The Best Trousers for Men this Summer

The Best Trousers for Men this Summer

With summer on its way, the days are getting longer and the hay fever is getting worse. And although we do love a pair of shorts, sometimes they're not appropriate for all settings. So what trousers are good for the hotter months?

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We've all been there - the weather's surprised us and you're left boiling hot in a pair of trousers that leave you soaked with sweat. No one wants to be a sweaty mess this summer, so we've created a guide to help you with the one part of your body that can surprisingly overheat. So in order for you to get your summer trousers right, here's our handy guide on which ones you should go for.

Summer Trousers for Men

With the unpredictable British weather, it's hard to know how to wear trousers when the weather gets hot. When thinking about summer trousers, it's a good idea to grab a pair that aren't too tight fitting. This gives you a little bit of freedom to roll them up if you want to take a dip in the pool, or if you're by the sea. There are a few types of fabrics that work well for summer. Linen or cotton-linen are a great choice for keeping cool. Avoid anything that isn't breathable as this will leave you instantly regretting your trouser choice.

Summer trousers needn't be a tough choice. As there are quite a few options available for men, it's always worth spending a little bit more for higher quality fabric because you're a lot more active in the summer. Plus, you want your trousers to last until next year at least.

Why not just wear shorts? It's a good question. Some of us don't get the option to wear shorts in the office (or think it's social suicide), others might have to wear trousers for an event they're going to, so getting hold of a pair of trousers that are comfortable in the heat is essential.

Men's White Dress Pants

White may seem like a risky colour, and if you're prone to spilling drinks and food down yourself then yes, it is. But, if you can control what you're eating and actually get it into your mouth then white is the ideal summer colour. It's light, bright and creates a clean look for any situation. If you're wearing it to work then it can look smart with a blazer and shirt. Keep these pieces coloured - navy or green etc. Go for ones that are tonal and not too pale. This way you won't look too washed out in your white attire.

If you want to wear the white dress pants casually then chose a pair of trainers and a simple T-shirt. Again, keep these coloured and try to avoid light grey or similar light colours as you'll look very much like a marshmallow.

Light Blue Men's Pants

A simple alternative to white pants is a pair of light blue men's pants. This is a good colour for anyone trying to avoid the sun's rays. Light blue trousers look good with simple pieces, so keep the other colours basic. By wearing blue bottoms you're able to bring in elements of colour to your outfit without looking too in your face and over the top. Light blue is the perfect choice for a summer wedding or family gathering and it's smart with an extra element of fun.

white smart trousers grey jumper navy blazer
White trousers work well both smart and casual


Men's Cropped Pants

Cropped trousers are ideal for the summer - you can enjoy the heat without getting too hot and you don't have to fully get your legs out. Your cropped trousers can fall anywhere from mid calf to around the ankle. We'd recommend going for ones that finish just above the ankle, as you don't want them swinging around your calves, because quite frankly this isn't a good look. It's a good idea to find a pair that fit well on the waist, as adding a belt can make them less comfortable in the heat (unless it's for style purposes, of course).

Wear the cropped trousers with a simple tee and sunglasses. For the footwear, you should go for something equally as light - no boots of heavy shoes. A pair of white canvas trainers will be your best bet as they'll create that whole sports luxe vibe that's a big trend right now.

How to Wear Trousers in the Summer

We have to admit, us Brits do the cold well. We love a scarf and hat combo, so when the sun makes an appearance, we definitely freak out a little - but it doesn't have to be this way. When thinking about trousers in the summer, it's all about light colours and the right fabrics. No one wants to be stuck in a pair of black jeans all afternoon while your mates make the most of the decent weather.

When it starts to heat up, try to avoid the tighter fitting chinos and look for pairs that are made of a breathable, loose fabric. Cotton is the best choice in the heat because it's a very breathable fabric. Cotton also dries fairly easily, so you can leave it out in the sun for a while and it'll be dry in no time meaning you can wash and dry them quickly and easily. We highly suggest avoiding any kind of black chinos. They'll absorb the sun's rays and you'll be burning up quicker than you can say BBQ.

The Best Chinos for Men

Men's chinos, also known as men's khaki pants, are quite versatile for any season or occasion. When you're thinking about which chinos will look best, you don't have to be afraid to try out a few different colours. The best summer chinos are the ones that you feel comfortable in no matter the colour. If you're confident enough then most looks will work. Stone, khaki or even men's red pants are a great choice for hotter days. These all work well with a simple T-shirt or polo so will already go with most items in your wardrobe.

mens cropped trouseres white t shirt converse
Cropped trousers and Converse work well for the summer months


Men's Twill Pants

We all now know how breathable cotton is. So if you do love a bit of cotton, there's an option called twill. There are quite a few benefits to wearing twill fabrics. The construction of the fabric means that it avoids picking up a lot of dirt - ideal in the summer when every field instantly becomes an opportunity to sit and chill. This means you're less likely to have grass stains on your favourite pair of trousers.

They're also easy to maintain - the construction means that creases fall out easily, so less time spent inside ironing and more out in the sunshine. They're more durable than the standard plain weave fabric pants and you'll find they can endure a lot more before you end up with holes appearing in random places.

Linen Trousers for Men

Linen is one of the most comfortable fabrics for the summer months. It's made from fibres extracted from the Flax plant, so effectively you're wearing a plant. Being both light and comfortable to wear, linen may sound like a bit of a dad fabric, but if you get the right pair then it can actually be quite cool.

Linen trousers have a bad reputation that will put some men off from wearing them, but they're no longer the loose fitted cream coloured favourite of the creepy old guy at the pool on holiday. You can find them in a whole range of colours, and even fitted styles are available so you don't have to look like a true Brit abroad. You can be stylish and cool in the heat.

Linen is one of the most resilient trousers out there - unlike their cotton counterparts they get smoother and more comfortable the more you wear them. A lot of linen trousers are blended with cotton to create a breathable trouser that's easy to look after.

How to Wear Linen Trousers

It's unlikely you're going to want to wear a pair of classic baggy white linen pants for men because this isn't really at the top of the style stakes, but don't worry as there are a few cotton-linen trousers available in well-fitted styles that you can go for instead. It's best to try out lighter colours so you don't attract the suns heat - think beige and tan. Lighter trousers work with other colours like navy and blue, plus they'll also look great with a simple white polo and a pair of fresh white trainers.

Men's Grey Linen Pants

Grey linen trousers are a smart choice, though you'll have to look for a cotton-linen blend which can be hard to find. If you have to wear trousers at work during the summer months, these are ideal to stay cool and keep up the office smart look. There's no need to spend your lunch stuck inside with the air-con on. Get outside and make the most of the sunshine - it'll be gone before you know it!

mens jeans chinos street style
Cotton twill fabric chinos are good for durability and wear and tear
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Men's Summer Essentials

As well as getting the right trousers, it's a good idea to think about some of the essential items every man needs this summer. Whether you love the sun or prefer to lurk in the shade, you should have a few of these in your wardrobe.


It goes without saying, even if just for the sake not having to squint all day, you'll need a pair of sunglasses this summer. There's a sunglasses design for every face shape so there's no excuse for not having a decent pair of shades.


There's no doubt you're going to need a few T-shirts during the summer, because let's face it, as much as you'll want to be topless all season, that's probably not ideal. Keep them light and made of cotton if possible. Try out a few designs and have some that are patterned, but plain colours work really well alongside the classic white tee - everyone needs at least one in their wardrobe. To liven things up, choose a top that has some kind of embroidery on it. This way you have extra detail that's not too loud.


I know we've been looking at trousers here, but there's no doubt that shorts will play an important part in your summer wardrobe. Whether they're for something practical like swimming, or they need to be more fashionable to wear in the day, you need a few pairs of shorts to make the most of the good weather. You can mix it up with chino or jean shorts and also swim shorts.


No one wants a burnt forehead or the sun in your eyes constantly, so a cap in the summer is an essential. They may not suit everyone, but if you can get it right, a cap is the perfect addition to your summer outfit. You can mix it up, but a white or light coloured cap can help keep the sun's rays out of your way.


Summer days can be long and they bleed into the night just as easily, so you have to be prepared. To avoid bulging pockets you can get a decent light backpack for the summer. A bag saves you the hassle of having to fit all of your belongings into your chino or trouser pockets. Plus, it's a good place to stuff in a jacket for when it gets later into the night.

mens summer outfit polo top sunglasses
You need the right accessories to complete any summer outfit

The Best Trousers for Men This Summer

  • Look for light colours and fabrics to avoid overheating - tans, white and beige are all good options.
  • Avoid all fabrics that aren't breathable. Linen and cotton mixes are the options to go for.
  • Linen trousers can be an option, especially with cotton blended options. If you get the right style, they'll look good.
  • Try out some new colours in light fabrics this summer - light blues or other pastel colours can work for light summer options.
  • Cropped trousers are an ideal choice in the heat, as you'll be comfortable and not too restricted.

mens summer light pink chinos
Light coloured chinos give off a summery look

On That Note

In the UK we never know when the summer's going to start or end. It could last a week or it can seem to go for ages (not that we'd be complaining) - either way you don't want to waste time sweating out in the wrong trousers. Prepare in advance and get some light coloured pants to prepare you for the heat. It may seem daunting at first, but once you've worn your first pair, you're sure to be cool and stylish, both at the same time.


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