New In: Lacoste

New In: Lacoste

Founded in 1933, Lacoste has been making classic clothing for over 80 years. Most famous for their polo shirts, they were originally worn by tennis players. Today it has become one of the most exciting fashion brands around. The Idle Man is pleased to introduce the latest range of Lacoste. 

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Established by the French tennis player, René Lacoste, and André Gillier, Lacoste is known for producing a wide selection of great quality menswear clothing and lifestyle products. Ranging from polo shirts to jumpers and perfume, Lacoste has become one of the most popular and stylish mid-range brands around.

A brand that has stood the test of time, from the tennis courts to the terraces. Superior quality to its contemporaries, it's a 'best in show' brand for sure.

lacoste sweatshirt mens street style

Lacoste Polo Shirt

Easily the most famous item of clothing that Lacoste produce, this classic polo shirt comes in a wide variety of colours and features the iconic crocodile Lacoste logo. Inspired by René Lacoste's nickname 'the crocodile' for his determined playing style, the logo has become internationally recognisable.


Lacoste Jumper

As Lacoste became increasingly more popular over the 20th Century they also started to expand into new and exciting areas of menswear fashion. Today, their selection of subtle sweatshirts is an integral part of their collection. Coming in a range of subtle and stylish colours, try wearing one with some jeans and trainers for a classic casual look.


Lacoste T-shirt

An evolution of their iconic polo shirts, Lacoste also produce a top quality and lightweight range of T-shirts. By taking basic essentials like the T-shirt and using high-end materials and manufacturing processes they manage to provide a range of premium basics that are comfortable, stylish and have the classic Lacoste sizing fit.


Lacoste Shirts

As Lacoste continue to expand their clothing range they have also moved into producing slightly more formal wear. Their lightweight short sleeved button up shirts are perfect for achieving a summer smart casual style. Try pairing one with some light coloured chinos and a pair of loafers to complete the look.


On That Note

Lacoste has grown from a classic sports wear brand into one of the most iconic terrace streetwear names in fashion. Throughout the years this heritage brand has perfected the ways of making premium basics for men. Whether you want an iconic polo or something a bit different, there's something for everyone.


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