How To Wear Jeans with a Blazer

How To Wear Jeans with a Blazer
Jeans and a blazer is a modern classic combination, and one that any guy can pull off. Our guide will help you nail that perfect smart casual look. Read more Men's style guide features and check out our Store.  shopthelook

Blazers aren't often thought of as a versatile piece of clothing; they're usually pushed aside in to the category of "business formal". However in recent years, blazers have become a real style staple and can now be worn with much more than just your smartest pair of trousers. Blazers can now be spotted being styled with T-shirts, jeans and shorts; or even a pair of bright pink chinos or Converse. Making sure that both your blazer and jeans fit properly is probably the most important thing when it comes to getting this look right. One you've got that figured out, you can experiment with different colours and fabrics, as well as what you wear under the blazer. Once you're confident with the blazer and jeans combo, you can try out a suit jacket or sport jacket instead; before you know it, you'll have an unlimited amount of go-to smart casual outfits.

<\h2>How to Wear a Blazer

Before you style your jeans and blazer together, it's important that you've got them right individually. Here are our top tips on making sure your blazer fits, and a few rules on knowing what to wear with a blazer.

  • Length-wise, your blazer should end at mid-crotch level. However if you're on the taller side of 5'9", then it can fall as low as your lower crotch without making your upper body look out of proportion.
  • When the top button is fastened, your blazer should be snug at the waist but not so tight that it creates an X-shaped crease.
  • When stood with your arms relaxed, 1/4"-1/2" of your shirt cuff should be visible beneath your blazer sleeve.
  • The shoulder padding should finish where your shoulder naturally finishes, and there should be no divots or wrinkles.
  • There shouldn't be any real gap between the collar of your blazer and the collar of your shirt; a gap indicates that the blazer doesn't fit properly across your torso.
  • Blazers, unlike suit jackets, are made to be worn atop a few layers. So, make sure to experiment with shirts, waistcoats and knitwear underneath.
  • Build yourself a collection with a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns so that you've got something for every season and occasion. If that sounds a little pricey, then instead make sure that you buy one which goes with a large proportion of your wardrobe.

How to Wear Jeans

When it comes to choosing your jeans, you can opt for a range of fits such as regular, slim or skinny. You basically just don't want anything baggy or flared when trying to pull off this look.
  • Know your measurements; your waist, and inseam are the most important measurements to have memorised and can make buying jeans a lot easier.
  • To measure your inseam, take a pair of jeans that fit you well and lay them out flat. Measure from the crotch seam to the hem of the ankle. For your waist, place a tape measure around the point on your waist or hips that you like your jeans to sit on and measure the circumference.
  • Length wise, your jeans should have a half break. This means that the end of your jeans should either rest lightly on the top of your shoe at the front. Alternatively you can wear your jeans rolled up, as long as you make sure they're the same length on both sides.
  • The thighs of your jeans should be close fitting, but not feel uncomfortably tight. To test this, pinch the fabric at the side of your jeans; if it's 0.5"-1" then you're good. Any more than this and you're jeans are too big in the thigh.
  • The easiest way to figure out if your jeans fit properly in the waist is to see whether they can hold themselves up without a belt. If they fall halfway down your butt when you take your belt off, then you need to go down a size or two.
  • Technically, the aforementioned butt area is called the seat. The seat should never be saggy; that look ended along with most 90's boy bands.
Mens Jeans Fit Chart
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How to Wear a Blazer with Jeans

Ensuring that both your men's fashion blazer and jeans fit well is one thing; making sure that they work together is something else. The colours and fabrics need to work well together, and of course you need to take other aspects of your outfit in to consideration such as your shirt and shoes. Jeans that are ripped, or have a heavy wash or fading are typically more casual so they can end up looking pretty mismatched with a blazer. It's best to stick to plain denim that compliments your jacket.


If you've got a black blazer, then a pair of dark blue or black jeans will keep your outfit streamlined. Black blazer outfits are simple and classic, so it's a good colour to start with. A grey blazer can be worn with denim of pretty much any colour and shade, except for grey itself, which would leave you looking oddly coordinated. Coloured or patterned blazers are the perfect addition to your Summer wardrobe, and can be easily paired with any colour denim.
As for the rest of your outfit, consider the formality of the occasion. If it's something that requires you to be on the smarter end of smart casual, such as a dinner, then a dress shirt or a turtleneck are both good options. Brogues and loafers are your best bet when it comes to footwear. If you're concerned that you're look isn't quite formal enough, then you can add a tie atop your shirt. toppicks You can dress your blazer down for casual occasions such as a barbecue or a trip to your local pub, with a fitted t-shirt or some lightweight knitwear. Trainers, such as Vans or Converse, are the obvious option for casual footwear. If you're worried that you won't be able to pull off a blazer and trainers, then you might want to try a pair of desert, chukka or Chelsea boots. toppicks

Blazer with T-Shirt

The blazer and T-shirt combination is the Marmite of the fashion world; you either love it or loathe it. Traditionally a blazer should be worn with a collared shirt so throwing on a T-shirt instead is certainly breaking the rules, but can make an interesting change to your usual casual outfits. Avoid graphic or printed T-shirts unless you want to look like you've walked straight out of a skate park; instead, stick to something plain. Both your T-shirt and blazer should be slim-fitting to ensure that your outfit is slick and modern.


Men's Casual Blazers

In order to pull this look off, your blazer needs to be as casual as possible. You can't just grab the jacket of your favourite suit because it will just look, well... wrong. Fabrics such as tweed, linen and wool give off a more casual vibe, as do patterns and unexpected colour choices. Choose an unstructured blazer for a softer and more relaxed look. toppicks

Blazer and Jeans Look

If you still feel a little unsure on how you can style a blazer and jeans, then we've got a few specific looks to give you inspiration. These blazer outfits are easy to put together and are pretty fail-safe.

Tweed Blazer and Straight Leg Jeans

A tweed blazer in grey or brown is a good option if you want to have a bit of fun with the rest of your outfit. Waistcoats, ties, bow ties, flat caps and pocket squares can all be worn alongside a tweed blazer without looking out of place. It's best to stick with a button down shirt, rather than a T-shirt, if you're wearing tweed; and straight leg jeans instead of anything erring on the side of a skinny fit.

Patterned Blazer and Relaxed Fit Jeans

If you want to go for a patterned blazer, then a classic pattern such as checks is easiest to style. If the base colour of your blazer is dark, then wear a lighter coloured denim and vice versa to create a contrast that keeps your look casual. Both shirts and T-shirts can be worn under a patterned blazer; choose which one you go for based on the formality of the occasion, but make sure it's plain or else your outfit will become offensively busy.
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