The 5 Best Trends We Saw at London Fashion Week Men's SS18

The 5 Best Trends We Saw at London Fashion Week Men's SS18

As the first of the men's fashion weeks London Fashion Week Men's kicks of what many call 'fashion month'. London has some of the top names in fashion, from Liam Hodges and Charles Jefferey, to Topman Design and Lou Dalton. Here we look at the top trends from some of the best fashion shows in London we saw coming out of the shows and how you can start wearing them right away. These are our London Fashion Week highlights.

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Vertical Stripes

Stripes have long been a favourite for men since the breton stripe came into play in the 1800s. Now it has been turned on its side and for London Fashion Week Men's we were given an array of vertical stripes. Across the men's collections and in particular at Songzio, Topman Design and E. Tautz, mixtures of thick and thin stripes broke down any boundaries you may have thought existed when it came to wearing stripy co-ords.

lfwm ss18 mens trend stripes
From left to right: Songzio, E. Tautz, Topman Design


Head-to-toe Monotone

Block colour, head-to-toe, was a big trend during the London shows. While monotone was trending, there wasn't a single colour that was seen at all the shows and so for now it's quite up in the air as to which tonal shade will be dominating the streets next spring. Oliver Spencer, Vivienne Westwood and Xander Zhou were the key players in bringing this trend to the foreground.

lfwm ss18 trends men monotone
From left to right: Vivienne Westwood, Xander Zhou and Oliver Spencer


Wide-leg Trousers

As ever, it's adios to the skinny fit and a warm welcome to the wider legged trousers. For the past few seasons we've seen brands jump right back to the Nineties and Seventies, investing their time into creating baggier and looser fits, which men have jumped on. For Spring/Summer 2018 it's looking no different and the likes of Katie Mary, Vivienne Westwood and E. Tautz all got involved.

lfwm ss18 trends men wide legged trousers
From left to right: Katie Eary, Martine Rose and Vivienne Westwood



We get it, most season layers are inevitably a thing. Chuck a jacket on over a T-shirt and you've got layers, right? Yes, but for Spring/Summer 2018 layers have gone to the extreme. Think a coat over a jacket over a T-shirt with a sheer vest thrown in for good measure. Basically, for SS18 it's all about wearing as much as you can, but inevitably trying to keep your cool. Look to Astrid Andersen, Christopher Raeburn and KTZ for inspiration on how to do it well.

lfwm ss18 trends mens layers
From left to right: KTZ, Christopher Raeburn and Astrid Andersen


Knee-length Shorts

For Spring/Summer 2017 the big trend with regards to shorts was thigh-skimming, old terrace-inspired fits. Now though, for Spring/Summer 2018, brands are going longer and knee-length, boxy fits are what they think you should be wearing. Lou Dalton was joined by Cottweiler and Martine Rose, presenting square-shaped, knee-skimming shorts that we think will be all over the menswear scene come next summer.

lfwm ss18 trends men knee length shorts
From left to right: Cottweiler, Lou Dalton and Martine Rose


London Fashion Week Men's SS18 Trends

  • Say goodbye to breton - for Topman Design, Songzio and E. Tauts it's all about the vertical stripes next spring.
  • Head-to-toe monotone may seem daunting, but it's one of the simplest looks to pull off and look good in - Vivienne Westwood, Oliver Spencer and Xander Zhou all think so.
  • For another season baggy trousers are dominating LFWM - Katie Mary and Martine Rose were the big players here.
  • It's time to up your layer game - Christopher Raeburn put jackets under coats and so should you next spring.
  • Bid goodbye to the short shorts and invest in a pair of boxy, knee-length ones instead. We particularly like what Lou Dalton and Cottweiler had to offer.

topman design lfwm ss18 mens trend
Vertical stripes at Topman Design SS18
PHOTO CREDIT: Glass Magazine

On That Note

If the London shows are anything to go by, for Spring/Summer 2018 menswear is having a bit of a mix up. It's goodbye short shorts and hello knee-length skimmers, goodbye breton and hello vertical stripes. Outerwear just got thinner, but you're going to be wearing more of it. One thing that hasn't changed since Spring/Summer 2017 though is the fashion industry's obsession with wide-legged baggy fits. These are the trends we think we'll be seeing on the London Fashion Week street style scene next year.

It's one of the key trends this season and this will continue through winter and into next spring. LFWM may be over for one season, but these trends will be big next year when spring hits. The best bit about these London Fashion Week trends is that there's no stopping you getting on board now for some excellent men's summer fashion.

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