The Best Men's Prescription Sunglasses and How to Wear Them

The Best Men's Prescription Sunglasses and How to Wear Them

So the sun is out and so are your sunglasses. However, some of us aren't gifted with perfect 20/20 vision. If you fall into this category then don't fear, we've fished through the market to source the best prescription sunglasses for you.

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So it's summer (hardly), and you're faced with the hard choice, sunglasses or no sunglasses. If you're one of the many who have to wear eye glasses then you know the struggle come summer of protecting your eyes. Do you wear sunglasses over your prescription pair or go for contact lenses all summer. Well thanks to prescription sunglasses you no longer have to make that decision. So follow our guide to all things prescription sunglasses and you'll be on top stylish form this summer.

What are Prescription Sunglasses

So what are prescription sunglasses? Well the answer is pretty self explanatory, they are a pair of sunglasses with your own corrective lenses built in. For people with refractive errors, they are perfect as they protect the eye from sun, whilst offering you focused vision.

You can get most common prescriptions fitted into a pair of sunglasses, with the option to customise the frames to be bi-focal or light changing. Almost any pair of sunglasses can be fitted with a prescription lenses so you don't need to battle with style over substance. Gone are the awkward days of wearing two pairs of glasses come summer (sunglasses over prescription chic) or dry eyes due to excessive contact lenses use.

Next we'll look at the best prescription sunglasses, because they are gaining in attention and are the best way to keep your eyes protected and look fashionable come the summer days.

Best Prescription Sunglasses

So now we know what prescription sunglasses are, lets look at some of the best brands on the market that offer them.

Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses

Everyone has heard of Ray-Ban, if you haven't then where have you been living? But did you know Ray-Ban do prescription lenses? Created in their own special lab, Ray-Ban are one of the few brands on the market the offer A-grade prescription lenses for sunglasses. With a whole shelve of styles to choose from you can't go wrong with finding a pair that will suit you.

Styling Tip:

Why not go summer casual with the Ray-Ban aviator tech prescription sunglasses? This gold edition looks extra suave and can be styled with a white shirt, jeans shorts and a pair of loafers for the ultimate Chelsea cool look.

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Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Another noted sunglasses brand is Oakley, and yes they also offer prescription sunglasses. Most of the Oakley shades are polarised in the lenses (more on this later). Like Ray-ban, Oakley also make their prescription sunglasses in-house for top quality. However Oakley sunglasses tend to have an active-wear look about them, so they might not be your go-to for everyday shades.

Styling Tip:

As these shade are quite a statement I would opt for wearing a slightly more muted outfit. Try wearing a black statement jacket, with dark jeans and some chic kicks to pull the whole look together.

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Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses

Slightly lesser known, but still as impressive, is Maui Jim. If you're looking for fashionable frames then this is definitely the brand for you. They offer a wide range of prescription sunglasses and are stocked worldwide. You can also order them online if you know the shape that suits you, and aren't opposed to ordering you prescription sunglasses online.

Styling Tips:

The Mauri Jim Moonbow are perfect for those of us who follow fashion, and love a good oversized frame that is in this season. For a statement why not rock these with an all white look this summer.

Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses outfit grid
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Designer Prescription Sunglasses

Now if you want some super luxe prescription sunglasses then look no further, just be prepared to spend a pretty penny. Designers are always on the cusp of fashion, so even though you'll be spending a fair amount, designer prescription sunglasses are an investment.

Dior Wildly Dior White-multicoloured

These glasses are seriously chic. They are for a man who is comfortable with fashion and not too afraid to delve into feminine colours. Think sailing through the French Riviera, or strolling down Portobello Market, whatever floats your stylish boat.

Dior Wildly Dior White-multicoloured

Persol 8649S Black / Silver 95-58 Polarised 56mm

We all love Persol, and these heritage frames are the best for a minimal look. Wear with a bomber and all black look for a Parisian feel

PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest | SHOP: Bags

Saint Laurent SL110 Dark Havana / Silver

Saint Laurent is probably one of the sleekest designers on the market at the moment, especially for menswear. To stick to Hedi Slimane's rock vision, pair these with a biker jacket for the perfect cool casual look.

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Polarised Prescription Sunglasses

The benefits of getting polarised glasses are that they bounce away horizontal light, and that way you're fully protected from getting glare whilst wearing your glasses. If you are looking for prescription sunglasses that will fully protect your vision then a polarised pair are the way to go.

You can get polarised lenses put into most frames but the most notable brands that excel in this technology are Oakley and Maui Jim. However, other brands to take note of are Wiley X, Costa, Bolle and Serengeti.

Some polarised glasses can look a little "techy", so if you want a more subtle pair of sunglasses then look for brands like Ray-Ban who offer polarised glasses, but in their classic frames.

Aviator Prescription Sunglasses

The Aviator style is another classic look. There are a lot of styles on the market that can be made with a prescription lenses. Gucci have an amazing pair for this season that are focused on the brands iconic colour-way. Aviator glasses suit angular faces, so avoid this look if you tend to have a more round face.

best aviator sunglasses
Serengeti | Ray-Ban | Gucci

Cheap Prescription Sunglasses

Now I wouldn't recommend going too cheap with your sunglasses, you are paying to protect your eyes at the end of the day. The issue with getting prescription sunglasses that are super cheap is that you might not be getting a standard UV protection. Knowing the European standard will help in figuring out if your prescription sunglasses has sufficient UV coverage.

There are four ratings as well with “0” for insufficient UV protection, “2” for sufficient UHV protection, “6” for good UHV protection and “7” for “full” UHVV protection. So when looking at cheaper sunglasses make sure you are going for at least a 2 rating.

That being said there are cheaper prescription glasses on the market look for brands such as:

  • Ray-Ban
  • French Connection
  • Torres
  • Specsavers

Sports Prescription Sunglasses

Now if you're into sport then you know the pain of finding suitable glasses for the occasion. However, there are some brands out their that focus purely on providing optical wear for your sporting needs, see below for just a few.

Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

Oakley have a whole range of sunglasses dedicated just for cycling, and you can get your prescription fitted to them - hooray. With switchlock technology the lenses are easily changeable, and this way you can fit in lenses on the go. Plutonite lenses give the clearest views with the best impact protection.

These high definition optics stop light bending before it reaches the eye, giving the most focused visions for high impact sporting.

oakley cycling glasses

Wrap Around Prescription Sunglasses

Wrap around sunglasses are some of the best to consider if you want to play high impact sports, but also want to see properly. Adidas, Nike and Bolle have some great wrap around prescription sunglasses. These shouldn't be worn on a day to day bases and aren't the most stylish looking glasses, but if you're into your sporting it's worth investing in to protect your eyes.

What are Photochromic Lenses

Another option if you have looked at all prescription glasses, and haven't found the pair for you are photochromic lenses. These lenses look like normal eyeglasses, however they darken when they are exposed to UV rays from the sun. These are perfect for someone who doesn't want to faff around with carrying two pairs of glasses with them, or if you're a driver and don't have the luxury of time to constantly be swapping shades.

Even more cost effective is the option of getting clip on sun shades, these are attachments you can get for your normal eyeglasses.

Picking the Right Shape for your face

For women it is easy to pick a frame that suits your face, a big frame never fails. However, for men this is slightly harder, even though larger lenses offer a high protection from harmful rays - not all men suit a vast frame, unless you like an aviator then you have to think a little harder.

For Round Faces:

If you have a round face, then it's best to opt for angular glasses that will accentuate your features. This will add structure to your face and draw attention to your eyes, make a statement with the sunglasses print to add a bold look.

Perfect for a round face | Chanel 5350 Black - dark blue fade 1558S2
Perfect for a round face | Chanel 5350 Black - dark blue fade 1558S2

For Square Faces:

As opposed to round faces, square faces need a softer touch to lighten their angular faces. Look for thinner frames, that are slight in design and are made out of metal. Round lenses also look extra chic if you have a square face.

ray-ban prescription sunglasses
Perfect for a square face | Ray-Ban 4181 Black 601/9A Polarised

For Triangular Faces:

Triangle faces tend to be more top heavy than average, so the idea is to balance that out. You want to broaden the appearance of the bottom half of your face and the best way to do this is opting for glasses that have broader bottom halves.

Perfect for a Triangle face | MAUI JIM Kawika Tortoise H257-16C Polarised
Perfect for a triangle face | MAUI JIM Kawika Tortoise H257-16C Polarised

For an Oblong Face:

If you have an oblong face you want to look for sunglasses that help bring out your chiseled features. It's best to get an angular pair of glasses that taper down as this works best with the lines of your face

maui jim oblong prescription glasses
Perfect for a oblong face | MAUI JIM Hawaiian Time Tortoise 16C Polarised

For an Oval Face:

Fortunately for you, you can pretty much pick any shape of prescription sunglasses. The round shape of your face means you don't have as many issues when trying to balance out you features.

carrera for oval face
One of the many styles that are perfect for an oval face (lucky buggers) | Carrera 123/S Dark Havana / Dark Ruthenium W21

How your Frames Should Fit

  • The frame should fit as close to the eyes as possible
  • Go bespoke and get pair fitted for your face
  • Find a frame that corresponds to the width of your face
  • Sizing should be treated as a case by case situation, if one style fits it doesn't mean they all will
  • You should be able to see your eyebrows above your frame
  • Your eyeball should be directly in the middle of your frame, and the distance from the outer corner should be equal on both sides
  • The temples should be adjusted to fit around the ears, if your sunglasses are sliding down then the temple needs to be bent slightly

You Quick Guide to Prescription Sunglasses

  • Remember prescription sunglasses can be stylish, don't be tricked into getting the free pair that is fobbed onto you at certain retailers
  • Look for the top brands we have mention above, these will be the glasses that offer the best UV protection
  • Sunglasses aren't just an accessory, they are a key part of your styling
  • If you can afford to it is best to have two pairs of glasses, one for more everyday looks and a super stylish pair for stunting
  • If you're into sporting then investing in a good pair of prescription sunglasses can protect you eyes from future damage
  • Follow the prescription sunglasses guide above for the best fits, there is no point in spending all this money and getting frames that don't suit you

On That Note...

So we have gone through all things prescription sunglasses! I hope by now you are ready to hit the stores and make a purchase, just remember these key tips and you can't go wrong when buying.

Don't take my word for it though. There are so many pairs on the market, and they are gaining in styles as designers realise the importance of good eye-care, so shop around and find the perfect pair for you. Sunglasses are like a bestfriend and if you look after them properly you can have them for life.


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