4 Key Trainers Trends for Spring

4 Key Trainers Trends for Spring

As we go into spring, we will need to slightly alter our footwear choices to better suit the weather. This guide will help you wade through 2018’s offerings so you can find your perfect casual pair of shoes to take you through the season.

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The end of winter brings in different things depending on where you live. For most of us, we will be switching up those boots (or wellies, if you're a country guy), to something a little lighter. In spring, you don't have to think about your footwear choice so much, as long as it isn't raining. You can get away with wearing all kinds of shoes out and about, but this article is going to focus on the best four trainer trends.

Your biggest threats are probably puddles or dog mess. Which, admittedly, are both gross - hence most winter looks favour boots. Puddles are the perfect way to irreversibly ruin a pair of trainers, so you'll need to think about which ones you wear when it is rainy. Don't be put off by wearing trainers just because it is raining, though. There are still plenty of styles which will work.

It’s unsurprising that spring sees a glut of new trainer styles being released. It can seem bewildering knowing what to pick. New or classic? What sort of style? What actually looks good, and which trainers are actually designed for exercise purposely only? This guide has you covered.

Revisiting the Classics - Asics

What makes a white trainer stand out from any other can be rather subtle. Some of them have a pleasantly discreet drop of colour in their design; others work on incorporating a minimalist pattern in their design. Ones to watch out for would be the white trainers from Asics. Asics's variety of trainers work across the board of being subtle in colours and shape whilst also encompassing some of that 'dad trainer' trend which is huge right now.

When we’re talking about the 'dad trainer' sneakers, these are some of the best options you'll have that aren't stamped with a designer label or will require you to take out a mortgage to buy. We guarantee you’ll be seeing plenty more of these over spring as men look for a new trainer to make their go-to. If white isn’t your bag, you can find other colours in the same style - remember, this is about reinvention, not conformity.

The best summer trainers

Buy Yourself Some Superga Trainers

Superga is another pretty venerable brand. Founded in Turin in 1911, Superga has seen a huge rise in the fashion scene, with everyone now owning a pair of these wardrobe staple shoes. The brand began life making tennis shoes (funnily enough, this is also how Converse started out), but hit on the signature design way back in 1925. 91 years later, the very same design is still going strong.

Like Converse, though, Superga has done well at expanding its range. First off, there’re plenty more colours available. Like most people, you probably have a colour towards which you find yourself gravitating, with or without realising it. You could either go for a matching colour or - we dare you - go for something strikingly different. If you’re a fan of something a little heftier than low-rise, they’ve also got you sorted.

Superga's are so easy to style. You can dress them up with a laid-back suit or you can wear them as part of a casual outfit with some jeans and a T-shirt. Because of the simplicity of the shoe, they are an easy style that you should own this spring.

Vans Slip-Ons

Slip-on trainers are the spring/summer version of a trainer. There are so many benefits to wearing slip-on trainers including the fact that they let your feet breathe that little bit more. You can also wear invisible socks with them, so you can get away with wearing shorts or jeans without the heat of socks, too.

You’ve got a pretty gratifying mix of formal and casual here. Fair enough, this isn’t exactly a new genre of a shoe (Vans has been making them for years) but you don't often see men wearing them during the winter seasons at all. This season, Vans has generously created a mixture of the casual slip-on (such as the Vans Slip-On Plimsolls in Black & White Check that everybody owned last year) and smarter options (like the Van Slip-On Plimsolls in Grey). We love a combination of both of these styles to see you through the spring.

You can wear the black and white checked Vans with a casual outfit. Try wearing some dad-style jeans with an open shirt layered over a plain T-shirt. This will give you a relaxed look which is comfortable enough to last you all day. On the other hand, the suede grey slip-on trainers can be dressed up during spring. Wear these with either chinos or some shorts and put an Oxford shirt with it, too.

Converse trainers are great for summer


It doesn't matter what year it is, we simply can't see Converse going out of trend, especially around the springtime. Converse is the ideal brand to stock up on every season, and, because they're such a classic, affordable shoe, you can even refresh your stock with a couple of new styles every year.

This spring, we are sticking with the classics, favouring the Chuck Taylor All Star '70 styles in both the high-top and low-top. However, this season, some of the classics have been reimagined into suede renditions, including the blue vintage suede and the Ox Stone suede in the low-tops. There are also pairs of textured Converse which make a great addition to every spring outfit, such as the Stripe Grey high-tops for a monochrome look.

Converse work well regardless of whether you're wearing them with a pair of jeans or even a pair of suit trousers. They are easy to add to your already existing wardrobe to give your outfits that casual, classic twist.

4 Key Trainers Trends for Spring

  • Asics are a great place to start. The new Asics range encompasses all that is great about the dad-trainer trend whilst still holding on to its own aesthetic.
  • Superga is a brand that more and more people are buying into. With a whole load of colourways and styles, there really is a pair to suit everybody's wardrobe.
  • Vans slip-on trainers always make an appearance during the warmer seasons. From the checked slip-on pairs to a pair of suede ones, there are styles for every occasion.
  • Converse is simply a classic that every man needs to own a few of. Again, there are more than plenty to choose from to vamp up your spring style.

Converse Is A Classic Spring Shoe

On That Note

Trainers are unmistakably the best shoe for the spring. They have you covered in all areas, from style and trend to comfort and practicality. So, with this spring fast upon us, we have picked out our current top four trainer styles that we think you should invest in. All of the above trainers can be styled with absolute ease, so you don't have to worry about spending ages finding some that'll match every specific outfit you own. Whether you're more of a trend following, dad-style trainer guy or you're a guy who likes to stick to the classics, there is a pick for you here.


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