A Look Inside Laboratory Perfumes

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As an expansion of our lifestyle offering, The Idle Man are now proud fragrance stockists. We tell you 10 things you didn't know about Laboratory Perfumes to keep you up to scratch. 

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Laboratory Perfumes take scent seriously. Since 2011, Laboratory Perfumes have been meticulously crafting candles and unisex fragrances inspired by the scents of the French and British coast and countryside. Their fragrances are a combination of fresh and earthy ingredients that are distilled down to their purest forms to create clean scents that evoke memories of rural retreats. The scents mature on the wearer as a result of changing body temperatures.

For a relatively young company, Laboratory perfumes and candles have become a firm staple of the modern British home as well as achieving a strong Global outreach. We’re sure you'll love them just as much as we do, so we thought we’d share 10 things you might not know about the brand and its products.

mens laboratory perfumes
PHOTO CREDIT: Laboratory Perfumes - Perfume making process


  • You can buy Laboratory Perfumes in 25 countries.
  • Their bottles travel 11,683 miles around the world, with their furthest customers in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • The candle beakers are the same as those used in chemistry laboratories. A man named Joseph Griffin first devised them in the early 19th century, so they aptly get their name the 'Griffin' beaker.
  • 'Amber' has 50 ingredients, one of which is Ambergris. This is found in the sea and known as ‘floating gold’ due to its high value. A 1.1 kg piece of Ambergris was found on a beach at Anglesey, Wales and sold for £11,000.

laboratory perfumes for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Laboratory Perfumes - Perfume making process


  • Their candle beakers are the same material as Pyrex and are resistant to temperatures as high as 165.56 °C. Compare that to soda lime glass, which shatters at 37.22°C.
  • Samphire, another one of their signature scents, is reminiscent of the white flowers that dot English coastal regions.
  • Laboratory Perfumes manufacture 100% of their product in their Hampshire factory.
  • 97% of Laboratory Perfumes eau de toilette is recyclable - only the atomiser is not.
  • 'Tonka' contains the seeds from the flowering tree Dipteryx Odorata or what you may know as the Tonka bean. They look like big raisins and you can use them in cooking to give a nutty, vanilla, clove like flavour to dishes.
  • The cardamon in 'Gorse' comes from Guatemala - the biggest producer and exporter of the spice in the world. The second biggest exporter is India, where they believe it makes you happier and cures depression.

A Look Inside Laboratory Perfumes

  • Laboratory Perfumes are upscale fragrances with a scientific slant, giving you the perfect mix of quality and precision.
  • The company is based in and manfacture 100% of their product in the UK, but people all over the world have caught onto their fragrances.
  • The company is also environmentally conscious, so 97% of the packaging is recyclable to lessen its impact on the environment.

Laboratory perfumes
PHOTO CREDIT: Laboratory Perfumes - Perfume making process

On That Note

For a relatively young company, Laboratory Perfumes have soared in popularity thanks to their quality and aesthetic - not to mention they simply smell great. The company is a hit not only here in the UK, but across the world as well. We’re sure you'll love the company and their scents just as much as we do, so follow the link to check out their products.


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