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The player which is created not just to be heard but also to be seen. Introducing Crosley record players to The Idle Man, the renowned label that is trendsetting the new wave of vinyl and filling the nostalgic void for music fanatics. 

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Crosley Record Players

Founded by the music-enthused Powell Crosley in the 1920's, Crosley has established themselves as one of the in-demand, bespoke sound system providers on the market. While Powell Crosley dedicated his life to providing the music experience for everyone, he built a brand which valued originality. In 1992, while the rise of CD's was in full swing, Crosley pulled the risky move of introducing turntables. While this was a bold statement, little did they know they would soon become one of the biggest innovative brands 3o years on.

From Avante-Gard turntables to radios, Crosley have persisted in providing sound with a touch of style. Here at The Idle Man our Editor's got to have a peak of our newest Crosley lines. Here's what they have to say...


Our Editor Tom is more than excited to have Crosley finally introduced to our store. "If you are a minimalist like me, then the Crosley turntable is the ultimate impulsive purchase for the home. While my music is predominantly streaming, opting for this dose of nostalgia has definitely ventured myself into purchasing vinyl. With an addition of its USB feature which is compatible with Windows and my Mac, this means I can play almost anything, including my own playlists."


Trying the Crosley Cruiser Turntable, our very own Tech Writer says: "Going for the next big thing in tech is always the first protocol of mine. However, trying out the Crosley turntables, this was a different story. It's the ultimate balance of old vs new. Saying that, it's a classic design with the best of futuristic sound system features. With a belt driven mechanism and dynamic full range stereo speakers, the Crosley Cruiser Record Player is definitely something for my wishlist"


Our music expert Claudia says: "While the majority of my music is through streaming and online purchases, it's refreshing to try out something new. As vinyl copies overtook downloads for the first time this year, the Crosley turntables have never been more relevant. With the ability to play 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records - getting the most out of your turntable isn't a struggle.  An exclusive software suite is also provided, allowing you to rip and mix your own sounds. This is the must-have for any music enthusiast."



James our Staff Writer adds: "Purchasing Crosley Vinyl player recently this year, I've never been more impressed. While records have always been a side collection of mine, finding the ideal record player has been a challenge. However, coming across Crosley with it's up to date features for any high-tech sound system and cleaning additions, this is a turntable I can see myself have for a long while yet!"

On That Note

Whether you have a record collection in the making, or just fancy sprucing up your sound-system, the Crosley turntables are our must-have purchase for the New Year. With its modern additional benefits (don't worry, your playlists on your laptop are just as compatible), there's no reason why you shouldn't switch up your sound for something a little new.


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