Most Stylish Men of the 1980s

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The 80s is a time that many of us would love to forget. The hair, some of the clothes, and the music. But the 80s was a decade that defined the way we dress today, with countless brands drawing their inspiration from that glorious decade.

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Hollywood played a massive role in the style of the 80s, with L.A. being the centre point of the decade's style icons. People such as Johnny Depp and David Bowie were people who trail blazed many a man's wardrobe, as did the arm candy they held.

Johnny Depp

One of the greatest actors of our time and cheek bones to die for, he has to be on our list of the most stylish men. With his debuting role in the series 21 Jump Street he became an instant star and style icon. Known for his laid back almost rock and roll style, he loved his lather jacket and simplistic looks. Typical of the L.A. laid back almost go-with-the-flow attitude, Depp powered through the 80s with the upmost style and confidence with talent to match.

Johnny Depp Collage
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David Bowie

No longer Ziggy Stardust with the outrageous fashion that we all knew and loved, but a more toned down and bang on trend David Bowie came out of the woodwork and became the envy of many a man during the 80s. Sharp cut suits and a haircut to match made a real impact of the style of Bowie. Still keeping his quirky edge, he made his style his own championing that little something different, whilst still playing around with androgyny.

David Bowie Collage
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Tom Cruise

Known for his classic style, Tom Cruise was many a teen's idol during the 80s. With Risky Business being one of his most iconic roles (we all know the classic scene, shirt, socks and a lot of lip syncing), his style powered him through the Hollywood set. Playing it down with just simple T-shirts and jeans, he wore what could be stylish today.

Tom Cruise Collage 2
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Rob Lowe

The teenage heartthrob of many, he was the epitome of 80s Hollywood. His laid back style and undoubted cool made him one of the most sought after men of the entire decade. Rumour has it that he was too good looking for many of the Hollywood roles, but that didn't stop him being as stylish as ever.

Rob Lowe Collage
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