7 Reasons Why Noughties Fashion Is Coming Back

7 Reasons Why Noughties Fashion Is Coming Back

It goes without saying that fashion is a cyclical business. Trends come and go (and then come back again) quicker than you can keep up with. But it's now the noughties that fashion is turning it's attention to. Here's the best 2000 fashion trends (and the worst) for you to check out.

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The 90s have undeniably have had a massive comeback in fashion over the last few seasons, but its now the turn of the 2000s to have a bit of a renaissance. Granted, the naughties does have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to questionable sartorial trends, and there are definitely several fashion statements that are best left to the history books - we're looking at you, shell necklaces and dodgy blonde highlights.

But there are some early 2000s fashions that are beginning to resurface, and they're worth rediscovering, we promise. After all, the nineties did have their fair share of fashion disasters, yet its influences underly pretty much every trend around right now. It's commonplace for designers to reference back to their youth throughout their collections, so its only natural that with a younger generation of designers coming through, fashion trends should creep towards the early 2000s.

While we're under no illusion that the 90s sportswear thing is going anywhere, progressive labels like MISBHV are fully embracing the naughties throughout their collections, and plenty more brands are following suit. We check out the top seven 00's fashions and show you how you can easily embrace the look (minus the bits you'd rather forget - need we remind you of bootcut jeans).

Trucker Hats

The reason behind the name is pretty self-explanatory, but rather than being synonymous with rig driving across the states, the trucker hat is better remembered alongside the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher. Back in the noughties, it was all the rage with cool downtown 20-somethings, who probably listened to The White Stripes or The Strokes. They first wore it with a hint of irony - but that was until it veered too far into Fall Out Boy-reject territory.

But these days it's back, with pop punk nothing but a distant memory. If you fancy digging out your trucker cap from the depths of your wardrobe, keep the rest of your outfit simple to avoid, and avoid anything oversized - it's all about taking styling hints of the noughties, rather than looking like the decade threw up on you. Von Dutch at the ready.


Double Denim

Is there more of an iconic image than Justin Timberlake in that double denim ensemble? We think not. But iconic doesn't always mean that it should be recreated, and we're not going to suggest that you hunt down a denim cowboy hat. However times have changed, and double denim is no longer the taboo that it once was.

If you really want to embrace the early 2000s aesthetic, go for a denim shirt and a pair of jeans in the same tone and layer over a crisp white T-shirt for a more contemporary look. But if the thought of double denim still fills you with dread, yet you still want to get on the 00s bandwagon, go for jeans and a denim jacket in varying shades to break up the look. And we're sure we don't have to tell you this, but just steer clear of any rhinestones.

mens double denim style 2000sshopthelook

Bucket Hats

Granted, bucket hats do tow the line between an alternative nineties accessory and a noughties staple, but it was only in the early 2000s that the bucket hat really secured its place in mainstream fashion. You'd probably go straight for the Gallagher brothers when you think of the bucket hat, but it reached its noughties peak when it was seen on Jay-Z in his 'Big Pimpin' video, and later everyone from Brad Pitt to Britney Spears.

These days the bucket hat has long been a streetwear staple, with skate undertones still influencing the overall look. Keep your bucket hat simple for an easier, laid back style, or opt for a loud print for a summery statement.

mens bucket hat brad pittshopthelook

Millennial Pink

By now you should already be convinced that pink is a more than acceptable colour choice, but if you needed any more persuading then cast your mind back to Cam'ron's all pink get-up at the Grammy awards in 2002. He was pretty much the epitome of early 00s fashion - blinged-out, over the top and undeniably cool.

The hip-hop star's look was soon picked up by style-savvy millennials, and it's since been a firm favourite amongst the streetwear crowd and is used pretty constantly on the menswear catwalk. An all-pink, furry look might not be the most wearable way to interpret the noughties look, so opt for pink accents to add a contemporary edge to a casual look.

camron 2000 pink mens styletoppicks

Skater Styling

The skater look has been around pretty much constantly since the 1970s, but fashion in the 2000s saw a move away from the retro Southern California look towards more of a punk-pop thing. Think Avril Lavigne for the chicks, and Busted or blink-182 for the guys. The look was all about super baggy jeans (with several chains), moody prints and the chunkiest Osiris trainers possible.

These days, the skater look still reigns supreme, but it's a lot more clean and comes with Scandinavian influences. Wide leg trousers are still a go-to in achieving the skater look, but stick to workwear brands such as Carhartt and Dickies, rather than heading to that weird emo shop in your town centre.

mens skater style 2000s



Okay, so this is the third time that Justin Timberlake has cropped up, but the man was inescapable in the early 2000s. And so was this red velour number. Sportswear was definitely having a moment in the late nineties and into the early 00s, with hip-hop playing a huge influence, but moving away from the usual nylon, it was velour that became the go-to for the rich and famous. Needless to say, the velour tracksuit ended up with a bit of a bad reputation - Paris Hilton probably being the main culprit.

But it's back with a vengeance. Kanye West featured a velour jumpsuit in his Yeezy Season 5 collection and Juicy Couture has even made a huge come back of late. An all-over velour look is definitely a statement, so if you're after more of a wearable look, go for a velour zip-through and pair with simple jeans and a tee.

mens 2000 style velour tracksuitswearwith

Cargo Pants

David Beckham definitely has a lot to answer for when it comes to 2000s fashion for men. While that sarong look is better left to the history books, cargo pants are having a massive comeback. And it wasn't just Becks that pretty much lived in cargo pants in the noughties, with almost every boyband member at the time donning a pair.

You'll be pleased to hear that today the ridiculously oversized thing is long gone, with straight leg styles giving a much more functional and stylish look, as skater styling continues to dominate. Wear yours with a simple t-shirt and Converse combo or opt for a camo print for more of a streetwear statement.

mens cargo pants style 2000s david beckhamtoppicks

Why Noughties Fashion Is Coming Back

  • The noughties do have a bit of a bad reputation as a dark period of fashion, but certain trends are coming back in a big way, and can easily be given a contemporary tweak.
  • Trucker and bucket hats were huge then and they are again now. Von Dutch dominated the 2000s, but there are loads of brands coming out with some cool designs right now. 
  • Double denim probably earned its notoriety during the 00s, but lay off the rhinestones and stick to a clean dark denim for a contemporary look.
  • Skater styling is having a massive comeback, but keep it minimal and clean rather than oversized to avoid that noughties pop-punk thing.

kanye west pink blazer 2004 styleOn That Note

2000 fashion has definitely been given a bad reputation in the past, and while there are certain trends that are best left to the dark depths of your wardrobe, there are others that are totally wearable today with a bit of contemporary tweaking. Take note and ditch the substantial bling and general over-the-top-ness that went hand in hand with the decade, and keep it simple while still giving a fond nod to the noughties.


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