The 4 Best Watch Brands Under £200

The 4 Best Watch Brands Under £200

Most people can't afford and don't really want a watch over a grand. So, we've put together a list of some of the best men's watches under £200. Finding affordable, high-quality options can be a struggle, so struggle no further with this guide to the best inexpensive watches.

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Top Watches Under £200

It's not much to ask, right? We all want to be able to a have high-quality watch without having to pay and arm and a leg for one. Even quality watches under £500 is pushing it- think of the clothes you could buy with that!

It's not only the watch that some people find tricky, it's what to wear them with. Whether you're dressing for summer or winter, you need to make sure all your jewellery and watches match. We have picked out a wide selection of our top watches for men that cover the price range up to £200. So, read on to discover the coolest, best watches under £200.

Larsson & Jennings

Larsson & Jennings create versatile looking pieces that bring a clean, striking finish to a number of outfits. They keep things clean and simple, with uncluttered faces and contemporary colour schemes to create a cool, sleek finish. Ok, so these are £15 over budget, however, they are still a great purchase for a quality piece.


Larsson & Jennings have some of the best value watches available, and they are perfect for matching with a range of looks, from a navy suit to a casual bomber jacket and jeans combo. Here, the watch has been styled with a suit, allowing the gold on the watch bring out an element of class and luxury to the outfit.

Larsson & Jennings Black & Gold Watch


Daniel Wellington

If you're after a minimal, all-rounder watch that tells you the time and looks good with just about everything, then Daniel Wellington is for you. Their designs are super minimal, uncomplicated, and tasteful. In addition to all of these perks, Daniel Wellington has some of the best budget watches, which are so good for value- a thumbs up from us. They are designed with round faces and clean leather straps in black and brown shades. For the more fashion conscious, they have a watch with a red and navy fabric strap, bringing Italian Pitti Uomo vibes to the board.


Because of the minimal aesthetics of these watches, they're so easy to style with pretty much any look. You can pair one with your jeans a T-shirts or summer shorts, but you could equally wear one with a three-piece suit. We have settled for a smart casual look.

Minimal Daniel Wellington Watch
PHOTO CREDIT: Le Club des Douze



Casio is great for their variety of nice, affordable watches. They create some of the best casual watches. On one hand (har, har) we have their classic analogue watch; quirky with the retro designs and simple in colour. On the other hand, they sell fun digital ones which have a sporty and practical edge to them. Casio's are high-tech, boasting water-resistant qualities and calculator features. They have the best affordable watches and some of the most popular men's watches.


Casio's digital options not only bring a retro edge to your outfit, but they are also very practical. Our digital watch above has a calculator built in, as well as being water resistant to 30 metres with an alarm and snooze feature. Our resin band Casio watch is splash resistant and lightweight, making it perfect for playing sports or similar activities in.

Digital Casio Watch



We love Triwa men's classy watches because of the mentality they based their brand on. Created by four friends, Triwa aims to change the way we look at our watch, making them more of a fashion statement and accessory than just a practical necessity. The name Triwa means 'transform the industry of watches'- smart eh? They create their products with the best materials; ensuring that quality meets value.

The Triwa Nevil Cognac Blue Face Watch is equipt with a chronograph, two sub-dials a genuine leather strap and is water resistant to 50 metres, making it the best divers watch. It also has quartz movement, making it one of the best quartz watches. Despite being a brand that creates their products for visual purposes, they also nail it on the practical front.

Triwa watch look men
Styling A Triwa Watch


The Best Men's Watches Under £200

  • Larsson & Jennings - The Larsson & Jennings watches may be a tiny bit over out £200 budget, but they compromise for this with their luxury designs and top quality. Wear one with a splash of gold on it to add a little something to your outfit.
  • Daniel Wellington - The Daniel Wellington watches are minimal, clean and classic. These watches will go with almost every look and are very easy to style.
  • Casio - Casio watches bring a little retro to your look. Go for an analogue watch or a digital one, and check out all the features that they come with.
  • Triwa - The Triwa watch ticks the style and practicality boxes, making it a great watch to dress up and impress with.

Larsson and Jennings Watch Grey Shirt Street Style
PHOTO CREDIT: Larsson & Jennings

On That Note

The best watches for men tend to be on the pricey side, but not everyone is rolling in it. We're in the mindset that the best cheap watches should have the same quality as more expensive models. We also think that there should be a decent range of them as well. With our options being under £200, there's no reason you can't treat yourself or a friend to one to lift and accessorise their style. Whether you're after a traditional design or a modern digital one, there's something for everyone.


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