The 5 Best Vintage Sportswear Trends You Need to See

The 5 Best Vintage Sportswear Trends You Need to See

Vintage Sportswear is bigger than ever currently, with trends from the 80's and 90's being at the forefront of present day fashion. Brands such as Champion, Fila and Le Coq Sportif are booming. Think RUN-DMC style tracksuits, vintage sneakers, and baseball jackets. 

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No outfit is complete without a decent footwear choice. This rule is applicable to sportswear even more so. The obvious classic sportswear brands are Nike and Adidas. However, there are many other key influencers, Kappa trainers, Reebok and Umbro trainers all have classic silhouettes that ooze vintage. Fila have collaborated with Gosha Rubchinskiy, releasing a whole footwear range, and more recently at LFWM, the Liam Hodges/Fila sneaker was unveiled. Both of these collaborations are vintage Fila designs, with the collaborator adding their own unique touch.

Gosha Rubchinskiy x Fila Shoes On Foot



Perhaps the most iconic retro sportswear staple is the tracksuit. Originally intended for athletic uses, but now a huge part of fashion and popular culture itself. Retro tracksuits in specific are often made of shiny, nylon material and fit baggy. Many high-end designers have been copying the vintage tracksuit recently, making it even more oversize, and even more outlandish. Check Balenciaga's most recent collection or Vetements (who recently collaborated with Reebok). Maybe this is the start of a whole new "Fashion Sportswear" sub-genre? The tracksuit has been worn by many Men's Style Icons throughout the years, Eminem, Skepta, and Drake to name a few.

Run DMC Wearing Adidas Tracksuits and Shell-Toes
PHOTO CREDIT: Cheka Digital


80's Trends

The 80's was the golden age of the "Shell-Suit". With hip-hop at it's prime, and all eyes on the stars, everyone wanted to be wearing what they were. Arguably the most iconic appearance has to be Run-DMC. They appeared many times wearing head to toe Adidas three-stripe tracksuits, paired with shell-toe Adidas trainers. This started a phenomenon, with stylish youngsters worldwide copying this look that's still ever-relevant today. Bright and often totally mismatched colours were all the rage, did someone say neon?

Wu Tang Clan wearing 80's vintage tracksuits


90's Trends

In the early 90's, rave culture started to take off around the world. With illegal acid-house and techno raves taking place on a weekly basis, a whole new subculture was born, and along with that came it's very own style. 90's Sportswear was still a huge part of this look, but everything got even brighter, and even baggier. Top sports brands such as Champion and Fila were more prominent than ever, however buying your own size was not. Everything XXL.

90's Men Wearing Vintage Kappa Tracksuits


Retro Football Shirts

Another cult item that has made an immense comeback is the vintage football jersey. Shirts from the 70's, 80's and 90's have rocketed in price, selling for hundreds on auction sites. Present day brands such as Palace Skateboards have also put their spin on the football jersey - for example their famed collaborations with sports brand Adidas. Even more notable was the time they joined forces with Umbro in 2012. The jerseys were based on an England football team away shirt from the Italia 90 tournament. Made in extremely limited quantities, and now increasingly hard to get hold of, the piece resells for upwards of £300 these days.

Lucien Clarke Wearing Palace x Umbro Jersey and Bucket Hat

Why is Sportswear Still So Relevant Today?

As we know, branded sportswear is still extremely present in the world of fashion today. But why is this? The fact of the matter is, sportswear is everywhere, the tracksuit is popular as ever, and if you care about your image, of course you own more than one pair of sneakers. It appears that athletic culture is engrained within popular fashion today, you can't have one without the other. Streetwear giants such as Supreme and Palace produce tracksuits several times a season, and they're always a big hit. Kanye West's Yeezy runners and Calabasas sweatsuits sold out almost instantly worldwide, and retro brands such as Ellesse and their classic sweatshirts continue to be prominent in both mens and womens fashion.

How To Get The Vintage Sportswear Look

  • Sneakers: Make sure your footwear game is fresh and athletic.
  • Tracksuit: If you don't own one, get one, the brighter the better.
  • Fit: Wear everything over-sized, if you like a tailored fit look elsewhere.

Gosha Rubchinskiy x Kappa Runway Show 2016

On That Note

If you've decided you want to rock the vintage sportswear look, there are plenty of options available on our online store. It is certainly still very fashionable to this day, and isn't a style that's getting left behind anytime soon.


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