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With an amazing amount of history behind them, Baracuta have made themselves a presence in the world. The classic G9 jacket has been worn by many iconic figures and for many iconic events so it comes to no surprise that this has become such an iconic piece of clothing.

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Taking it back to where it all began in Manchester, this brand has come along way since 1937. With mod culture under it's belt and an image that screams cool the Baracuta jackets can be styled with near enough anything. The inside print has become an iconic feature to the jacket, so much so that the name Harrington has become a synonymous with Baracuta. The G9 jacket has appeared in many films and has been a part of many different subcultures in British fashion, being worn by Elvis, the world cup England team and being part of collaborations with famous Savile Row designers. The jacket has a presence that can't be taken away so we take a look at The Idle Man's new Baracuta stock.

Elvis wearing Baracuta



The Baracuta G9 jacket has the iconic shape that's been around throughout the decades and been worn by many. To show off an old school, throwback feel wear with a pair of worker trousers, classic polo and some Chuck Taylor all star converse. This channels the 1950's era and celebrates the time when the brand expanded overseas into the United States and Canada.

Iconic Baracuta looks will never need to be over the top as the jacket is such a classic, iconic piece. Keeping it simple is key so a pair of jeans and a shirt or jumper in the winter months is ideal. The jacket is timeless so once invested you can wear it year in year out.


On That Note

The G9 Baracuta jacket is one to look at and with many colours available you can keep it simple with black and blue or if your want to add some colour the orange or white jacket may be for you. All the jackets are on The Idle Man now so it's definitely worth a browse.


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