How to Wear a White Bomber Jacket 

How to Wear a White Bomber Jacket 
Tired of the same old classic look, want to try something new and update your summer wardrobe? Read our guide on what to wear with a bomber jacket, how to style it and some of the coolest bomber jackets in the game right now.  Read more Men's Style Guide features. wearwith

How to Wear a White Bomber Jacket

There’s no way of getting around bomber jackets this season. This iconic item of men’s fashion and military history has come a long way from the war days into our wardrobes. It went through a rough time from being the favourite jacket of English skinheads in the sixties to the favourite lightweight of reggae fans. It was actor Steve McQueen who brought back the fame of the bomber jacket in the eighties when his character Ralph wore them in his last film The Hunter. The love continued with rap crews like Naughty by Nature bringing the urban vibe to life with the satin version of the flight jacket. As white is the neutral colour, you can combine your bomber jacket with tonnes of different things and play around with a number of styling options including patterns and fabrics.  This can range from business to smart casual, street style or even all monotone. It might not be the easiest style to pull off, but here are some tips on how to wear a white bomber jacket.
White alpha industries bomber jacket for men
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White Bomber Jacket Outfits

If you want your white bomber jacket to be the highlight of your outfit keep it casual and scale back. Pair it with a t-shirt, some skinny or slim fit jeans or for more formal occasions a shirt and some boat shoes or classic loafers. If you tend to go for a more street or urban kinda vibe you can use your bomber jacket as the neutral basis and bring in some colour, hoodies or put on your favourite cap.
white bomber jacket men streetstyle


The All White Bomber Look

The monotone look may not be the easiest look to pull off, but it is definitely worth experimenting with. This modern all white combo needs some confidence and you better stay away from chocolate ice cream that day. The look needs different tones and fabrics to create a smooth contrast. all white bomber jacket look men


Casual Bomber Jacket Outfit

How to Style the White Bomber Jacket Style

If you're heading into town for date night or just a few beers, why not go with a pair of skinny fitted jeans and a black T-shirt to create a elegant but stylish contrast? A white nylon bomber jacket is an all-rounder and fits every occasion. Pair it with some black leather trainers, roll up your jeans and you're good to go.
white bomber jacket mens street style


Long Bomber Jacket

This might not need as much courage and confidence as the monotone look, as you can mix and match your favourite pieces. You can style it with some classic blue jeans, throw in a cool t-shirt and wear your favourite cap or hat and top it off with some shades on a sunny day. If you're not a fan of the short version, why not skip it and try some of the longer bomber jackets. Combine it with a simple white tee and some black sneakers for a great casual look. If it’s getting too hot you can always tie your shirt around your waist underneath the jacket for that extra urban vibe.
long white bomber jacket mens street style


What to Wear with a Bomber Jacket


Jeans are a wardrobe essential that goes with a whole range of outfits. Whether you prefer skinny jeans or something a bit more classic, they're a great casual item to wear with a bomber jacket. If you want to go more for a smart casual kinda look, some tweed trousers or well-fitted chinos in red or dark blue may be another option to consider, depending on what’s in your closet. Or maybe you want to invest in some new additions for the summer? toppicks


The classic plain white or black tee combo is still one of the coolest things you can wear underneath a bomber jacket. But as you're styling a white bomber jacket, it doesn't really matter what colour you choose. A simple tee will always look like you have put less effort into your look but is still always part of a simple and effective look. toppicks


If you enjoy a more buttoned-up style, go with the bomber jacket button up combo. Wear your white bomber jacket with a black shirt or the classic flannel for a more vibrant look. Normally colour is the key, but with a plain white jacket, there's no need to be afraid of throwing in some colour to finish off your look, you can hardly go wrong here. toppicks


Depending on what attitude you want to display, a clean pair of white sneakers or converse is always a good way to go, especially when pairing up with the white version of a bomber jacket. This might not be ideal for the muddy British weather but hey even Britain gets some sunny days every once in a while. If you're heading off to Glastonbury this summer, don't forget to pack a pair of classic black Doc Martens while rocking out in your bomber. toppicks

Get the Right Fit Men's Bomber Jacket

Most importantly, before investing in a new bomber jacket, make sure you choose the right fit. An ill-fitting jacket cannot only destroy your outfit and make you look sloppy but when wearing something like a jacket the whole day, you want it to fit properly. Especially if you want to go for a more edgy business look, your jacket needs a smooth fit.


What is a Bomber Jacket?

Men of the United States Air Force wore their bomber jackets (or MA-1 as they call it) during World War II, in order to be functionally dressed for a chilly and cramped ride in their cockpits. As technology advanced and the cockpits become more updated with higher technological equipment, planes could go up higher and faster and the bomber jacket got a makeover from the form of leather and fur details as well as wool to waterproof nylon, in order to make it more lightweight.
marlon brando history of bomber jacket
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