Find Out What Pieces You Need for Spring in This Guide

Find Out What Pieces You Need for Spring in This Guide

With spring on its way it's time to start thinking about your outfits. What summer pieces do you actually need and do you have to buy a whole new wardrobe? To help you out a little, here are 10 staples you need that'll have you entering spring in style. 

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Spring is that sunny time of year when you can shake your wardrobe up a little. It's time to ditch the wool and go for a much lighter fabric. We're not saying you should hide every winter piece away though, as we all know in the UK that would be a recipe for disaster. We still want to see those layers and we know you want to be comfortable and stylish as those crisp spring days approach. A jacket may be needed but you can lighten things up with a little bit of help.

And yes, we know the winter might have seemed to drag on for ages, but finally, spring is around the corner! You can now give your wardrobe that much needed 'spring clean' and with the help of us at The Idle Man, we've lined up 10 must haves.


Every great outfit needs a decent pair of shoes, and as the seasons are changing you'll want to be prepared for the elements, albeit cold and wet. Converse are therefore a must have for every wardrobe. Not only are they extremely comfortable, they also suit almost every occasion, as they go with pretty much everything. They can be paired with jeans, chinos and even a suit. Another major plus about Converse is that you can get them in a range of colours. So, whatever your style, you'll find a pair that'll fit right in.

Oxford Shirt

Having a few decent shirts in your wardrobe will mean you have options for both formal and informal occasions. The Oxford shit is a classic and one that can be dressed with a suit and jeans and a jumper. The sick look gives off a sense of sophistication and class even if you do only wear it with a pair of casual trousers. A white oxford shirt is of course something every guy needs, but if you want to experiment you can choose a light pink or blue instead.

white converse mens street style
Converse trainers are a footwear staple


Personally, I am now starting to wonder why jeans were not at the forefront of my mind. When delving into the new season there are always new trends and fashions yet jeans are timeless. Jeans are comfortable, affordable and can be worn in many different styles for different occasions. There's also a lot of choice - not only do they come in a variation of styles and colours, they also vary in brand and price depending on your choices and budget. There is something to suit every shape, size and bank balance.

It's best to vary the colours up a little bit, as it's always good to have a different option for a different outfit. It's also an idea to have a blue, black and a raw denim pair in your wardrobe arsenal just so you can have all the options there if needs be.

Herschel Backpack

We know accessories aren't usually something men think about. Well, not until you start packing for that holiday you planned a year ago and you realise you need something to throw all your airport things into. So we're talking bags here. To be precise, Herschel bags (as they are some of our favourites). The Herschel backpack isn't just an accessory, it's a necessity. If you're carrying around a laptop and or iPad, a change of clothes or maybe even your Converse, you need something compact, trendy and affordable.

This backpack has the quality and suave that you would expect from Herschel, a now iconic brand. Not only that, but it comes at a great price, this bag will see you through the year and will make those busy stressful days a lot lighter and easier, just like spring itself.

Reversible Sweatshirt

As we've already mentioned, spring sees a lighter feel in the air, but even though the sun's come out, you don't want to be caught short feeling the cold. This is why you need some warmer pieces in the mix and what's more comfortable and cosy than a sweatshirt. It'll be ideal for when it's too warm for the winter coat but not warm enough for just a T-shirt.

Bag Herschel Bag Street Style
Herschel bags are the perfect accessory


The Classic Suit

Every men needs a classic suit in their wardrobe. They can be used for a smart casual look with a simple tee or something that's more formal with a classic crisp white button down and a pair of smart shoes. You need to go for one that's got that sophisticated look to it, so try and stick to navy or grey as a fashionable staple suit. As well as this, you should own at least one black suit for when duty calls.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is a light alternative to those heavier winter jackets you had on earlier this year. They have to ability to take you from a casual to a more formal setting with only the slightest of change to your look. Steeped in history and practicality, it's no wonder we all love an easy-to-wear bomber jacket.

Staple T-shirt

Sometimes the simplistic choices are not only a firm favourite but they also suit almost every outfit and occasion. And as you should have a white, black and grey tee in your wardrobe anyway, there's not much else we need to advise you on here.


Yes, the word chinos may sound uncool, but they seem to be the modern day jean. They're light, come in whatever colour you need and work well with a pair of retro trainers and a T-shirt. From The Idle Man own brand to a pair of Dickies, there's also a price range that'll fit your budget.

Denim Jacket

Just like a jeans, a good old fashioned denim jacket never goes out of fashion. They're timeless, and range in colour, brand and style, so why wouldn't you want one? They're easy to throw on over a T-shirt and also work well with a sweatshirt. Plus, if you're feeling really daring, why not try out a double denim look.

Spring fashion for men

On That Note

In a nut shell, this season is about spring cleaning your wardrobe.You don't need to over complicate things and you can easily work with a whole host of staples and basics. And even better, between all of these pieces, you can throw in something that's super trend driven. Whether it's a printed tee or new pair of jeans, you can easily pair it with the must haves this spring.


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