New In: Earl of East

New In: Earl of East

Earl of East London is fast becoming one of the coolest interiors fragrance and lifestyle brands around. Their hand-poured candles are a perfect finishing touch to any space, and obviously smell incredible. With their latest range now available on The Idle Man, we take a look at some of the fresh scents you can get your hands on. 

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Founded in East London in 2014, Earl of East opened a small store in Netil Market, offering a curated mix of independent brands from across the world. But in 2015, they found their calling in creating unique fragrances inspired by the memories and travels of their founders. Their line of soy wax candles now includes five scents in three different sizes, so you'll be sure to find the perfect one for every room in your house!

earl of east candles

Atlas Cedar

Inspired by a trip to Marrakesh, Earl of East decided to take the focus away from the bustling and chaotic souks with their spicy notes of cinnamon and clove and instead headed for the mountains for inspiration. This candle combines a bespoke combination of cedar wood, olive leaf and white musk for a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. With a clean, earthy and calming profile, it's the perfect candle to help you wind down after a long day.

earl of east atlas cedarshopthelook

Smoke & Musk

A campfire with friends in California - what more could you want? This fragrance is completely inspired by the great outdoors, and features a blend of green balsam fir alongside wood smoke and musky patchouli. With this one you're pretty much transported to a log cabin somewhere in the woods, with its smokey but sweet profile perfect for creating a cosy vibe for both men and women.

earl of east smoke and musk2shopthelook


Who doesn't want their house to smell like the summer time in Greece?! This one is personal to the founders, evoking childhood holiday memories. A blend of vine tomato, parsley seed and basil with a touch of lemon gives a bright and summer feel. It has a clean, fresh and uplifting profile which is super versatile, and will work well to brighten up the atmosphere in any room or kick start your morning routine.

earl of east greenhouseshopthelook


This one is heavily inspired by late summers in Lisbon. It gives a beautiful mellow vibe, with sweet coconut and green oregano which highlights earthy fig tones, creating a sense of hazy, balmy summer nights. When burning its earthy and sweet notes create an inspiring atmosphere, which seeks to reinvent the ambience of trees with notes reminiscent of crisp stems and fresh sap. But all you need to know is it smells amazing.

 earl of east viagem


There's not that much that Scandinavia hasn't inspired at the moment - and Strand is more specifically inspired by the baltic sea breeze and sunsets of Copenhagen. This one comes with a bit of a twist, and is specifically created to smell different once lit. The fragrance is a combination of mandarin rind, seaweed and bayleaf, making it one of the most sophisticated and unique candle in the range.

earl of east candles lifestyleshopthelook

On That Note

A candle is a great finishing touch to any room, not just for their lush smells but for their cool, minimal look. With five different scents to choose from, Earl of East have covered all tastes, with nostalgic notes and classic tones guaranteed to suit whatever your taste. Trust us, you'll be wanting one for every room.


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