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We're excited to introduce our latest products in store - a racy collaboration between iconic skate and lifestyle brand HUF and softcore magazine Penthouse. We explore the collection and what we've got to offer in store.

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HUF began as a labour of love for professional skater Keith Hufnagel, opening up a small boutique in San Francisco's Tenderloin District, where he gained success from his mix of skater and streetwear focused brands. With business booming, Hufnagel decided to create his own label, taking inspiration from his career as a professional skater, as well as this work with the brands he stocked in his store. He created HUF hats, T-shirts, jackets, and more to rave reviews.HUF x Penthouse Look book

HUF is now one of the main providers of quality streetwear, skater looks and lifestyle products, challenging the status quo through its subversive attitude and vibe. Even the simplest HUF socks have their distinctive arty, graphic style vibe. It's no wonder then that they decided to team up with an unconventional brand, finding a way to make the iconic nudie mag Penthouse into unique fashion piece.


HUF clothing stands out from the crowd, and rises above other streetwear brands, due to its fearless, experimental style. The brands use of bold colours and prints are balanced with their clean, flattering fits, making their clothes original yet versatile.


Bob Guccione founded Penthouse as an attempt to compete, at the time undefeated, Playboy magazine. Offering in-depth editorial stories as well as softcore pornographic pictorials, which were often photographed by Guccione himself, the magazine grew in popularity and now has a cult status around the world.

Their collab clothing with HUF uses hand-selected archival issue covers and centerfold images matched against striking gold type, bold solid black backgrounds, and busy prints. Be as in your face or minimalist as you choose with the varied collection on offer.

HUF X Penthouse

Both Penthouse and HUF had humble beginnings, relying on their own can do attitude to get to where they are today, rather than handouts from rich investors. HUF clothing is well known for its emphasis on the traditional 90s style skate scene, as well as bold yet wearable streetwear. Penthouse is know for...well, other things.

The Collaboration

Somewhat fading from mainstream view, Penthouse is moving from print into fashion in an attempt to resurface, collaborating with the streetwear brand HUF to create a capsule collection embodying the magazine’s successful era of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

With a vintage style vibe, their collection of Penthouse X HUF T-shirts, hoodies, socks and even air fresheners (if you want a naked woman swinging from your rear view mirror) bring out the old school look of the Penthouse magazine, while mixing with the punchy HUF style.


I love the minimalist look, and the 'peak through' images on the HUF X Penthouse hoodies offers a subtle yet unique twist on the versatile black hoodie.

Taking cues from adult magazine censorship sleeve covers, the socks and skate decks are concealed in custom black plastic sleeve packaging,  giving it a forbidden vibe that links back to the first inconspicuous prints of the magazine.

The Lookbook

The collection opened with a provocative shoot by photographer Kenneth Cappello, featuring 2016 Penthouse ‘Pet of the Year,’ Kenna James. Photographed in the trademark soft-focus of the old Penthouse prints, the shoots shows the collection in its true light while adding in the traditional elements of the 90s skater scene.

HUF x Penthouse Look book Kenneth Cappello

On That Note

So if you're looking for a HUF jacket that's a little different, or you just want to show your love for softcore magazines, then check out the collection and the products we have on offer. With everything from images so subtle they make you look twice, to bold logos and prints, the collection showcases a vintage era of this infamous magazine.


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