Key Men's Colour Combinations

Key Men's Colour Combinations

Colour combinations are good option when you're piecing together your outfit in the morning, and this guide will help you out no end. 

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Good colour combinations are key to achieving an outfit that looks finished, put together, and good tonally. You could be wearing the freshest pieces, in fits that are perfect for your body, and in materials that are ideal for the season, but if you've matched the colours wrong, your whole look will be ruined.

We really aren't being overly dramatic here. The wrong colour combinations really can destroy any kind of style you had going on, so it's important that you get it right. This doesn't mean you have to follow the colour wheel to a T, but keeping it in mind might be a good way to stay on course. With so many colour options that work perfectly, we've selected some of our favourites, and the ones that we feel are timeless, working with any guy regardless of size or shape.

Men's Colour Combinations

It can be hard to link certain colours together sometimes, but in general if you stick to the same kind of tone you can achieve a structured and clean look that will work with both formal and casual looks. This doesn't mean it has to be boring, but if you ignore tone and start mixing clashing tones together your outfit is just going to look messy and thrown on. A little thought and some careful matching can make all the difference to your look, so have a think about your combinations before you walk out the door. Here are some failsafe options.

What Colours Go with Maroon?

Maroon is one of those colours that looks great, but can be intimidating to a lot of people because it's hard to match at times. Colours like black and white are easy because they pretty much go with everything, but maroon? That's a little more tricky. Still, it's not an impossible colour, and you can easily add it to your everyday wardrobe with the right clothing.

Maroon and Navy

Ideal for a classic, understated, yet never boring look, navy and maroon is a match made in heaven, adding some depth and a hint of colour to an autumn and winter look. You can go for subtle, versatile pieces, with maroon chinos and a crew neck navy jumper, keeping things classic, clean and easily customisable. Finish off with some black boots, because they tend to go with everything, and keep it tailored to suit your body type.

colour combinations maroon and navy
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Maroon and Grey

Grey is a perfect alternative to black, and can go with pretty much anything, giving a cooler, less intense match than black can offer. It makes sense then that it's a great combination to go with maroon. Despite the fact that these colours are fairly muted, you don't have to go with snug, winter pieces, and you can create a light outfit with shorts, a simple T-shirt and some white trainers.

colour combinations grey and maroon
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What Colours Go with Green?

Green, like maroon, is one of those surprisingly versatile colours that people don't wear very often. Because of its range of shades you can get bright lime greens that generally should never be worn except if you want to be seen in the dark, as well as dark greens that should be tried out from time to time. Simple combinations are best with this colour, meaning there's probably a lot of pieces you already have in your wardrobe that would go great with it.

Green and Black

Easy, so easy. If you don't have anything black in your wardrobe then...why? And how? It's a staple and a necessary part of menswear, and if you don't have a pair of black jeans, then a black T-shirt, jumper or coat should be somewhere in your room. A green jacket, like a classic bomber jacket style, can really add some interest to an all black look, or just some black skinnies, and create an outfit that's casual, sleek and easy to throw on.

colour combinations green black
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Green and White

Going for a less intense, more muted green can ensure a more flattering look, helping to skim over any parts of your body you'd prefer to not accentuate. However it can also look a little overly muted if you pair it with another dark colour like black. White is a great choice because not only does it go perfectly with green, but it's able to lift the look of your outfit, balancing the overall tone and vibe.

colour combinations green white
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Mens Suit Colour Combinations

When it comes to colour combinations you can make a few mistakes in casual wear. It's a relaxed look and if you make a few clashing errors then it's not going to be a 'fashion disaster'. However formal wear really isn't so accepting, and for something with so many rules on fit and shape, it makes sense that there's also rules when it comes to colour.

For some suits it's easy. Black suit - white shirt. You don't need to try too hard. However some suits can be a little more intimidating, and it can seem like a difficult task to dress them up. The main thing to remember though is that even the brightest suit can be matched with a versatile colour, and white shirts really are your saving grace.

Royal Blue Suit Combinations

If you're looking for the best colour combination with royal blue, then just think about balance. A black shirt is going to bring the dark shade down and make the whole look seem a little too muted, so white is great at keeping the outfit clean and classic. 

colour combinations royal blue
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White Suit Combinations

Okay, so a white shirt can save the day, but what if your suit is white? Can a white suit and a white shirt go together? To that we give an wary 'errr, no, best to not do that'. Instead it's better to keep things on the cool tone side, but with colours like light blue. This ensures the look stays balanced and doesn't create any clashes.

best colour combinations white suit
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Beige Suit Combinations

Beige colour combinations aren't too tricky to get right, mainly because it'll go with the same colours, regardless of its shade. Light beige and dark beige suits will both go great with white, especially if you're going for a browner lilt rather than yellow. If that's not working for you, a light blue will do the job as well, although it's best to match this with a brown toned beige as well, as a more yellow toned beige can clash with the colour. 

best colour combination beige suit
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Your Quick Guide on Key Men's Colour Combinations

  • Tone and balance is important when colour matching, so keep this in mind before you start experimenting with combinations.
  • For dark colour like maroon, try complementing the look with balancing colours like white and grey.
  • For colour with different shades like green, stick to the classic versatile shades like black and white.
  • Formal wear is important to get right, and colour combinations have to be perfect. For more unusual suit colours like royal blue, keep it balanced with some simple colours.
  • White suits need to be kept balanced, so light coloured shirts like blue, can create a clean, summery vibe that complements the overall look.

On That Note...

Colour combinations can seem limiting and kind of boring, but when you look into it there's usually a lot more options than you might have originally thought. Some colours can be more difficult to match than others, while others will go with a range of shades, but regardless of what colour you're matching, it's important to keep balance and tone in mind to ensure a clean match.


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