Levi Vintage Clothing, Coming Soon to The Idle Man

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Levi's is known for their high quality pieces that are loved the world over. But if you want that luxurious, high quality piece, then why not check out the Levi Vintage collection.

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With their modern twists on classic designs, striking prints, perfect fits and high quality material, Levi has become a brand synonymous with style and creating their own trends. Despite the popularity of their modern brand though, it's always nice to embrace the traditional side of things, and that's why here at The Idle Man we're excited to be introducing the Levi's Vintage collection to our site.

Their collection features classic shapes, rustic colours and timeless styles that can easily be incorporated into a modern wardrobe to give it that traditional twist. With jackets, T-shirts, jumpers, jeans and shirts to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice, safe in the knowledge that everything you get your hands on is going to last you a lifetime.

Levi Vintage collection jeans and shirt

Einstein's Levi Leather Jacket

Now Einstein isn't usually one to be associated with leather jackets, or style for the matter, but some of his most famous images feature him sporting his favourite Levi Vintage brown leather jacket. He got it in 1930, from Levi of course, and it became a statement piece that he wore daily, taking away the need for flash clothing and sticking with a solid practical piece that stood the test of time.

Levi recently grabbed the famous jacket for an impressive £110,500, and it's helped to inspire one of the pieces from their latest collection. Go for understated and rugged with Levi's classically worn jacket, merging laid back practicality and comfort with effortless style.

albert einstein leather jacket levi
PHOTO CREDIT: Christies | Levis

Levi Vintage Clothing Collection

Levi's latest collection follows the same rules as the Einstein jacket in terms of its look - practical, long lasting and understatedly stylish. Each piece has been designed and crafted to provide the best fit and quality, yet has a rough, worn look to give a artistic and traditional look.

Levi Vintage collection

And On That Note

With a wide range coming to the site soon, we're excited to share some of the best pieces with you. Easily incorporated into your everyday wardrobe, these are great for work, rest and play, and like Einstein's old jacket, will probably just end up looking better with age.


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