How to Wear High Tops for Men

How to Wear High Tops for Men

Since their inception as an ankle-supporting basketball trainer, high-tops are one of the most popular styles of trainers around. Read on for our complete guide on how to wear high-tops.

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How to Wear High Tops

How to Wear High-Tops With a Casual Outfit

High-Tops and casual dressing, of course, go hand in hand. As below, why not try mixing yours with some wide-leg, cropped trousers to show off your pristine trainers. Up top, throw on a simple white T-shirt for a contemporary, workwear-inspired finish. If in tune with your personal style, you could also add in a rolled up beanie hat during cooler days for a little extra sartorial flair.

How to Wear High-Tops With Jeans

Smart casual is a notoriously tricky dress code to circumnavigate, but your best bet is to go with some smart slim jeans, a shirt and a decent textured jacket (if the weather permits). If your outfit is looking quite smart then a pair of high-tops is a great way to make sure you aren't over-dressed. Opt for a plain colour, as below, if you want to keep the look on the smart side or a brighter, patterned option for a more relaxed look.

How to Wear High-Tops With a Smart Outfit

High-tops will never be right for a seriously formal event, but if you're looking to slightly subdue a smart look without going too casual, matching them with smart trousers, a shirt and blazer is a quick and easy way to do it. Opt for the smarter end of the high-top spectrum with a clean, monochrome colouring and consider a leather or suede option to elevate the look further.

How to Wear High Top Converse

As we mentioned earlier, Converse work well for a smart casual outfit, but the beauty of this iconic shoe is that it suits a wide range of styles.

High Top Converse Outfits

As with all high-tops, working Converse into a casual outfit is about as easy as it gets. For a stylish, but easy to recreate ensemble, try adding a jacket over the top of a sweater - you can go with a patterned option or stick with a Scandi style inspired cleaner option. On the bottom, go for a trusty pair of casual shorts, or some wide legged chinos.

mens cropped trouseres white t shirt converse
How to wear high tops with jeans


How to Wear Converse with a Work Outfit

If you're lucky enough to get away with wearing Converse at work, you probably have a pretty cool job, so it's wise to get the rest of your outfit looking tip top. It always pays to look reasonably smart when you're at work - it helps portray a sense of credibility about you and leaves you always set for an unexpected meeting or work drink.

While not exactly a match made in heaven, a pair of converse under a suit is passable for the lunch dash or commute. While your boss might not have anything to say, as mentioned above - pairing a suit with Converse isn't exactly the most stylish combination.

The Best High-Top Trainers

Leather High-Top Trainers

While not the traditional material used with high-tops, leather has become exponentially more popular over the years thanks to its practicality, durability and stylish finish. While Converse have brought out their own epochal designs in leather options, Garment Projects offer a collection of contemporary trainers that are a great entry point for those looking to sport a pair of high-tops while maintaining a clean finish.

Canvas High-Top Trainers

The traditional material used for the style, Converse have been creating high-tops from canvas for over 100 years. These days, several other brands offer their own take on the iconic design with a plethora of different ankle heights and colours available. That being said, you can't beat the originals...

undftd converse on foot
A man wearing high top Converse trainers


How to Wear High Top Trainers

  • Primarily, they're for casual events and casual outfits. High-top really don't look great when paired or attempted with a smart outfit.
  • Make sure your trousers match the colour scheme of the trainers well. The last thing you want is for it to clash.
  • Ensure that your trousers/jeans aren't too long or short, they should sit perfectly on top of the shoe.
  • Jeans are the go-to style to wear with high top trainers.

wtaps vans
Black high top Vans
PHOTO CREDIT: The Source Magazine

On That Note

That's your lot. Whether it's a pair of traditional canvas Converse you're after or a contemporary update in the form of Vans leather options, the possibilities for building a casual outfit around a pair of high-tops are endless. Needless to say, every man needs a pair of Converse in their wardrobe, so if you haven't got a pair yet - what are you waiting for?


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