Key Trends For Spring/Summer 16 - White Out

Key Trends For Spring/Summer 16 - White Out

Ready to stand out from the crowd? We've had the all black look, but now it's time for the opposite extreme. This spring and summer try out the white out look - a bold take on the cool tone outfits we love to wear in the sunshine. 

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With the more abstract names given to current trends, it's refreshing to find one that's simple to decipher. The white out trend is exactly what it says on the box, all white, all the way through your outfit. From your socks to your hats, a crisp white look is vital, and although it's not a trend for everyone, pull it off right and you've got yourself a look that's casual, stand out, and oddly sophisticated at the same time.

If you're going to attempt this look we only really have one piece of advice - commit to it. Go full on and you'll create a unified, striking look, but cop out and replace one item with a colour and the look just won't have the same intensity.

Shorts and Shirts

For the days where the heats just not letting up you're gonna want something, cool, loose but that still maintains a stylish edge. For a look that's easy to throw on, and works perfectly with the white out trend, keep things light and easy with four simple pieces.

  • A bucket hat
  • An oxford shirt
  • Twill shorts
  • High top trainers

white out shorts look

This mix of casual and smart ensures that you stay cool, with the relaxed fit of the shirt contrasting with the slimmer fit of the shorts. Make sure your shorts finish just above the knee, and that the shirt doesn't hang too low down. You want to create an outfit that mixes lengths and shapes, but it's important that the look stays balanced.

White Out outfit shorts
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Keep things grounded in simplicity with some lace up trainers, and complete the look with a bucket hat for a casual yet unconventional twist. How you style it is up to you, but we'd recommend keeping the shirt hanging over the shorts for a more relaxed finish, yet buttoned up to your neck to play around with fits.

white out shorts outfit

Denim Jacket

If shorts aren't your thing then you can easily achieve a clean, slim line look with more simplistic fits and similar textures. This is an outfit that's really pulled together by the outerwear, and although it's a polished look without it, you gain added dimension and style with the overlay of the piece. With simple pieces and no accessories, you'll need:

  • A denim jacket
  • A crew neck T-shirt
  • Denim jeans
  • Lace up plimsolls

white out denim jacket look

For the T-shirt, don't be tempted to choose one with a logo or extra detailing. This look thrives on its simplicity, so it's important to choose a T-shirt that fits you well, but is in a basic clean design. A crew neck design suits every shape and size and is a classic staple that can be mixed with a range of looks.

White Out out fit denim jacket
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White jeans are always a little daunting, but if picked in a slim fit design most shapes will be able to pull it off, and you'll have the options of cuffing the ends to create a more dimensional look. The jacket, as stated before, is the main piece that really makes this outfit work. The differing texture helps break up the look, creating a less solid, all encompassing finish.

white out denim jacket close up

Buttoned up

This is probably the most stand out outfit out of the three, and requires a bit of planning and a lot of confidence to pull off, but like we said before, you need to commit to get the best out of this trend. Wide leg cuffed trousers and a layered shirt and T-shirt creates an outfit that embraces unconventional cuts and lengths, and is great for days when you want to stand out. To pull off the look invest in;

  • Wide leg chinos
  • A thick cotton shirt
  • A crew neck T-shirt
  • White socks
  • Lace up plimsolls
  • White cap

white out button up shirt look

For this outfit it's the lengths and fits that play the most important part. For your trousers, don't be afraid to go extreme with cuffing, as you want to show off your pure white plimsolls as well as your socks. The close fit look of the plimsolls contrasted with the bulk of your trousers keeps creates a unique style, and adds interest to a simplistic combination.

White Out outfit shirt
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For the top half try out a twist on the basic shirt and T-shirt layering by only buttoning up the very top button of your shirt. This create an subtly stylish triangular shape that boosts the look of your outfit. If things feel unfinished then a basic white cap will help complete and pull the look together.

And On That Note

The white out trend is something that allows you to really experiment with a range of textures, shapes and lengths. Because of its simplistic colouring it's important to make sure your pieces stand out by mixing up looks. Unique layering, contrasting lengths, clean cuts and the mixing of formal and casual pieces can make your white out look personalised as well as sharp and stylish.


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