Key Trend for SS17: Riviera

Key Trend for SS17: Riviera

Monaco, Monte Carlo and St Tropez, all these locations conjure up an image of sun, yatchs and beatufiul people. Unfortunately, most of us don't live in such a dream world, but that doesn't mean we can't emulte the French Riviera style for men, and this guide will show you how to do just that. 

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The Riviera is somewhere some of us can only dream of ending up. The weather, mixed in with lifestyle makes us lowly folk a tniy bit envious, espeically when the weather calls for sun and you still find yourself stuck in the middle of a downpour.

Known for relaxed yet smart aestheitic, with a nod to the 60's style for men, Riviera clothing is the perfect way to tackle you summer wardrobe. Think nautical with loose shirts and shorts and you'll be in the right ball park. This guide aims to solve the problem of summer dressing for men, and how to tackle it in style.


Mediterranean men seem to have the knack for dressing well. The almost constant sun and enviable shopping make the Riviera style extremely acheviable. With a subtle hint to a more nautical vibe, try wearing a breton striped T-shirt, a classic French staple that has worked it's way into wardrobes the world over. You can either go for a navy and white stipe or a black and white stripe, but the former is slightly more traditional. 

Teamed with a pair of navy shorts that finish just above the knee and a pratical pair of boat shoes or loafers make this the perfect smart-casual outfit for the day. Accessorised with a a pair of tortoishell sunglasses to work with the navy tones to the outfit and you'll be good to go.

amor lux stiped t-shirt for men navy shorts boats shoes mens street style


Navy is a great colour to work with when you're trying to tackle the Riviera trend for men. It's versatility and ease-of-wear speaks for itself as a classic French wardrobe staple, so it you want to go for something a little more tonal, then I highly recommend keeping the navy shorts and wearing a navy polo shirt or button down shirt with them. However, go for a brown pair of boat shoes or white trainers, as a navy pair of shoes will be a slight overkill. A perfect men's beach fashion look, it blends in seamlessly with the Riviera style.

sunspel navy polo shirt farah navy shorts timberland brown boat shoes for men street style



If you're looking for something that can work for both the day and then transition into the evening, then going for a more smart-casual approach will be your best bet. Nothing beats a classic white shirt, and when it comes to French Riviera fashion, it'l' be the main basis of your wardrobe. Because of the heat, you don't want to be bogged down with anything too heavy such as cotton or wool, so you'll want to opt for linen. A lightweight material that allows your body to breathe, it'll be a life saver when you're walking about in the mid-day sun.

Because you're after something a little smarter you dn't want to pair your shirt with jeans (plus they'll be incredibly hot in the summer), so you're best bet it to opt for a pair of chinos. Lightweight and durable, chinos are the perfect piece of legwear that gives you versatility and ease-of-wear. Try wearing your white linen shirt with a beige coloured pair of chinos as these will blend in well with a more summery look.

white shirt beige chinos mens street style


If the white shirt isn't your bag then you can always opt for a long sleeve polo shirt in navy. The great thing about polo shirts is that the material they're made out of has hundreds of small holes in it allowing your body to breathe when the mid-day heat comes out.

You can keep the chinos and the sunglasses, but to add to the casualness of this outfit, you can always add a pair of trainers. Now this may not sound like it would work, but you need to go for a pair of smart trainers with a clean silhouette, nothing that resembles running shoes as this will instantly bring down your look.

navy polo shirt beige chinos sunglasses mens street style


White Chinos

White chinos are a statement at the best of times, but when the sun comes out there's only one route to go down. White chinos are the perfect piece to wear as you can pretty much team any piece of clothing with them, and tackling the French Riviera style will be extremely easy.

Again, you'll want to wear linen as you'll need to keep it line with the coll and relaxed feel to this look, but don't go for a white shirt as this will completely wash you out. Instead, opt for a pink shirt as you can really play around with the sahdes of pink and experiment with your look. Keeping in line with the casual feeling to this look, opt for a pair of trainers, again in white, as you'll want to make the chinos and shirt the main focal point to your look.

pink linen shirt white chinos white trainers mens street style


If you're not feeling the pink shirt then you can always tackle French men's fashion by opting for a breton striped T-shirt in navy. Again, a nod to a more nautical theme, this look is the perfect resort wear for men as it's light and airy whilst being extremely stylish and classic.

breton striped t-shirt white chinos mens street style



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