Key Trends For Autumn/Winter 16 – Premium Streetwear

Key Trends For Autumn/Winter 16 – Premium Streetwear

Get ready for the trend we can all wear this coming autumn-winter. Premium streetwear is not just for comfort, it is a trend that has gripped the hearts of designers, musicians and influencers alike. We break down the trend to the Idle Man standard.

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So premium streetwear, you're probably thinking how this differs from ordinary streetwear right? It's simple really, everything is super luxe. This trend has been about for a few season now and it doesn't seem to be tailing off anytime soon. This autumn/winter has seen the biggest push for men's premium streetwear on and off the runway.

With brands like OFF-WHITE, Vetements, Y-3 and Fear of God dominating the market for designers, people are starting to pick up the trend and are adding their own spin to it. Stars like Justin Beiber, Kanye West and Rihanna all produced tour merch this year that can only be identifiable as premium streetwear. As hip-hop stars become the new style icons elements of their aesthetic have trickled down for us to enjoy.

soulland printed jacket
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Streetwear brands are popping up left, right and centre.. literally. However, what makes them premium is the market they cater to. Luxe fabrics are easy to spot against a polyester substitute, and suede accents in your trainers will surpass a simple mesh counterpart. Here at The Idle Man we have a special place in our hearts for premium streetwear and think it is the best way to pull off the ever so suave smart casual look. So follow this guide and get ready to be the most stylish, streetwear OG of the season.

The Sweatshirt

Buying a sweatshirt sounds like a simple task, however, it's a purchase that nearly everyone gets wrong. Sweatshirts should sit away from the body and not be too fitted (unlike knitwear), but they also shouldn't be too oversized. Buy the size that runs true to your shape so you aren't swamped by extra material and are still able to layer (sidenote: layering is important to achieving that premium look)

The great thing about sweatshirts is their level of versatility. You can wear them with jeans and trainers, or chinos and trainers to nail that premium streetwear look. Just look for brands that boast 100% cotton like Soulland and Carhartt.

Sweatshirt premium streetwear
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The Jackets

In the autumn you might not be in coat territory yet so it's worthwhile looking at the alternative options on the market. Always remember your jacket should be the centrepiece of your outfit when you have it on. When looking at the premium streetwear trend there are loads of different options on the market for you to consider.

Denim, Coach & Bomber Jackets

These jackets have the ability to look smart and relaxed, this is key elements to getting the premium streetwear look down. You don't have to stick to muted dark tones, blues, burgundies and greens are also key autumn winter colours. Again, the fit is important with these, you need to make sure you aren't buying too oversized (this is the usual issue with jackets). Make sure the sleeves aren't too long and the length in the body is sitting just below the hip.

premium streetwear jacket looks
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The Coats

Moving onto the heavier stuff! Coats are the staple to your autumn winter wardrobe, so you always want to get this right. Remember coats are an investment, so you might be spending a little bit more money on them.

Windbreakers & Overcoats

Printed windbreakers are a massive premium streetwear look this season and if you aren't convinced Palace and Supreme have made that clear. Make sure to keep the rest of your look tonal if you are going for a bold jacket, jeans and chinos are your best bet with a fresh pair of sneakers.

If you want to push your premium streetwear look to the smart casual side of things then look at purchasing an overcoat. Double down the look with a merino sweater and pure cotton joggers and some white trainers to really anchor the trend.

premium coats look
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The Trainers

Now we need to get this right, not just any trainers will do for the premium streetwear trend. You need to look at trainers that have a texture to them. Suede, leather and even denim work well. Avoid plimsols unless they are Converse as they tend to look more preppy than street. Contemporary trainers work best for the smart casual look, check out for brands like Asics and Garment Project.

premium trainers collage
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The Trousers

Here you have a bit more scope with your options. Trousers are a base to your outfit, so as opposed to going too wild choose easy pieces that look relaxed and are easy to wear for a premium streetwear look.

Joggers are perfect if your dress the top half up, you can wear them with a button down shirt shirts and bomber jacket for a casual look, or a sweatshirt and overcoat if you need something a bit warmer.

Trousers and chinos are the perfect companion to any premium streetwear look as they still give you an element of looking classy but still street.

Jeans are a staple for any season, but a bright wash blue paired with white trainers are the ultimate streetwear premium look. For the autumn-winter months avoid light wash or distressed denim as this tends to make the whole trend look a little ragged.

Premium streetwear trousers
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The Tops

Dressing your top half is a demanding task for the most stylish of us. Tops and shirts can easily kill an outfit if they aren't chosen correctly. With this trend it is all about the fabric, light materials will look out of place. This season has also seen the rise of the logo top, sportswear brands have taken to adorning their clothes with logos and slogans.

Shirts and T-Shirts

Shirts are a great way to nail the premium trend look, whether you are wearing a crisp white shirt or a textured one just make sure they have a contemporary modern feel to them. So if you are thinking of a wearing a white shirt then try one with a mandarin collar.

Now for the logo T-Shirts, Wood Wood, Soulland and Billionaire Boys Club have a selection of logo tees that have a great premium feel to them. Look for heavy duty tee's that have a bit of weight to them so they have an autumn-winter feel.

premium t-shirts and shirts
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Brands for Premium Streetwear

So we have given you the look, head to toe on how to achieve the premium streetwear look. Below are the list of Idle Man approved brands you should have on your radar for the new season:

Your Quick Guide to Premium Streetwear

  • Make sure you get your fits right, streetwear isn't all baggy its sleek and premium
  • Layering is the key to success, make sure you have your layering game down
  • Look for clothing that has a premium feel, whether suede accents or leather features
  • Just because it is autumn winter doesn't mean you have to stick to dark tones
  • Premium streetwear = Good quality, say yes to 100% cotton
  • Premium means more money, so don't be threatened by slightly higher price tags

streetwear premium looks

On That Note

So I hope you are completely sold on the premium streetwear look! It is, as always set to me a massive trend this season. Remember to make the look your own and add your own style to your look. Don't be afraid to mix and match brands, but too may logos is a big no-no. Last but not least, for the love of God make sure your trainers are clean before your step out of your house, nothing pulls a look down faster than scruffy trainers.


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