it's time to switch up the colour palette from those dark winter tones to something a bit lighter. Muted tones are a key smart casual men's fashion statement that is easier to style than you may think. If you are unsure about what muted tones or flat colours actually are, they are basically less bright, subdued colours. These colours give off a polished, classic look to any men's summer fashion outfits making them key pieces to own.

Muted Tones

With softer, muted tones, wearing colour may seem a little easier and not so scary to pull off. The flat colours compliment each other and go well with both black and white pieces that complete the outfit. Greens are a key muted tone that can be paired with a large variety of other colours. The green tone seems to go well with whites, blacks and even pinks. When wearing green with white make sure the muted white tone is clean and polished so it gives off a smart casual vibe.

Muted tones white trousers green jumper



Layering is key, but can sometimes look like a mash up of colours. If it's done right each tone will come together and create an overall outfit that looks well put together and appropriate for the summer months. A loose fitting shirt is an ideal piece that can be layered over a shirt, T-shirt or long sleeve top. Mix colours such as blue's and greens with lighter tones of pinks, whites or creams to bring out the natural tones in each piece.

muted tones layers shirt t-shirt



Stripes are a key statement to make especially when paired with muted colours. A blue and white striped tee adds a summary, heading off to the beach vibe which is perfect for a trip abroad. Straight cut trousers also add to the summer look as they create a loose fitting, casual aspect to the outfit. Due to the colours being cool and having a low contrast you can experiment with white, black or even green bottoms if you're feeling brave. The neutral colour palette allows for mixtures of colours to be worn together such as pinks and whites, blues and greens and browns and blacks.

muted colours striped t-shirt green shirt white trousers


SS17 Key Trend: Muted Tones

  • Muted colours consist of subdued, cool, low contrast tones.
  • A muted colour palette can give more confidence to wear a wider range of colours.
  • Layering compliments and brings out the desired tonal look.
  • Stripes are essential as they break up the tonal solid colours with a simple aspect of pattern.

muted tones green trousers pinks jacket bomber mens

On That Note

To nail a summer trend that will be suitable for every time of day, muted tones are ideal. The lighter colours are perfect for a bright summers day without looking too out there and in your face while the muted darker tones aren't too harsh and will work well for a night out down the pub. Layering up the contrast colours create an overall look that will result in a polished, clean cut, SS17 outfit.


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