Men's Summer Outfits

Men's Summer Outfits

It's that time of year again. The suns making its way out, and hopefully it'll stay out this year. It's time to get your best men's summer outfits ready because you're going to want to stay cool and look cool. Covering you for date night, the days at work, or even a wedding, this guide will take you through it all.

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Summertime. Time to grab your favourite pair of shades, spray on some suntan lotion (or tanning oil) and head down to the nearest beach. But for those of you who feel intimidated by having to choose summer outfits and loud colours, summer fashion might make you wish it was autumn already.

All those fluorescent T-shirts, vests and vivid surfer shorts just don’t make the case for it, and you're still not convinced. However, there’s no need to wish the season away. We’re here to guide you through a number of summer outfits that will make you look cool and stylish.

Summer Outfit Check List

It may seem incredibly difficult adapting from a harsh, British winter where a coat was a necessity, to a hot summer where even a jacket could result in sweating. The key with summer outfits is to stay as cool as possible without compromising your style. This is easily achievable when you stick to a few summer staples.

  • T-shirt - Both plain and patterned, you need a few basics as well as the summer styles.
  • Shorts - You should have both a casual and smarter pair, so you're ready for all occasions.
  • Jeans - Might not be the go to summer attire, but you'll want a good pair for the evenings and breezy days.
  • Chinos - These will be your go to trousers, as they're both light and cool to wear.
  • Shirt - Both Oxford and dress shirts should be in your wardrobe. You can mix and match with colours and styles.
  • Loafers - The perfect summer formal shoe.
  • Trainers - These are for the days were casual shoes are a necessity. Keep them clean and they'll last you all summer, and even longer.

The Summer Outfits

So now it's time to go through those all important men's summer outfits. Covering everything from work to a casual day out, here are the best outfits for you to master your summer in style.

Preppy Summer Outfits

This style is a great look for those wanting a smart-casual look. Opt for a slick white or coloured polo shirt, teamed with a pair of slim fit dark shade chinos. This will keep the look clean and formal. A varsity jacket is essential but not a necessity due to the weather, so if you're going from day to night you can take a jacket with you. This can be used as a great cover up if the evenings get a little chilly. To finish off your look, go for either a suede pair of brogues, or even loafers to keep your look cool and fresh.

fred perry polo shirt mens style
A cool pair of sunglasses will finish off your look
PHOTO CREDIT: Fred Perry Instagram

Summer Date Night Outfits

For date nights in the summer, such as dinner, you want to keep impressions high but you also need to stay cool - you don't want to see sweat patches no matter how nervous you are. Opt for some dark slim fit chinos and team with a plain white T-shirt or shirt depending on how smart you want to be. Finish off with a blazer and loafers. This look shows off your smart casual side, without looking too over the top.

Casual Summer Outfits

Neutral colours such as white, cream and ivory, are usually very popular during the summer months because of their reflective properties. The lighter the colour, the more it reflects the sunlight, which means the heat won’t affect you so much. The dark colours in your wardrobe will absorb the heat, so you’ll find you feel hotter quicker.

If you want a simple summer outfit that’s more stylish than a simple T-shirt and shorts, go for a patterned tee and cargo pants. The thought of cargo pants may sound a bit old school, but a favourite of ours are the Carhartt cargo pants. When styled right, they look stylish for the summer months. A plain white T-shirt and a pair of clean white trainers will finish off the look well.

Summer Casual Work Outfits

Working during the summer is always a bit of a nuisance. Slaving away in a hot office while the sun is shining outside doesn’t exactly motivate you. Still, we have to work. But what do you wear in the office during summer? You can't exactly go in in a vest and flip flops, and even if you did, this isn't a look we'd recommend. Ultimately, your office attire will depend on your work place dress code, so here are a few options for you to try.

For a casual look, if you're lucky enough to wear whatever you want (within reason of course), you can go for either chinos or chino shorts. Pair with trainers and a T-shirt - all light coloured if possible as this will keep you cooler. Some sunglasses will finish off the look and you'll be able to spend your lunches in the park, catching some rays.

summer street style
Keep your summer clothes light
PHOTO CREDIT: The Confused Dasher

Summer Business Attire

Keeping cool in the office will enable you to concentrate more, no matter how much you're thinking about a pub garden. If your mind's stuck on how hot and sweaty you are, your day will feel like it's taking a lot longer than usual. To keep cool in the office, go for a light coloured suit, like cream, beige or light grey. As well as switching up the suit, make sure your shirt material is light and either a cotton or linen as this will be a very breathable top for you. Finally, instead of your formal brogues or usual shoes, go for a pair of smart loafers.

Keep accessories down to a minimum. If you go to a lot of meetings, wear a tie to look more professional, otherwise you can do without it. Watches are a popular accessory, but go for something with a canvas or fabric strap, as leather straps can attract a lot more heat, making your wrist feel sweaty underneath.

Summer Interview Outfits

The same rules apply when you go to an interview. You want to create a professional impression, so a tie is essential in this case. On route to the interview, take your jacket and tie off to make sure you don't over heat before you get there. It will also be best to stick to neutral shades both for the suit and shirt. Keep things low key and try to remain calm.

Summer Wedding Outfits

It may be the summertime, but that doesn’t mean you can get off any special occasions. Summer is a particularly popular time for big events such as weddings, engagements and general celebrations, so it’s a good idea to keep a formal suit ready and waiting.

As it will be warm and sunny (or at least it will on the off chance), it’s best to try and steer clear from black. Remember, it will absorb the heat the most so try and pick a suit in another colour. Go for a light grey suit with a white shirt. This combination not only maintains the smartness of occasional wear, but it should help you keep a bit cooler.

If the occasion requires it, wear a smart tie. Preferably one that’s a different colour to your suit, just to give it a bit of a lift. A deep purple or royal blue colour works especially well at a big event. Of course, you can leave the blazer out and go for a matching waistcoat. This always goes down well at a formal occasion and adds an old fashioned, stylish feel to the rest of your outfit. Plus, you're then not stuck in a warm venue in a warm jacket.

With a waistcoat you don't have to wear your blazer

Summer Party Outfits

A family get together or a boozy BBQ, a summer party is what makes this season so great. You'll want to stay cool if you're out in the sun, so the best option here is to go for shorts. For a casual pair of shorts, denim is perfect. Team with a plain tee and finish off with some canvas trainers to keep cool. If it does get a little chilly, throw on a thin jumper or better yet, a nylon bomber jacket.

Summer Date Outfits

If you're heading out on that day date, maybe to the park for a few ciders and chill time, or a date at the cinema, your outfit in essential is giving out the right impression. The best look for this occasion, are a pair of jeans and a short sleeve Oxford shirt. You can ditch the jacket, and finish off your look with some slick block colour slip on trainers. By opting for slim tapered jeans, you'll keep cool. The Oxford shirt will keep your look smart casual and again, fresh and cool. Keep the colours light for summer vibes.

Men's Summer Outfits

  • Go for lighter colours in the summer as they absorb less heat and will keep you cool. White, cream and grey are all good options.
  • Chinos and trousers are a cool alternative to jeans as they're light and can be worn in a range of colours.
  • If you have to wear a suit, keep the materials and colours light and if you can, ditch the tie.
  • When it comes to shoes, loafers are a smart summer shoe. If not, a pair of light trainers will be comfortable for the hot weather.

summer street style
Easy summer street style

On That Note

The great thing about summer is that you don't have to base your outfit around your coat. You're free to go solo or throw on a jacket just as an extra element to your look. From weddings, to a casual day out, to date night, there are endless outfit choices for these events during the warmer months. The key to each look is to stay as cool as possible without sacrificing your style. Throw on some summer accessories like a pair of sunglasses for that extra sunny vibe. If you stick to these basic rules, you'll be mastering summer style in no time.


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