Most Stylish Men of the 70s


Want to emulate the look of the most stylish men of the 70s? Well look no further than this quick and simple guide. 

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The seventies were a time in style history that we shall never forget. Flared trousers and flared hair dominated the scene, with the want-to-be-forgotten platform shoes. The seventies were also a time where colour and pattern were in full force to the sound of the Rolling Stones and Elton John. We take a look at the most stylish men of that defining era. 

Mick Jagger

A legend in his own right, Mick Jagger was a style icon of the beloved fans that adored him. Those pouted lips and unruly hair made him the dream boat of millions; but his style is what made him unique.

Known for playing against the rules and basically doing what ever he wanted is what made him stylish. Playing with shape and texture, you never knew what he was going to wear next, or, who he was going out with next. In his younger days, Jagger played it safer, sticking with classic styles, but adding something extra, mainly his attitude.

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The Ramones

Pioneering the rock and roll style, The Ramones were a new kind of stylish. Their 'don't care' attitude was infectious, as was their style.

Leather biker jackets, drainpipe skinny jeans and Converse was their go-to look. Disregarding trends and the mainstream style, The Ramones made their own group of loyal fashion followers. America had a new wave of rock and roll that hadn't hit the UK, the modern rocker, partying all night and going against the system (A Ramones song would be good right here).

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Bruce Lee

The Kung Fu king himself has made it onto our most stylish men list. His understated cool and incredible fitness made him an icon of the 20th century.

Known for his casual laid back style Bruce Lee was the epitome of the 70's style. Wearing tight fitting printed shirts to show off his muscular frame and famous for his undoubted cool, he was a true style beacon for many.

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Jack Nicholson

The line "here's Johnny" will go down in history as one of Nicholson's most famous characters. The casual, laid back style was Nicholson's signature piece, he knew how to look cool in the blistering LA sun.

However, when he spruced up, he looked great. Taking classic 70's tailoring and using his cool, laid back attitude, made them his own. Unbuttoning his shirt to show a bit of chest and a cigar hanging out of his mouth, Nicholson knew how to dress to match his talent and fame.

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