Short Term Fashion Trends vs Long Term Style

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What is the difference between fashion and style? What should you follow when buying new clothes? Here's a quick guide that'll describe some principles detailing the difference.

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Getting your own look isn’t as easy as you might think; it can take a long to time to fill your wardrobe with items that you’re happy to wear daily. Getting a good grasp on overall style will help decisions when coming to deciding your look.

Bear in mind these few tips to guarantee a good look no matter what the fashion. There are no guarantees, body shapes vary from person to person. It will take a bit of time trying various sizes and brands. Follow these principles though, and life will be that little bit easier.

Fashion vs Style

Fashion and style, terms often bandied around in the same sentence or context without much thought. They really are two sides of the same coin but they are not to be mistaken. Fashion is finite, the idea is that each season (spring/summer – autumn/winter) a new selection of trends are released, sometimes they are fantastic combinations that start, or reignite the popularity of items, and yet sometimes they turn out to be the mullet or flares.

Style is not finite, style is something that should last forever, and there are certain style principles that don’t change, no matter what the latest fashion is. You should be able to look back at images of yourself in the future and sigh in relief that you didn’t dress like a serial killer.

Know Your Size

Baggy shirts were big in the nineties. Droopy jeans in the noughties. But all throughout, a well fitted pair of jeans was always stylish. Small, medium and large won’t cut it. Even a t-shirt can vary completely from brand to brand: different cuts and fabric, while being made in different countries, means that you need to know a few useful things about yourself before buying clothing. Know your measurements: chest, waist, leg length, vital information in order to make it that much easier when buying clothes.

mens clothes fitting size example
Mens clothes fitting example. PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest

Know Your Body Shape

Tall, short, in the middle maybe? It all counts towards what sort of clothes you wear. A poorly fitted blazer might very well have been, or will be fashionable at some point, but a well fitted blazer will always be stylish. You need to know if you’re a slim cut, or whether you need a classic fit. You don't want to look like you've raided your Dads wardrobe. An ill-fitting shirt, or anything, can ruin an entire outfit. In the same vein as knowing your size, know what fit suits you best ranges.

Avoid Fads

Just because everyone is wearing it, does not mean you have to join in. Not everybody looks good in a fedora, okay? Think back to every fad piece of clothing you can think of, how many lasted longer than a year? Just remember a bright yellow pair of snow shoes might come into fashion, that doesn’t mean you need them.

mens extreme coloured street style

Timeless Pieces

Some items don’t go out of style. Here are two examples of pieces every man should own.

A Well Fitted Suit/Blazer

The popularity of suits in fashion will ebb and flow, but every man should own one, and that suit should fit like a glove. Suits are surprisingly flexible; it’s not all about chest sizes. Pick any store that sells a selection of suits, and go in and try a few options on.

That doesn't mean you have to buy anything, use the time to pick a style, colour, and shape, and shop around. Take your time. If your weight doesn’t fluctuate too much, a suit will last you a long long time, so get it right. An ill-fitting suit is noticeable, it will sag. It won’t sit right on your shoulder, or it might pull.

It's the same principle with a blazer A well fitted one is perfect for smart casual situations, with a t-shirt or shirt. It’s an incredibly flexible item of clothing, that should be in every mans collection.

mens suit outfit grid
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A Black or White T-shirt

Keep it simple. Make sure it suits your body type, and avoid any designs that are too busy. A simple black or white t shirt will always be stylish and can be paired with literally anything. Wear it with a blazer or bomber jacket, or ever just by itself with a comfy pair of jeans. The possibilities are endless, but the style is timeless.

Bright or outlandish colours are sometimes inappropriate, and don’t suit everyone. Try accessorising if you get bored, but always have a couple of simple well-fitted tees in your wardrobe. Vary your combinations, and keep it fresh. Always remember that they're never at risk of losing their cool.

mens basic colour tshirt outfit grid
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Final Note

It’s true there are “Rules of Style” but it really comes down to what you are comfortable wearing Posture and attitude can literally alter more than a change in clothing, so no matter what you wear, wear it with pride.


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